Seishun TIP-OFF!!~ MVP Midorima ver.
  • Seishun TIP-OFF!!~ MVP Midorima ver.
  • Ono Daisuke
  • Kuroko No Basuke ~ BluRay 04 ~ Special CD feat. Midorima Shintarou

Seishun TIP-OFF!!~ MVP Midorima ver.


Shuutoku Koukou Basketball-bu

Ichinen Midorima Shintarou

Sebangou: roku position: shooting guard

Ore ga makeru nado arienai no dayo

TIP OFF kyou mo power zenkai de

Kachi ni ikou ka? Atsukunannatte hou ga muri

Enjoy playing dare hitori yuzuru ki wa nai

Mezase number one seishun no MVP

Mita ka? Erabareshimono zettai teki na shouri he no kidou

Tanren no seika to ieru 

Excellent! Sunbun no kurui mo nai loop

Saa, playback 

Omae no seiza wa? Lucky item wa motteiru no ka? 

Aite ni naran no da.

Mou ikkai 

Nazenara kyou no kaniza wa ichii 

Sara ni hosei sumi ore wa kanzen ni kanpeki nano da 

Jinji wo tsukushite sore kara denaoshite kuru ga ii

Dakara omae ga dame nano da yo

TIP OFF kyou mo power zenkai de

Kachi ni kita no da saigo no shunkan made

Buzzer beater azayaka ni yakitsukeru ga ii

Misero number one, yes! 

Sore ga unmei nano da yo


Today I got a batch package from my proxy, some of Taito kuji’s merchandise, my dear kiss cushion from animate, a Kuroshitsuji clear poster & 2 CDs (not pictured).

whenever I receive anything related to my husbandos my mom is the first one (after me) to see them, she always praise them, & today she told me how cute Suzuya is ^^


さんまのうた by Ono Daisuke

I discover a insert songs by OnoD from the kids anime “Jewelpet Kira Deco!”  I’m always surprise that OnoD gets to play this kind of characters, not that I mind though..

Too bad there arent plans to release this song….unless they include this on the DVDs but I cant find any info.

my kokoro hurts because I cant have this song

Last night I had this dream about Ono Daisuke…..

I was outside of a building waiting for someone and then an older version OnoD arrived in a car…

but, he wasn't alone there was a woman with him and when this woman got out of the car, she was carrying a child, a 2/3 year old little girl.

When I shook his hand (apparently I was waiting for him), he introduce them as his wife and daughter; she lean her head and introduce herself as his manager and wife!!!

In my dream as well in reality I was in shock, I just couldn't breath and I turn to see the person beside me and asked “is this true?” he just nodded. I remember I chatted with them but I cant remember what it was about.

It’s been a while since I had a dream that at the very moment of waking up I felt like shit and at the verge of crying… it still pains me, I can feel the knot in my throat & the whole day I was spacing out.

I know he will marry (or maybe he’s already married), it’s his right to get marry to whomever he wants, and his happiness is indeed my happiness & it might be childish/selfish of me to say but, cant I just keep dreaming?

I really dont wanna know.