husband cuddles are nice and all

Our Little Person

A/N: HEY LOOK LILY ACTUALLY PUT A FIC UP. We were crying out for more parent!phan fics let’s be honest. That’s my excuse anyway. I was inspired by my absolute favourite piece of phanart I have ever seen (x) by phantheraglama. Also, this is kind of like a cutesy filler fic before I post something not so cutesy and much more gritty and all that fun stuff. Anyway, enjoy!

Title: Our Little Person

Genre: Pure fluff/slight angst/parent!phan

Description: Dan has 3am cuddles with their favourite curly-locked little person in the aftermath of a spat with Phil. Fluff and adorable conversations ensue.

Word Count: 2490


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Lost In The Woods

pairing: Harald Finehair x Reader

fandom: vikings

request:  Hey, I love your writing! Can you do an imagine where the reader has a fight with Harald so the reader runs away and gets wounded and Harald finds them? I hope it’s not too much to ask!

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway @mads—world @sugakookiexx

“Love, I know you’re out here. Stop hiding and come home with me. It’s getting cold." 

You hated to admit that he was right, it was getting cold and you didn’t feel too well. But being your stubborn self, you were not yet ready to give in. 

"Go away Harald!" 

You were still mad about earlier and hearing his stupid voice wasn’t going to change that. The man drove you insane sometimes, a jerk through and through if he wanted to be. 

"I’m sorry.” You can hear him walking through the bushes near you, twigs and leaves being pushed away, “I’ll find you eventually, you know?" 

"I don’t care. Leave me alone!" 

"You don’t want that." 

"You don’t know what I want." 

There’s rustling at your left side before a dark shadow appears in your view. Harald crouches down in front of you with a worried expression. You knew he was sorry because he had that sad puppy look all over his face, the one you could never resist. But that never stopped you from trying. 

"You’re hurt." 


You had ran into a tree, banged your head against it and tumbled down a hill backwards until you hit the ground. But Harald certainly didn’t need to know that. Slipping sounded a little less embarrassing. 

He swoops you up in his arms without another comment but you couldn’t help but notice the little smirk. 

"Don’t say it…” It hadn’t been the first time your clumsy nature had gotten you into trouble. 

“I leave you alone for a few minutes and you end up like this? What am I going to do with you… Maybe I should just tie you to the bed." 

Cuddled up in his arms with your head resting against his chest, your anger seemed to dissolve into thin air. It always did. You hated fighting anyway. His warm body was radiating heat and you press yourself closer against him. You were glad to finally get out of these woods. 

Besides, being tied to his bed didn’t sound too bad at all. There were definitely worse things than being at your husbands complete mercy. He did owe you an apology after all.

 "Will you be nice to me once I’m all tied up?” You coo, close to his ear. 

“Don’t tempt me or we won’t make it back to bed.”

@ karamel shippers

Abuse comes in so many formats. I’m sure that 90% of you know this but it seems like a lot of you enjoy ignoring it when the perpetrator is someone white and attractive. 

As someone who’s survived abuse, in all of its forms, I find it utterly damning that a character like Mon-El is given so much screen time. Why? 

Because as a child, I grew up with a mentally unwell, alcoholic mother and her husband who wasn’t my biological father. He became abusive very early into their relationship but not physically. He would slowly but surely cut her off from all of her friends, telling her that she wasn’t of worth. He’d subtly plant these seeds of doubt within her mind that maybe she wasn’t enough, that she needed to be cared for 24/7 because she, as a woman, just wasn’t strong enough which left her with a lot of shame and fear of her own feelings. She grew increasingly and scarily unwell. He never listened to a single word my Mum said, often going against her explicit wishes and doing things she’d told him she wasn’t happy/comfortable with. She felt like her voice didn’t mean anything anymore but she relied so heavily on his love since he had convinced her she needed it. 

