- Murder husbands
- Solider!Derek tasked with bringing down international assassin!Stiles
- Mercenary Stiles working with Navy SEAL Derek
- Rogue military man Derek teaming up with international assassin for hire Stiles to take down the man who killed his family
- Mercenary!Stiles training former solider Derek to be a gun for hire
- Retired solider Stiles getting called up as a contract gun to work with Derek’s squadron
- Strict Navy SEAL Derek who has to work with lose cannon CIA agent Stiles


I’m so ready. 

Those perceptions that functioning in purity culture as an asexual girl is somehow easier are all complete nonsense.  

Sure, you may not have to bury yourself in shame for every sexual thought, but you’re still taught to see yourself as a commodity that you have no choice in giving away.  It might alleviate some of the pressure in the moment–give you an external excuse to avoid having sex right now–but it’s all about “saving it for your future husband.”  It’s training young girls to hinge their choices and their bodily autonomy off of a man they haven’t even met yet.  Everything comes back to the Imaginary Future Husband and his rights over you.  We were literally told how we’d be betraying him by kissing someone else, or having sexual thoughts about anyone but him.  You think there was any exception for those of us betraying him by not having interest in him at all?

Don’t want that husband?  Don’t want to have sex on your wedding night?  Too bad, that’s what you’re here for.  Bonus points on the relgious spin on the “soulmate” idea, where if you feel like this you’re resisting the Perfect Man god already has picked out for you–how dare you refuse his gift!  How ungrateful!

Purity culture is never about girls not ever having sex; it’s about men’s obsession with the idea of having a girl who has no sexual experiences but them.  It’s about putting control of women’s sexuality in the hands of men they haven’t even met yet.  It’s about keeping food unspoiled so you can eat it later.

A woman who always remains disinterested in sex isn’t seen as “keeping herself pure” forever–she’s seen as a piece of meat at the grocery store that no one buys and it just goes rotten and gets wasted.

Spice it Up! (M)

Jimin & You

Genre: Fluffy Smut, One shot

Word count: 4,110 words


The images projected by the TV were a blur and you blinked several times, realising that you had let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Shifting your head ever so slightly to the left, you sneaked a glance at your husband, whose eyes were trained on the TV, unaware of your lack of attention tonight. You chewed on your lower lip, the plans that you were determined to carry out making you nervous, but you were going to do it no matter what.


“Yes, sweetheart?”

The affectionate nickname made you smile and boosted your confidence a little. He loved you just as much as you loved him, if not more. This gave you comfort, knowing that even if he didn’t like what you wanted to try tonight, he would not feel hatred or disgusted towards you. He always made you feel safe and comfortable with voicing your thoughts.

And this was a thought that had been plaguing you for a while. It was a big one, to you at least.

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Somewhere around mile 16 I decided f it. Have fun. Talk to people. Make friends. Walk. Run. Drink a beer (or 4). So I did.

And I met a man in his 70s here with his husband. He normally runs 100s. His husband is training for a 100 but did the half today.

Then I met three guys who did NOLA two weeks ago. And it was one of their firsts. He had so much fun that he decided to do it again.

I ran in to a friend here who tossed her shoes and was only in socks. Apparently the soles fell off. Oops.

And I finished. Not my fastest. But one of the most memorable. And there’s something to be said for that.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Reaper x reader

A/N: For my friend @ukcatsgirl10​ who loves Reaper fluff and was excited to hear I was writing this. This idea came to me at like, 10 pm last night while I was freezing cold. How you enjoy.

It was late in December, and the new year was slowly creeping up. Winter was ravaging much of the Watchpoint, which made it a perfect training ground for recruits. A part of Overwatch and Blackwatch is being able to fight in all climates. This being said, the snow storm that just arrived overnight made it the perfect for training.

You, however, wanted to stay inside on your day off, where it was nice and warm. Your husband, Gabriel, wanted to train the recruits. He said you were more than welcome to come. You gave him a look that said “no way in hell am I going out there”.

That was five hours ago. In those five hours, you finished the book you’ve been trying to complete for the past month and a half, you finally caught up on some of your favorite shows, and you even got to have some snacks in the process.

You were comfy in your and Gabriel’s shared room. You sat in the bed, under the covers, wearing one of his sweat shirts and a pair of yoga pants. You were starting to read a book Reinhardt had recommended to you when the door to the room opened up.

You looked up from your spot and giggled when you saw Gabriel. He wore all black, as always. His snow jacket and pants were littered with melting snow, his boots were soaking wet on the outside, and his beanie was more white than it was dark gray.

He brought his hands up to his mouth and blew into them, trying to warm them up.

“I told you to wear gloves,” you teased, putting a bookmark in between the pages before closing the book.

“I didn’t actually expect it to be that cold outside,” he responded as he stripped some of his clothing off. With shaking hands, he pulled off his beanie and yanked his jacket off his shoulders.

