husband said: maybe it's a joke

anonymous asked:

I'm so confused so I wanted to ask you about the baby bump video. I see a lot of people reacting a certain way, but maybe I just don't see it. Sounded like Sam was really into goofing around with the prosthetic, I didn't read it as any sort of a hidden meaning. It's a fake belly. If my husband was making basketball jokes and poking me when I was preggo it may not have gone over well. Is it because he said pregnant women are sexy? That's very sweet cause I didn't feel terribly sexy, haha, but ok.

So for me, what got me squeeing was the definitely the way he talked about it.  I think he probably only poked it once or twice, there would be a novelty in that I am sure.  As far as the basketball reference goes, I picture him “palming” it.  If you have ever played basketball or known bball players, it is a real thing.  And Sam has such large hands, so probably when the bump was not HUGE he could fit in one hand like palming a basketball.  My husband used to do that to me before my belly got enormous.  

I totally get the felling/being sexy.  When I wasn’t violently ill, I did feel much more in tune with my body and much more responsive.  It has to do with the increase in blood volume and also elevated hormones.  I also really enjoyed Sam saying he loved rubbing it.  When he spoke about the belly, he seemed very gentle and romantic.  That could very well be me projecting, but his manner changed.  He wasn’t joking and cavalier about it.  He seemed genuinely in awe of what a woman’s body can do.  And, even though Caitriona wasn’t really going through those changes, the prosthetic would have been jarring to see on.

Also, pushing for pregnant sex because it is real and normal and hot is a HUGE turn on.  This is a man who loves and appreciates women, and not just ones who fit the criteria that some people try to force on him.

That is what I saw from Sam in that video.