He slowly morphed into a far more aggressive abuser and would often hurt her physically, even then moving on to hurting me physically too. At my young age, I didn’t know much but I knew it hurt and I knew I was scared. I saw my friends at school and they didn’t have bruises. Their parents were happy. My Mum was hollowed out, broken down and beaten. I started to think something was wrong, that maybe I should tell someone 

but then 

I started sitting with my Mum in the evenings and watching the TV shows she watched. There was a couple on this one show and the husband wasn’t very nice at all. He said horrible things to his wife, just like the things my Mum was told. He hurt his wife, constantly and yet in this show she didn’t fight back. She said she deserved it and that he was right. She didn’t leave him. Not only did she not leave, she apologised to him and they told each other that they loved them. He caressed her face, the wounds he’d created, kissed her tears away and cuddled her. Just like my Mums husband would do to her. I saw 2 shows that had this exact story line, there were no concerned friends saying that maybe these women should get out of these relationships. They were just excusing the behavior with admissions of love and care. 

I saw that on television and thought to myself: “Maybe this is normal now. Maybe this is just what happens when people love each other.” I saw it in movies, I saw it in books, I saw it on TV and I saw it in real life.

My Mums husband would tell me that he got angry because “I love your Mummy so much that sometimes I get angry. But she makes me a better man which is why it’s okay.” and I believed him. I still believed him when he told me the same thing as I grew older and he treated me worse. “It must mean he loves me. Like that man on TV with his wife or the man in the movie with his children. They do it out of love. We make these people better.” 

I still believed this theory when he attacked my Mum & I after he had too much to drink.
I still believed this theory when he’d monitor what I ate, calling me names and picking out my flaws because he “only wanted the best for me.” 
I still believed this theory when he got in my bed when I was just 8 years old. 
I still believed this theory when he beat me black and blue for leaving a towel on my bedroom floor. 

“I deserve this.” I thought. “I should have done as I was told. He’s only doing this because he loves me.” 

This went on until I was late teens and I moved out, became homeless and have since rebuilt my life but it haunts me every day and I still live parts of it now.

I still believed this theory when I dated a guy who treated me scarily similar to how Mon-El treats Kara. I was guilt tripped into loving him, because he’d cry and get angry and throw things when I rejected his advances. “He must love me, he wouldn’t be like this otherwise.” and so I stayed. It went so far that I was genuinely afraid of what he’d do if I left him. He was incredibly misogynistic, constantly objectified women, would always cheat on me with random girls or even sometimes my “friends.” and then make me feel guilty for being upset with him. I, like my mother, was made to feel like I was “less than” because of my gender. He didn’t listen to me, ever, and didn’t have enough respect for my opinion to take it into account.
Our entire relationship was based around him saying I “made him better” or “I made him a far better man” and I believed that was my job. 

I grew up around abuse representation that was so backwards. I grew up watching men and women stay in relationships that weren’t healthy for the sake of a plot or a romantic pairing for another overpriced movie. I grew up around a culture of abuse apologists and it became my new normal. 

People that cry “abuse!!” whenever Kara and Mon-El interact are actually right and well founded. I can see a million red flags within their interactions from my own experiences. For little girls and boys who watch this show and look up to Kara, it’s incredibly dangerous to encourage this kind of viewing. Don’t make this the “new normal.”

Educate these kids to realise that if someone: 

- Doesn’t respect their voice 
- Doesn’t listen to them 
- Does things they aren’t comfortable with 
- Belittles them behind closed doors or in company
- Uses aggression or physical harm to intimidate them 
- Objectifies any gender for any reason 
- Lies to them regularly 
- Guilt trips them into doing whatever the other person wants them to do
- Invades their safe spaces, or even their personal space 
- Treats them as unequal or even unworthy 
- Uses “love” as an excuse for doing awful things 
- Puts the weight of their wrongdoings in the hands of their partners 

They need to speak to somebody they trust and assess their relationship and their personal safety. It is not worth teaching these kids that if someone loves you, everything else is irrelevant. 

They are a generation of minds that are still being shaped. Shape them properly. 

If anyone reads this and needs to talk to someone who understands, I am ALWAYS here for you. Day or night. You are NOT alone, you are worthy and I love you. 

otp: childhood sweethearts

So this is a post dedicated to the lovely Agnes (@be-my-tired-pony), my first tumblr friend, a total sweetheart, an incredible person and a total hoe for niam. (Same though) 

So, niam. Where do I even start. Niam has been there from the start, and their love for each other is unending (honestly it hurts me so much). 

