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It's like.....I know youre an adult who can fend for herself but at the same time I wanna build a log cabin in the woods with a large fireplace and plenty of food and just protect the smol Squeaks from life

Actually one of the best dreams I’ve ever had in my life was basically just like that, but it was with Lon’qu (my #1 fictional husband 2 years in a row) 

I still think about how calm and wonderful that dream was…it was like my brain was just like “yeah i know i give you too much crap, take this and relax for awhile” 

Also i am barely and adult, and I totes can’t fend for myself at all. 

this one time i forgot how to pump my own gas and I had to go to the guy inside to get help because I couldn’t (i have a hybrid so I like, never have to get gas)

pleas save me from life >_> 

Remember this accident she blamed it on her diabetes and her hog hunting husband.


2 car accidents that could have ended badly for her, her kids, and others driving around her due to her being an irresponsible diabetic…. If last time wasn’t a wake up call, I hope it is this time around before someone gets hurt!!

facts about maria reynolds and her historical affair

- she was hoeing before hoeing was even invented
- she was the daughter of a whore (her mom had 2+ husbands and maria had 6 siblings)
- she had a thing for older men (she was 15 when she married james reynolds and he was older than her)
- she was involved in the first political sex scandal in america (now that’s a way to make history)
- she was 23 when she had an affair with hamilton, who was 34 at the time
- she continued the affair even after she got back together with her husband
- james applied for a position in the treasury office under hamilton (awkward…)
- hamilton payed 1,000 dollars and broke off the affair, until james reynolds wrote him and said he could keep seeing his wife
- maria invited hamilton to the house whenever her husband was out, and hamilton payed 30-40 bucks for each visit
- 30 dollars is $737.12 now
- hamilton was a man-whore
- james was arrested in 1792 for illegally purchasing revolutionary war soldier’s pensions, asked hamilton for help, and he refused
- AARON BURR HELPED MARIA DIVORCE JAMES (wonder why they left that out…)
- she remarried
- her daughter, susan, kept with the family tradition and married multiple times
- she moved to britain, came back without her second husband, and renamed herself maria clements
- she remarried a doctor, became religious and joined a methodist church (wow)

and that is the story of how maria reynolds went from being a poor whore to a rich bible banger


The idea is based on this post. Since, Muke wanted someone to draw it. 

Here ya go! DONE IT! hehe! i like the idea too~ 

Here some bonus (◕‿◕✿)


When Hannibal met Will  - Omegaverse

Will Graham is an omega in an alpha’s world - he’s used to not always being taken seriously and has no time for alpha bullshit.

The last thing he expected was to make friends with an alpha! Sure Hannibal Lecter is interesting and clever, he even treats omegas with respect, but Will isn’t planning on anything more than friendship.

But after they unintentionally end up sleeping together they need to work out if they can still be friends in the morning.

Read on AO3 by @desperatelyseekingcannibals