“It’s the middle of winter. And we’re in Switzerland. You really didn’t expect it to be that cold outside?” you asked as he kicked his boots off. He stood there, still trying to warm up his hands. Gabriel was a bit more comfortable now. He only had on his sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Gabriel smirked and walked over to you as you stood from the bed. You met him half way. He had his arms crossed over his chest.

“Honestly, Gabe, I love you, but sometimes you’re an idio-” you paused at the smirk on his lips. “Gabe? What are you doing?” Backing away slowly, you were nervous about the look on his face.

Before you could react, Gabriel grabbed your waist and pulled you flush against his chest. He slid his cold hands into your shirt, causing a squeal to escape your lips. The wedding ring on his finger was the coldest part, though.

“Gabriel! Stop!” you tried to squirm out of his grasp but to no avail. “Gabriel Reyes!”

He laughed, holding you closer before leaning forward. You both fell onto the bed, his hands still on your lower back.

“Y-you’re hands are cold!” you shrieked.

He chuckled. “You know what they say, cariño. Cold hands,” he kissed your nose, “warm heart.” He pulled his hands from behind you and placed them on either side of you. “I love y-”

You cupped his cheeks in your hands and pulled him forward, kissing him intensely. He smiled into the kiss, and pressed his body into yours. After a few minutes you both pulled away, out of breath.

“I love you, too, Gabriel.” you smiled and nuzzled your nose into his cheek. You breathed in his scent; he smelled like winter, especially since he just came from outside. But he also smelled like spices and the oh-so familiar scent of gunpowder. “Jesse made hot chocolate. Let’s go get some.”

“Knowing McCree, he put some type of liquor in it,” Gabriel snorted and kissed your forehead.

You started to get up off the bed and head for the door. “Come on. Let’s get you warmed up.”

A pair of arms grabbed your waist once more and pulled you back onto the bed. You yelped at the sudden weight on top of you. Gabriel hovered over you as he straddled your waist. Yanking his shirt off, he smiled down at you.

“I know a better way to get warmed up,” he mumbled as he buried his lips in your neck.

Oh boy.

McCree had heard Gabriel came back inside from training the new recruits. He, of course, spiked the hot cocoa and thought it’d be funny to give it to his mentor.

Not really wanting to knock, Jesse opened the door. He screamed, dropping both cups of cocoa onto the floor. He ran out of the room, yelling, “I didn’t need to see that!”

Gabriel groaned and threw his head down onto the pillow below him. You laughed and leaned your forehead on his chest, letting out a snort.

“He’s going to clean that up later,” Gabriel muttered before your lips connected with his again.

Well, that happened!

Look at how gray my old stripes are, lol. Stripe three has been two years in the making. (Yeah, I progress slowly in jiu jitsu.)

I’m both excited and super duper confused lol. God I hope my coach doesn’t read Tumblr. But, like, my husband has trained jitz longer than me and is technically more knowledgeable than me, and this pushed me ahead of him. 

Budoblr, what do???

littleplebe  asked:

"Could I get in trouble if I didn’t do something?" "Well, I don’t suppose so." "In that case, I didn’t do my mission report."

Darcy doesn’t do paperwork very well. Contrary to popular belief, she wasn’t really good at keeping Jane’s notes updated and organized. She was just better at it than Jane.

Her days as an intern are far in the past now. It’s been years since Darcy found herself staring bemusedly at a printout from a piece of scientific equipment an absent-minded astrophysicist built from scratch, and while there are some things she misses about working for Jane, the paperwork is one thing that she will never miss.

She thinks about this as she bends over to open the oven door. Heat blasts her in the face, and she’s assaulted by the delicious smells of oregano, tomato sauce, and garlic. Closing her eyes briefly and inhaling the amalgam of scents, she smiles to herself.

It’s definitely going to be her best lasagna yet.


“Something smells delicious,” Steve calls, and Darcy can hear the sound of the front door closing. “Where’s my wife?”

“Present and accounted for,” she retorts, standing in front of the half-wall that separates the kitchen and the dining room. “Hi.”

“Hi, yourself,” he says, setting his shield down near the front door. His long legs make it possible for him to be standing directly in front of her in just a few steps, and Darcy turns her face up for a kiss. “How’d you get home so quickly?” He asks, when said kiss has been given.

She bats her eyelashes at him. “Ladies never kiss and tell.”

“Hm,” Steve says, narrowing his eyes at her teasingly. “Word on the street is that you’re no lady.”

Darcy puts her hands on her hips. “Really? If I’m not a lady, what am I?”

“A badass,” her husband replies. “Combat training has done you well.”

“You keep flattering me,” Darcy giggles, “and you might just get to do me well.”

He’s smoldering, and Darcy yelps as he reaches across the counter with his entire upper body, puts his hands around her waist, and lifts her clear over onto his side. “Is that a promise?” He asks, and he’s holding her so closely she can barely breathe.

“Yes, it’s a promise,” she exhales. “But I need to feed you first.”

“Why?” Steve asks, looking at her dubiously.

“Because for what I have in mind, you’re going to need all your strength - and then some.”