Well, actually let’s start here:

Why thank you Liam. So there you have it, proof. NIAM IS REAL.

Well, since we’re looking at niam twitcams can we appreciate these gems. 


These giggly dorks. I can’t even. 

Then we move on to music video niam. (Get ready for a trip down memory lane) 

This. Like even the sun ships them, I mean look at that lighting.

Not even sure what this is but… okay Liam.

Hehehehe dorks. 

Niall’s hair is so fluffy, how even– 

Oh right, that’s how.

Alright. This is my all time favourite. LOOK HOW FOND BOTH OF THEM ARE. WHY. WHY. WHY. AGNES THIS IS YOUR FAULT. 

And last but not least, this. This was the best video. Look at their arms, and faces, and expressions. Also, this swiftly brings us along to one of my fav niam things. 


You young goofballs. 

Older, but still goofballs. Also this is so extra, like you were just walking why was this necessary? (I love their extraness)

Literal school children. (BONUS LIAM CHEST HAIR) 

Never forget this.

From a different angle because it was so monumental.

How romantic.

“Actually Nialler, if you don’t mind, I’d like to have my arms around your waist.” 

Low quality gifs, high quality moment.

Teenage dirtbag was so important to me, I’m not gonna go into it because it will become a rant haha. But yeah, this is really really cute. Like painfully so.

((Okay, so I really wanted to do a concert section of this post, right here, but then as I was collecting gifs, it got really out of hand, so now I have a folder of about 50 concert niam gifs. Lucky for you guys, I’m not gonna drown you in all of them.))

Instead, here’s cuddly niam (which is better). 

Fetus niam cuddles. Also, nice one Liam, smooth.

Then and now. Ouch. 

Clingy Niall is a good Niall.

Clingy Liam is also a good Liam.

Giggles. Stop. With. The. Giggles.

So young, so sweet.

Hair stroke.

Face stroke.

This is so heartfelt, I– 

Seriously, these boys are so clingy, so touchy feely, so in love. 

This beautiful, private (sorry boys) hug.

Then we have married niam.

Here is the proposal. In front of million, what a gesture, what a romantic. 

And then talking to interviewers about it. Husbands. 

And finally, we have kissy niam.

Can we talk more about this almost kiss? 

“Not right now, Niall.” 

Why is Liam so sweet and tender. 

BONUS: more giggly niam


Be happy, be like niam. So pure, so happy, so joyous, so carefree. 

7 July 2017

[The Woolpack Backroom with Aaron, Robert, Charity, Debbie and Vic]

CHARITY: Hey Robert and audience, Chas and Liv are totally still characters on this show.

AARON: Yep, nobody forget them, I’m sure they’ll come back at some point.

ROBERT: Oh, well, good, but they don’t want to talk to me anyway because if they know anything about this Plot, I’m sure I’m number one on their hit list. - I could offer them that number of that hitman I know. That would be a bit ironic - But, how are they?

CHARITY: Oh you know, they’re there and not here but Sandra still sounds like a great Plot Device to get people off screen.

*Cute banter between Aaron and Charity* - for the fans so they can see Aaron being happy for the briefest of moments…as if that will appease them.

ROBERT: Just recapping for the general audience. Sandra has two broken legs that will remain a problem until such time that Chas and Liv are due to return.

*Debbie enters*

CHARITY: Debs, you just missed Robert’s recap but Sandra still has two broken legs and I’m sure Chas could use some help with that. You’ll run the pub for me won’t you.

DEBBIE: Do I have a choice?

CHARITY: Nope! And you always need extra cash for some Plot or another so why not. I just can’t leave Marlon and Vic…

*Victoria enters* - it’s almost like that was planned

VICTORIA: Hey Robert! I just came in here to talk about…you guessed it…BABY!!! So, Rebecca has just realized that having a child is expensive. Let’s be real, I probably told her to have that revelation just so I could come in here and bother you, but anyway…she totally NEEDS money because she doesn’t walk around in fur coats and five million hats and have a trust fund or anything.

