Honestly, Sesshomaru as a father figure is the worst considering he let her go anywhere and she was kidnapped multiple times and managed to accidentally kill her when HE BROUGHT HER TO THE UNDERWORLD (WHY SESSHOMARU..?? WHY LEAVE JAKEN BUT BRING RIN?? WHAT TYPE OF PARENTING- actually, this really enlightens the reader to the type of parenting SessMom and InuPapa actually did and I am JUDGING YA’LL someone call child protection services on their ass) so I’m more accepting of him as like the older brother type figure, cause older brothers are idiots sometimes and can cause their siblings to almost die and also I like Inuyasha being a little envious and angsty of Rin for having what he could never have with Sesshomaru.

@smile-smile-ichthys​ Here is you request dear!!!

First kiss Scenarios with Rei Ryugazaki and Rin Matsuoka…..

Rei: His palms were all sweaty, it definitely wasn’t his most beautiful moment But its how you made him feel, You had been seeing each other for a few weeks now and it was declared by Nagisa that you guys were now ‘official’ And if Rei didn’t kiss you soon, then someone else would. He swallowed the abundance of saliva that had gathered in his mouth and turned to look down at you. “Erm…. Heather?” You turned to look up at him. smiling, “Yes Rei?” He visibly blushed, you were so cute! He pushed his glasses back up his nose and stood in front of you stopping you in your tracks. “I have wanted to do this for a while now and erm… well, I am sorry.” He said as he slowly lowered his face to yours. His lips gently connecting with yours in a sweet first kiss, He felt you smile in to his lips and this made him calm a little as he added a little more pressure, This kissing  wasn’t all that nerve wracking, As long as he was doing it with you. 

Rin: He was laid in his bunk, looking at nothing in particular, just waiting for you to arrive for your first real date a an official couple. “So where you taking her?” He heard Sousuke’s deep voice rumble form above him. “She wants to see the new art exhibit that just opened up, so there and then dinner.” Rin replied, a small smile playing on his lips. “You gonna finally kiss her then?” Sousuke asked, Rin could almost hear the shit eating grin that was 100% on his face. “Thtas nothing to do with you!” Rin shouted sitting up. “I am gonna go wait outside for her.” Rin said getting up and slamming the door behind him, Sousuke laughed to himself. Rin stood outside for maybe 5 minutes before you turned up. “RIN!” She yelled happily running into his arms. Rin smiled broadly and caught Heather as she jumped into his arms. “You ready babe?” He asks, earning a huge grin and enthusiastic nod of her head. He took her hand and lead her towards the gallery. “Hey Heather?” He asks quietly making her stop and look at him. “Ermm, i was kinda hoping i could,, erm.. maybe..” Rin struggled to get his words out making Heather giggle slightly. She tip toed as high as she could and pressed her lips against his, she knew what he was asking and so she answered him, She felt his lips curl into a smile and his large hand land its self on her cheek pulling her in slightly more to deepen the kiss. After she pulled away it was hard to tell where Rins hair ended and face began, but she smiled that smile at him, Took his hand in hers and carried on towards the gallery. 

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