“You’re right,” Steve groans, pushing back from the table and putting his arms around his full stomach. “Best lasagna yet.”

“Told you,” Darcy grins, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

“Seriously,” Steve starts, peering at her closely. “Are you Superwoman?”

She snorts. “No, but I’m curious as to why you asked.”

He shrugs. “You wake up at the crack of dawn to work out with Nat. You’re down in the lab all morning helping Tony. Middle of the day rolls around, and when everyone else gets called to a mission, you’re right there with us, suiting up. You kick ass and take names alongside the rest of the team, and still get cleaned up in time enough to beat me home and make my favorite meal.” He shakes his head. “Either you’re Superwoman, or there are seventeen of you running around, and I just hadn’t noticed until now.”

“Well, it isn’t my fault you and Fury like to have those super long post-briefing meetings.” She smiles up at him. “You really liked the lasagna?”

“I did.”

“I’m glad,” she says.

“So…” He leans forward, putting his elbows on the table. “Superwoman?”

“Not Superwoman,” she giggles.

Steve is looking at her expectantly. “But?”

“I have a hypothetical question to ask you.”

He’s curious. “Shoot.”

“Let’s say there’s an agent who just happens to be the wife of the team leader. She’s good, you know? Takes her training very seriously, is always there when her team needs her. Her husband, the team leader, thinks she’s fantastic. She thinks he’s pretty amazing, too,” she adds, wiggling her nose at him.

“Hmm… this all sounds very familiar,” Steve grins.

“Oh, does it?” Darcy feigns innocence. “I hadn’t noticed. Anyway,” she goes on, “hypothetically speaking, could said agent - the wife of the team leader, mind you - get in trouble if she, uh… forgot to do something?”

“Well,” Steve starts thoughtfully, “it sounds like she does a pretty good job of handling her responsibilities otherwise. So, unless it was something earth-shattering… no, I don’t suppose she’d get into trouble.”

“Oh, good,” Darcy sighs.

“Is this question still hypothetical?” Steve asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Umm…” She chews her bottom lip thoughtfully. “Not really.”

The look of chagrin on her face makes him chuckle. “Darcy, what’d you forget?”

“Uh… I didn’t do my mission report,” she admits sheepishly.

He looks at her in surprise. “Darcy…”

“Okay, okay! I didn’t forget so much as neglect,” she starts. “But in my defense, I was planning on doing it after the sex…”

He sighs. “You really don’t like paperwork, do you?”

“No,” she says emphatically, shaking her head.

“How about this,” Steve starts slowly, and Darcy can tell by the way he’s thoughtfully stroking his chin that he’s formulating a plan. “I clear the table and wash the dishes while you go do your mission report. And when you come back,” he adds, blue eyes twinkling, “I’ll do something else for you.”

“What else?” Darcy asks, leaning forward in her seat.

“Come here and I’ll tell you.”

She obliges him, and giggles as he pulls her down into his lap. He whispers in her ear, and Darcy’s eyes widen. When he’s done telling, she leans back to look at him, eyes still wide. “Did those words actually just come out of Captain America’s mouth?” She shakes her head. “And furthermore, do you really intend to do that?”

“All evening long,” he replies, dropping her a wink. Darcy stands, her legs a little wobbly.

“I… I’m gonna go, go um, fill out the work. The paperwork. The mission report.”

Steve laughs. “Hurry back.”

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Prompt #54: “Close your eyes, sweetie. They can’t get you then.” (Finn Balor)

Requested by @lclb13 —> From drabble list #2

Originally posted by breakingintohogwarts

     “Left jab, right jab, left, left, right, left. Come on, baby girl. Hit harder, move those feet. Focus, darlin, focus!” Finn’s voice yelled out instructions, as he held the target pads up in front of my face. His hand came around to the right side of my head with one quick hit.

           “Keep your hands up, darlin’. Don’t let them hit you.”

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Neji training Naruto to be a good husband for Hinata and avoid bullying in the future… and he is crossdressing while doing so for no reason. Doesn’t matter, I love him that way.

Where did that dog came from?

Everything belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, Kenji Taira and Studio Pierrot.


(Also found here on AO3)

Jesse McCree likes to think he’s a lot more sneaky than he used to be. His spurs still jingle when he walks, but his husband has trained him to remove his boots by the door and store them in a small cubby. His feet pad across the floor, his weight barely causing the floors to shift and squeak under him. At this time of night, though, every creak sounds like a gunshot and his husband can be a light sleeper.

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Pavlovian Response

This represents an effective method of training your husband to enjoy tasks that he might otherwise find unpleasant. Her boyfriend has just left, and now she wishes to be intimate with her husband, which means having him please her orally. As a straight man, however, the taste of another man disgusts him. It’s especially humiliating for your husband when he can taste another man on your most intimate of placesThe strategy represented in this picture (perhaps with a little lubricant) makes it nearly impossible for him not to maintain an erection. His desire for reward/release overrides any conflicting feelings he has, and arousal during such tasks will soon become second nature.