ROBERT: *I hate this Plot Face* Thanks for the update. I still don’t care.

AARON: Shouldn’t you be making a contribution - other than that sperm you so nicely donated - #IHateThisFuckingPlot

ROBERT: Fine, here’s 40 quid. Happy now?

FANDOM: Get a wallet!

AARON: *Unbelievable! Face*

VICTORIA: Is that your idea of parenting?

ROBERT: I hate this Plot, the baby isn’t even born yet and it’s already all our scenes are about!!! I’d rather spend time spoiling my HUSBAND! *Tries to cuddle Aaron on the sofa*

AARON: #CuddlingDenied Sorry Robert, as you pointed out, all we talk about is this baby and I’m sick of it, so I’m going to run off to the scrapyard. #IHateThisFuckingPlot

ROBERT: *Sad ‘But I really wanted to cuddle’ Face*

[The Mill (Fandom: THE MILL!!! IT EXISTS!!! YAY!!!) with Robert and Aaron]

*Aaron enters*

ROBERT: Hey Aaron, let’s go out to dinner tonight!

AARON: Sorry Robert, you have a kid on the way, so we can’t do anything ever that’s not about that. #DinnerDateDenied

ROBERT: But I don’t care about the Plot, we’ve been through this. The spoilers said I would make an effort and I choose to make that effort with you if you’ll let me.

AARON: I don’t want to go out anyway.

ROBERT: Fine, I’ll call the restaurant and get them to deliver. And while we’re waiting, we can go have sex upstairs. We’ve always been good at that at least?!

AARON: Sorry Robert, this Plot is exhausting. All I want to do in bed is sleep. #SexDenied #HeadingForAnAngstyWeekAhead

ROBERT: *I tried Food and Sex, what more does he want from me. I know…GRAND GESTURES AND MONEY Face*

Being married to Negan would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Aawww Negan boo :3 I just feel he’d be a nice kind of husband :D Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him telling you that you’re his “one and only wife” while cuddling and planting light kisses over your face just to make smile

-You being the reason he can genuinely smile and feel so happy, even when you both fight

-Him being his crude and bad mouth self but loving that you would always put him back in his place by being slightly less crude than him

-His goal is to make you happy and feel as much joy being with him as he feels being with you

-Slow make out sessions that end up in loving and caring sex, with him trying to express how much he loves you

-Rough and kinky sex because you’re both into it as well and it makes you both happy

-Him trying to impress you with his cooking skills and insisting that in the relationship he’s obviously the more romantic one

-Him not being able to fall asleep well if you hadn’t tucked him in telling him you love him or if you’re not close enough to his body

-Him nearly losing his mind when you get sick and truly losing it when you’re in danger as he fears he might lose you forever

-Him being able to be vulnerable with you and loving that you’re the one wiping his tears away, reassuring and listening to him

Kingdom: Bite

Warnings apply from the prologue, but way more gore this time. Also, disrespect of the dead. This is more to establish characters in the story.

And oh yes, there will be blood…

But the next chapter has something pleasant. Maybe. Some smut for the next one, but also some more horror. Anyone wanna guess what our Finny boy is?

Quick tag: @neversatisfiedgirl @ambrosegirlforever @nickysmum1909 @justhavingfun123469 let me know if you wanna be tagged!

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If you were Yuma's wife...

* you’d spend a lot of time with his brothers
* you’d also enjoy your time alone
* even if you’re alone, everybody in the mansion would hear your screams
* moans too, but less, he wouldn’t be that gentle
* you’d always have a lot of bruises and marks on your body
* you’d have at least a few children and he’d gladly make even more of them
* you wouldn’t help him in garden too often since you’d have to take care of your children
* you’d make a lot of food for him when he’s working
* he’d always eat EVERYTHING you make for him
* you’d have to use vegetables from his garden
* he’d get slightly nervous every time you went to a shop and you’d have to remind him that vegetables aren’t the only thing you need
* you’d never EVER buy any vegetables, he wouldn’t let you
* you’d have a nice house in a small village
* you’d know your neighbors pretty good but they’d think your husband is a monster
* you’d have to buy a lot of sugar cubes and the shop assistant would always give them to you before you even ask
* your children would be pretty strong and brave
* he’d always be able to carry all of them at the same time
* he’d try to help them at lessons but he’d suck at it
* he’d try so hard
* you’d also do it in the shower after his working when he’s dirty as shit (literally)
* you’d also cuddle in the bathtub which would be pretty cute
* he’d like it if you fell asleep in his arms or on his lap
* he’d complain about it if you fell asleep in an uncomfortable for him position, but he’d like it anyways since it’s you
* he would try so hard to remember all the dates
* you’d make a lot of good food for his birthday * then you’d go with your children to a zoo
* and you’d leave your children for the night at his brothers’ place so you don’t have to hold on later
* it’d be a very very long night
* you’d be the happiest family ever

