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I can’t tell you how happy I am that Taichi is himself, optimistic and courageous again


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Reading Tyler’s Stream Chat

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*Tyler disables chat*


oikurohina headcanons

Made with @sneakysnekdaishou at like 1 AM
This is going to be really long but there’s not enough oikurohina so ye

-Kuroo and Oiks would be gentle with smol Hina and give him so much attention and he’d love it so much
-Oiks and Kuroo work all day and Hina stays home, so when they get home Hinata has dinner and everything ready for them
-Hina also memorized their schedules and calls them while they’re on their lunch break to say something cute and/or cheesy
-But he’s usually bored so they get a cat (we don’t know what its name is yet)
-The cat is rlly fat but also fluffy and extremely cuddly. Unfortunately it gets hair everywhere due to shedding a lot but at least if gives Hinata something to do
-Hinata makes lunch and coffee for Kuroo and Oiks before they leave for work
-aka best. housewife. ever.
-Whichever one has a birthday the other two plan a rlly nice date for them all to go on and celebrate together
-It all ends with them acting like memes though
-Someone made a rude comment to Hinata in the street and Kuroo and Oiks protecting him (protective senpai and husbands) and calling the guy out and stuff
-Kuroo likes watching alien movies with Oiks
-Hinata finds them boring and hard to follow so he just falls asleep while laid across Oiks and Kuroo
-Whenever Kuroo sees a cat in a horror movie he becomes rlly concerned about that cat
-Like when someone dies he just goes “is the cat okay tho”
-Oiks gets scared at horror movies
-So does Hina
-Hinata and Oikawa kinda just cling onto each other or to Kuroo when it comes to a scary scene
-Sometimes if Hinata is one one side of Kuroo and Oikawa is on the other side Kuroo wraps an arm around each of them and they bury their faces into his chest so they don’t have to see the screen.
-Kuroo has a soft spot for sad movies and he will cry
-They all cry tbh
-They try to comfort each other too but it just makes everything worse
-Also they watch Noragami together and they cried during episode 9
-Oikawa still crying hours later
-They have a king sized bed so they can cuddle together on it
-It’s like a sandwich, with smol Hinata in the middle
-Most of the time, at least
-All of them hate Trump (sorry not sorry)
-They see no future for America no matter who becomes president
-Sometimes Oikawa and/or Kuroo stop to get meatbuns for Hinata on their way home from work
-Whenever Oikawa gets hit on by girls Hinata swooshes in out of nowhere like that one time when Kiyoko was being hit on by Terushima
-And Oiks is like “It’s okay babe I got this” and he politely rejects the girls and whisks Hinata away
-Everyone is on a first name basis except Hinata
-He still calls them “Kuroo-san” and “Oikawa-san”
-He tried calling them by their first names before (Tetsurou-kun and Tooru-kun) and both of them flipped out bc he was so damn cute when he said it
-But Hina thought he did something wrong so he goes back to last names
-Hinata gets really scared at night after watching Noragami bc he thinks he keeps hearing and/or seeing phantoms in the dark
-Kuroo and Oiks have to comfort the poor child because Hinata finds their voices calming
-Unfortunately Kuroo and Oiks picks up the whole hearing/seeing phantoms thing because thanks Hinata
-They don’t sleep for like a week
-they really need to lay off on the drugs tbh (loljk)
-They’re at an amusement park and Oiks gets separated from Hinata and Kuroo and he gets scared and upset
-Hinata and Kuroo notice he’s gone though after like two seconds and they go back to look for him
-After they find him Hinata promises to never leave him behind again even if it was an accident
-Kuroo nearly fights every parent that tells their child(ren) not to look at him or his boyfriends
-Kuroo can’t sleep without white noise in the background so they always have a fan running
-the fan breaks down though and none of them can sleep
-Luckily Hinata buys a new one the next day while the other two are at work
-Kuroo likes the new fan
-Kuroo gets upset whenever people hit on Oiks or Hinata
-Except there was this one time when a boy (probably around age 10?) walked up to Oikawa and told him he was pretty and that he hoped he would grow up to be pretty like him
-Kuroo thought that moment was cute (and the boy’s mom was like the best mom ever)
-Whenever Hinata and/or Kuroo get sick, Oiks flips out and immediately calls a doctor even though it’s just a cold
-When Oiks is sick he begs to call the doctor but Kuroo’s like “you just have a cold”
-If Hinata isn’t the one that’s sick he takes really good care of the one that is sick
-Still the best housewife ever
-When he is sick tho both Oikawa and Kuroo take off work to make sure he doesn’t push himself to get things done and that he RESTS.
-Hina is literally like “but heichouuuuuu” when he’s told that he can’t do a certain thing he’s used to doing
-Both of them say “don’t you heichou me” in sync
-and that was the day they realized that they spend too much time together
-none of them really give a shit
-Kuroo has seasonal allergies so they always think he’s sick whenever he coughs and sneezes/sniffles and he’s just like “allegra… plz.”
-Kageyama comes over frequently and whenever he does they always challenges him to Mario Kart because he’s really bad at it and they all know he sucks
-Kags always rage quits in the end
-Oiks Kuro and Hina make mac n cheese together because that’s the only thing Oiks can actually cook
-Oiks is more of a baker
-He tries to make space food once and he failed really bad
-Kuroo loves cooking though, so if he arrives home early from work, he helps Hinata make dinner
-Never let Oikawa in the kitchen unless it’s for baking
-Once the three of them (plus Makki and Mattsun) went to Walmart dressed as Mario characters and they acted like memes.
-They got kicked out.