husband senpai

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Taichi is himself, optimistic and courageous again

My husband shot this pic of me the other night, and for once I liked the way I looked (i.e. focused and seemingly in control, as opposed to looking purple faced and straining with effort). Uke is T san, one of my favorite senpai because he is kind, very patient and always ready to explain things in detail. The gentleman in the back is our sensei.


HEY SENPAI NOTICE ME PLS aphtextsfromnordics
So, turns out really no one wants to speak with Iceland at 1 am..I tried to do a lot of quotes from the texts but I just kept forgetting..
Also, there’s a crap ton of stuff I just found ironic (the Antonio captcha thingy idfk how to spell it, the younger brother thing–) and i don’t know, I just want per to contribute to your amazing blog!! (Though I doubt you’ll see this? I’m not too sure. Aha, anyways.)