Lost Light 5!!!!

I love it so Much?? I kinda knew the ‘LuG is actually dead thing’ thing was going to come true so I braced for it.

I love that we see Cyclonus finnaly taking charge of the group. He’s so good! Look at how he kneels down in from of swerve all concerned and soft.

‘Try again. Nice and loud’ *chest thump*

Jro showing how special tailgate and cyclonus are to each other by just letting them say hello to each other.

Tailgate grabbing cyclonus arm and HOLDING HIS HAND

What did whirl say to him? Jro makes it sound like we will know by the next issue.

Nightbeat with his arm around rung and rung looking kinda insecure about what he’s showing him.

The husbands shamelessly cuddling 💕💕💕

I’m really loving this new art style???


Omg second Rung is gonna get his ass handed to him.

Summary: where do robo babies come from??
My Older Sister

My life has been average at most.

I lived in a family of two girls and one boy.  There was my older sister, Jenny, me, and my younger brother, Alex.  We had a typical childhood, I guess.  Jenny was popular, with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and skinny frame.  Alex, early on, showed a penchant for sports and became the star athlete of the family.  But myself, just like the rest of my life, was very… average.

I wasn’t overly smart.  I wasn’t ugly but I didn’t stand out.  I had a small group of friends.

I was average.

But I idolized my older sister.

Jenny was everything I would never be.  She had friends, upon friends, upon friends. She had a string of boyfriends starting from the time she was 11. There was always some boy, some drama. She grew tired of it, but I loved it.

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inacatastrophicmind  asked:

Dean drivin to a place with a nice landscape so je and Cas can be there, sitting on the hood of the Impala, enjoying the sounds of the nature, and holding hands while they look at the starry night, making out after Cas explains everything he knows about stars and galaxies.

m a r a!! this is so cute ; u;
i can just picture them snuggled close on the hood of the impala, cas describing the stories behind each star and being all wax poetic about dean’s freckles being like his own lil constellations and dean turning an adorable shade of pink. i think they should follow this up with a nice little camp out and share a giant sleeping bag or just go home and cuddle up in front of the fire (i will die insisting there’s a fireplace in the bunker ok)

anonymous asked:

"ladybug i can believe you love adrien" "yeah i mean were married" "I'm in SHOCK MARINETTE" "I'm also married to you"

so i uh… was not going to write this but it sort of happened

i am so tired.

A Moment In The Cold - on ao3

“Ladybug,” Chat Noir said as he let out a sigh and leaned back against the cracking brick of an aged building. They were up above the streets, taking a moment’s rest from patrol to warm up after a run through the cold. The air outside was brisk, and with each breath that blew past their lips came a cloud of frost which reminded them that soon they would need to head home. “I can’t believe you’re in love with Adrien Agreste.”

A snort rose from beside him. Green eyes met blue, and Ladybug’s pink lips twitched upwards into a small, curious grin. “Of course I am,” She laughed, “that’s why I married him.”

Chat found it hard to repress his giggles, deciding to discretely cover his mouth with his hand so that his partner wouldn’t catch sight of his dopey smile. “I’m in shock, my Lady. And here I was with the impression that you liked bad boys.”

