in which Spock goes to ritualistically purge himself of all emotion, to try to do away with his human side, and can’t stop thinking about Jim Kirk who he refers to as t'hy'la the ultimate Vulcan term of love and endearment…

and then receives a message via the bonding of their minds about the danger Earth is in

And even the high master T'Sai looking into his mind is like, go back to Jim

ETA: this is from the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Novel by Gene Roddenberry so, out of the pen of the creator

there are so many possible fanfics for tonyrhodey they are so underutilized like,,,,,

  • college au? buddy, that’s Canon
  • so many fics have tony giving the iron man suit to the “partner” like hon that’s canon have you heard of War Machine 
  • what do you mean, army au? returning from war? dear I direct you to Colonel James Rhodes of the United States Air force
  • best friends to lovers trope? babe please that’s c a n o n

honestly kids take a moment and appreciate the gift marvel has given us with these two 

Hajime-Iwaizumi >>> Mikuni--Alicien

Because I've become obsessed with Servamp and have fallen in love with Mikuni ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ♡

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Takumi & Kiragi: Therapy Sessions Support Conversations

these 2 are killing me i swear


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One year later, our TWOTL anniversay has reminded me once more that #ItsStillBeautiful, that we are still hopeful, and that we’re still a force to be reckoned with.
It’s been amazing to find that I’m as in love with this show as I was one year ago and even now feeling the incredible legacy that three seasons of this show have left me. Seeing you all still so passionate and enamoured with Hannibal fills my heart with joy, so consider this my gift to all of you amazing people of the Fannibal fam ❤️❤️❤️