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Aqui es cuando nos damo cuenta que no importa que pienses.... si alguien te dice que te van a dar duro... te van a dar duro.... (El poema te llego al corazon? Ok no xD)

Por culpa de ustedes…. Volvi a soñar eso .///////. OMG! FRESH!! ¡¡MI HUSBANDOOO!! ¿¡QUE TE HE HECHOOOOO?! D////8

Pura Joda mas diversión XD O sea, hasta donde yo se o3o

Eso es Spoiler bien feo de underLOVE Papuh~ <3


New Year Trio Festival 2015☆
(or more like I went there for Aqua Force because of the number of pics I took of it=))) My clan newey♡ they are soooo prettyyyyy)

ANDDDD THAT KAIAI POP!!!!!♡w♡ lol, Aichi was taller than meXDD Sadly nuu Ren-sama at the event…(even posters….)

※Do not take the photos, do not use and do not claim them as yours※

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I’m surprised this cutie doesn’t get much love
 He’s a third year agricultural engineer,
 A boss in equitation
 With the cutest most adorable laid-back attitude ever!!

And not only that, but look at him loOK AT HIMMMMMMM 
 i can’t explain how happy i was with the screen time he got in the last episode!!! we got to learn so much about my bby and that was just duhfusbfjhsbghjs AWESOMEEE
and we will got to know more about him in season 222222222222222 woooooooooooooooooooow