Ladybug burst into laughter as he gestured to himself. “You, a bad boy? Oh, please.” Rolling her eyes, she shook her head and gave him a gentle shove on the shoulder, cheeks flushing from something other than the weather. “Just yesterday you cried when holding kittens at the shelter because we couldn’t take all twelve of them home.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Chat replied with a shrug. He crossed his arms, unable to hide the smirk that split his face. “That wasn’t me.”

“Oh, excuse me,” Ladybug snorted, “it seems I have you confused with my husband.”

Chuckling, Chat wrapped an arm around her shoulders, feeling a gentle warmth blossom within his chest as she pressed herself up against his side. She was toasty and soft; it took all of his self control not to wrap her up in a huge hug and cuddle her right there, just for the sake of her closeness (and body heat.) 

“He seems like a nice guy,” Chat said after a moment. He pressed a kiss to the top of his Lady’s head and nuzzled his face into her hair, taking note that she must have used some of his shampoo rather than her usual strawberry-scented kind. Had she run out? The store wasn’t far, he could pick her up a new bottle on the way home if needed.

Ladybug nodded. “Oh, he is. He’s kind, and selfless, and the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” She paused to rest her head atop his shoulder, fingers entwining with his own and giving his hand a squeeze. “He’s my best friend.”

Her words made Chat feel positively giddy. With a quiet laugh, he pulled his wife into his lap and wrapped his arms around her petite frame, burying his head within the crook of her neck and smiling at how warm her skin felt against his own. She responded by returning the hug, a small giggle rising up from her chest as she rubbed a hand up and down his back. 

Had Chat not been so cold, it might’ve made him purr.

“Well, I’m glad you married this guy,” He whispered, “you seem really happy with him.”

Ladybug hummed. “I am. Very happy. Except, there’s just one thing…”

Confused, Chat’s ears perked up at her statement. Had he been doing something wrong, and if he had, why hadn’t she mentioned it before? “What is it?”

With a muffled snort, Ladybug pulled back from their embrace to gaze at him, mirth sparkling in her eyes. “He has an awful sense of humor!”

Chat guffawed, trying his best to act at least a little offended. “Aww, Mari, come on! That’s so unfair! My jokes are purrfect!”

“Moment ruined,” Ladybug said, voice shaky with laughter. “That pun spoiled it. And to think that I was going to kiss you!”

Chat looked at his partner with a fond smile and, after a moment of deliberation, squeezed her in his hold and peppered her freckled face with plenty of little kisses. She squealed in response and kicked her back legs, body squirming to get free of his affections.

She was absolutely adorable.

“Adrien!” She groaned, although her smile told him she was anything but disgusted by his lips. “Oh my g- stop- that tickles!”

“As my Lady wishes.” Pulling away from her face, Chat let her free, grinning as she sat down next to him with her legs dangling over the edge of the roof.

Ladybug huffed and crossed her arms. “Why did I marry you, again?”

“Simple,” Chat said as he bumped her shoulder with his own. “We love each other. That’s why I married you, after all. That and many more reasons.”

“And some those reasons are?”

“Well, for one, you’re the only person who can tolerate my puns.”

Ladybug met his eyes with a smile. “Sometimes they’re funny.”

“Only sometimes, huh?”

A crisp breeze blew past them, chilling the pair straight to the bones and causing them to shiver, arms wrapping around themselves in an attempt of protection from the freezing wind. It was getting later, and they were quite high up; it was no wonder why it was so icy, especially in December.

“Time to go home,” Chat said, “it’s too cold.”

Ladybug nodded and grabbed his hand, pulling them up so they both stood. “We should make something warm for dinner tonight.”

Chat hummed in approval and pulled his baton from behind his back. He extended it, green eyes watching the city they protected with appreciation.

A warm dinner sounded nice. Maybe some soup, or pasta of sorts?

Whatever it may be, Chat didn’t care. It was far too chilly to stay outside, and he did look forward to cooking dinner with his wife—his Mari. “You know what else sounds good?”


“Hot cocoa and a movie, with that heated blanket your mom gave us.”

“Ooh.” Ladybug’s eyes lit up at the idea. “Yeah, I like the sound of that.”

Smiling, Chat leaned over to place his lips upon her cheek before whispering into her ear, “First one home gets extra marshmallows.”

