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Okay but we all know how shy Jungkook was a few years ago and how much Jungkook reminds us (and Jimin) of Jimin's little brother. So, maybe that's how the whole deal with Jikook started? Jimin saw this adorable, shy baby bunny and "oh my god what is this? Why is it so cute? I must protect it at all costs!!" And at first it's very hard bc Jungkook is so shy, he avoids all the members but Jimin is very persistent and okay maybe he isn't so scary 1/7

And maybe it’s not the end of the world to become friends with the cute thing called Park Jimin. And from there on, it’s easy. It’s easy to always pick a seat right next to Jimin, to hold Jimin’s hand when he’s nervous, to tell himself he’s just friends with Jimin. That Jimin is like a big brother to him and that the butterflies in his stomach are just becaused of his shyness and not because Jimin is laughing at something he said or because Jimin is hugging him. 2/7

It’s easy to accidentally fall in love with Jimin. With his smile and giggle, with his small hands and pretty eyes and his hugs, kisses and words. Jungkook tells himself it happened all of a sudden, that he didn’t realize until it was too late but really, the line between friendship and love is a very thin line so you can’t exactly blame him. And he’s nervous as all hell when he goes to find Jimin, the words “I love you” ringing in his head and he quite literally walks into Jimin 3/7

His cheeks are burning with an adorable blush and his heart sort of skips a few beats when Jimin laughs, “My Jungkookie… you’re so cute~” and Jungkook accidentally maybe mumbles his confession. Jimin frowns bc he’s not sure if Jungkook is joking but he seems sincere what with the blush and the wide eyes and his mouth slightly open… He looks very innocent and young and Jimin blushes too, inching closer and entwining their fingers, “I love you too” 4/7

And Jungkook just stares at Jimin, eyes even wider bc “oh my god what did he just say? What do I do now? I didn’t plan this far” before Jimin starts smiling, pulling Jungkook into a tight hug and okay, that could’ve gone so much worse. And somewhere between their first meeting, first kiss and now, their roles change and it’s Jungkook taking Jimin’s hands into his, telling him he’s doing great, he’s a great singer and dancer, it’s going to be alright 5/7

And it’s Jimin carefully leaning on Jungkook, breathing in his scent and letting himself relax because maybe it isn’t the end of the world to let himself take a nap in Jungkook’s lap, Jungkook pressing a kiss to his temple before he tucks Jimin’s head under his chin, wrapping his arms around Jimin just to be sure he won’t accidentally fall off. 6/7

His eyes scream bloody murder if anyone approaches them bc Jimin is finally resting and if anyone dares to wake him up, Jungkook won’t be held responsible for his actions. Jimin thinks protective Jungkook is both cute and the best thing that ever happened. (I have a lot of Jikook feelings and I didn’t really ship it before I started following you so this is your fault.) 7/7 -vmin anon

My random thoughts on 11x13

(There will be spoilers!!)
Okay so first off, this episode was kind of meh for me.
Dean and Sam looked great, I mean Sam’s hair alone was amazing 😍
A highlight of the episode would definitely be Dean spitting out the noodles 😅

Amara being Deans ‘deepest, darkest desire’ just ugghhhh
Dean is totally uncomfortable and a bit scared when 'Amara’ is taking to him about love and giving in. You can see it written all over his face.

Dean finally being honest and telling Sam everything made me so happy. And again you see the fear in Deans face when he mentions the hold Amara has on him. He knows it’s NOT desire or love, and whatever it is, it scares him and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He wants Amara dead.
Jensen’s acting in that scene just - wow. He blows me away.

Sam is an awesome brother and doesn’t judge or blame Dean.
He said 'do you honestly think you ever had a choice in the matter’. Now to me, I took that as Sam saying that because of the stupid Mark, Dean and Amara are connected .. but that isn’t Deans fault. I’m pretty sure Sam knows Dean doesn’t feel anything romantic towards her and that whatever he is feeling is because of him being host to the Mark.

I’m just glad they talked about it. Now they can focus on the real problem .. the fact that Lucifer is wearing Cas to the prom 😖

  • Annalise:I'll tell you what's wrong! Something's happening to me! Wes is very sad about his mother, and that makes me sad. Michaela is very very upset about her love life, and that makes me upset. It's just occurring to me now, I'm actually curious, how your night went with Asher! What the hell's happening to me?!
  • Bonnie:Aw, you're becoming an actual human being!
  • Annalise:Well I don't like it!