husband is playing skyrim

So, this conversation...
  • Husband: You're playing Dragon Age. Again.
  • Me: Yep.
  • Husband: [picks up unopened Skyrim and waves it] Why don't you give this a try?
  • Me: [points at screen where Cullen is hyping up the soldiers before Haven falls] Because. Cullen. [points to Solas twirling his staff as he attacks the red templars] And Solas.
  • Husband: [eyeroll] If you had to pick between me and them?
  • Me: I mean, you're real and they're not...
  • Husband: [leaves, satisfied]
  • Me, in my head: /but if they were real I'd be all for a templar omlette sandwich/
Husband is playing...

…Skyrim and is nearing the end of the Dark Brotherhood quest line. He’s at the part where you go back to the sanctuary and it’s under attack and falling apart. And he says when he enters, “I don’t know what it is, but there’s something bad going on here. I hope the spider is okay. I love that guy.”

  • me playing skyrim for the first time: oh thank you lady for the room and your husband is giving me food thank you
  • me playing skyrim the second time: fuck you delphine shut the fuck up