Ladybug’s placed a hand onto her hip, clearly accepting the challenge. Smirking, she leaped across the alleyway with a whizz of her yo-yo, and Chat followed closely behind, tail whipping in the breeze and face alight with pure affection for his Lady.

From below, Parisians could only watch as the city’s beloved superheroes chased each other across the rooftops and filled the air with laughter, letting those who happened to see them know that they were undeniably happy, and undeniably in love.

[SUMMARY: Denny has a crush on his nurse Jamie who is a single mom with a 4 year old son. One night when she has no one who could care for him while she’s at work , he offers to keep him entertained.]


*If you want to be tagged please be specific on which imagines and if you weren’t tagged although you asked to be, it’s not on purpose. Some names aren’t coming up, sorry about that.*

Denny and Jamie.

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Phil’s birthday is the only day out of the year that nick fury takes a day off. You can still contact him, and if shit really hits the fan they will both go into work, but it is an official day off.
He spends the whole day being sweet and cuddles with Phil. They’ll wake up together, cuddles up and warm, and Nick will mutter a sleepy ‘happy birthday’ while he starts peppering Phil’s face with kisses. He doesn’t care where the kisses land, just that he kisses Phil as much ass possible.
Next they make breakfast together. Phil does like when Nick makes breakfast in bed, and vice versa, but they really love cooking together. It’s a whole experience in its own that let’s them have fun and gives them more time to be adorable together.
After breakfast and coffee they go for a walk. Nothing to big, just a nice simple walk in the park. They may walk for half an hour, or it may be a whole day thing. They’ll find out when they decide to stop walking.
And for the rest of the day it’s just a bunch of cuddling on the couch and reading books or watching Star Trek together. Nick’s kitten will usually join them at this point and sleep on Phil’s back while Phil is cuddled up against Nick. (Which usually involves laying on top of nick, cuz nick is comfy)

There’s often presents somewhere along the line. A pile of them that Ick has collected over the week from friends so that they can have a quiet day on Phil’s birthday (Phil doesn’t like big party’s or crowds. He just wants nick and quiet on his birthday)

And finally they have a nice dinner together that they usually make while dancing around the kitchen to music (it’s fun and nick loves seeing his dork husband shake his non existent ass to music)

And it of course ends with more cuddles in bed because there is no such thing as too much cuddling

Namjoon’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie who is fucking killing this comeback like the whole staring into the camera all seductively during his part and the v-neck shirts i aM SO INCREDIBLY HERE FOR THOSE FUC K ME U P, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • This is going to be part of the wedding series, I’ve done Namjoon’s proposal (here) an alternate version to that is youtuber!Namjoon’s proposal which you can find here, joon’s wedding (here) and husband!joon (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay so the original post does feature a bit of father!Namjoon (all of the father related posts are here) I’m not gonna go into too much detail with it since this is about the honeymoon but I am gonna add in a tiny bit of it
  • A honeymoon with Namjoon sounds so fucking cute I’m so ready
  • Saying bye to his lil bby is probably the hardest part bc he is so attached to his bby girl he loves her so incredibly much so having to be away from her is kinda hard but it’s needed
  • You two have been with her every day and it can get stressful sometimes especially when you add a wedding into the mix so both of you are looking forward to that relaxation aspect of a honeymoon
  • She’s staying with his mom during the honeymoon so Namjoon isn’t worried about her but he can’t help but be kinda clingy during the goodbye
  • “Eat lots okay?? Eat your fruit and veggies and take lots of naps and be really really good okay??”
  • “Namjoon she’s spent the night here millions of times I’m your mother, if I can raise you, I can watch her for a few nights”
  • “But my bBY”
  • Once he lectures his mom about all the things bby girl needs (“a bath at seven, a cookie before bed and a huge hug plz don’t forget the last one”) he gives his lil bby the biggest hug ever to exist
  • He squeezes her super tight and tells her he’ll miss her and its really cute to watch tbh bc she’s so lil and he’s so not lil at all and she just rests her head on his shoulder and he’s giving her kisses anywhere he can reach bc he’ll miss her so much
  • The honeymoon would last around 2 weeks bc even though joon would love to spend a solid month relaxing with you, you both admit you’d miss the bby too much
  • I can definitely see Namjoon going for some place with a beautiful beach or at least a nice pool bc he wants to lay out and relax and not have to move all day long and just read his books and talk to you and cuddle on a pool chair
  •  He wouldn’t mind staying in a hotel but if you wanted to rent a lil house for the 2 weeks he’d be A okay with that too bc joon is used to hotels but he understands if you aren’t comfortable with the idea and joon’s goal is to make you happy
  • He would hang around the pool a l o t bc when BTS went to Kota Kinabalu Namjoon looked so fucking happy just lounging around
  • He’d be extra happy if he had you by his side like !!! his bby+a good book+not having to worry about anything=an extremely happy Namjoon
  • And happy!namjoon is the best Namjoon bc he’s such a gem he deserves every ounce of happiness in the world I love happy!joon so much I could easily make an entire post for it bc wo W
  • Like just imagine his lil soft smile when he’s looking at you bc you’re finally reading this one book he’s been bugging you to read for ages and you’ve got the brand new wedding ring on your finger and your legs are all tangled with his and he’s just so s o happy
  • Late night swimming with husband!joon though
  • He’d probably wear these really nice swim trunks that make his thighs do the thing and he’d have his glasses on at first but then he’d randomly suggest swimming
  • He sets all his stuff down and just gets into the pool right after mumbling a “the water looks cool” like he gives you zero time to even respond before he’s in the water
  • He gets you to come swim with him and it’s just you two and he gets all playful and starts a water fight and wants to do handstands in the water
  • But he’s also really calm towards the end and just floats through water and sings the song he’s been writing lately to see what your thoughts are on it
  • Like hi namjoon’s singing is so cute and it’s all soft and lovely and he’d sing to you all the fucking time and it’d be so romantic and cute
  • Namjoon is highkey the type to set up something super fucking romantic like he takes you out all day (shopping or to the beach just something fun) and asks the hotel to set up this cute lil dinner with candles and something yummy
  • And after you two eat he sets up this romantic bath with rose petals and more candles and soft music but then lowkey ends up dropping one of the drinks into the water
  • The both of you just kinda sit there and laugh your asses off bc here’s Namjoon trying to be smooth and he ends up spilling his wine or some shit like of cou rSe
  • But honestly that’s one of the reasons you fell in love with Namjoon so you just kiss his lil cheek and help him drain the water and restart the whole bath idea
  • There would also be some face timing with bby girl and she’d just be chilling eating some grapes and joon is like telling her how much he loves her but she’s used to it so she’s just ‘hey I colored a picture today I think you’d really like it’
  • He would love going shopping in all of the stores bc I feel like he’s the type to collect something from every place he goes to like it can just be a hat or a button but sometimes it’s a painting or some form of furniture (if he re a l ly likes it)
  • He of course brings home a shit ton of shells bc how can he go to a beach and not want to find shells that’s like going to Paris and not trying a croissant
  • But he’d love exploring the lil city and taking late night strolls and he’d adorE calling himself your husband even though he tries to be nonchalant about it
  • Like a cashier sees your rings and asks what your relationship is like are you engaged are they just promise rings is it a wedding ring what’s up
  • So you tell her it’s a wedding ring and that he’s your husband and he literally just starts giggling with a goofy smile on his face and his dimples are popping out like crazy and the woman can easily see how in love he is and she tells you you’ve got a good catch don’t lose him (which you agree to bc Namjoon is a fucking precious human bean who just deserves cuddles and love and happiness)
  • That honestly only makes him giggle even more and we all know how adorable joon’s giggle is like here’s this grown ass man with this deep voice and shoul DERS that just say “I can fuck you up” but then he’s sitting there giggling like a child bc you called him your husband
  • He would just be so :D the entire time and so giggly and happy and he’d keep giving your ring kisses and there’d be cuddles and chilling out it’s a lot of relaxing bc joon is a laidback man and he also just deserves a nice break where he isn’t running after any babies or writing any songs or doing anything but relaxing with his love
Easy Like Sunday Morning [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: I regret nothing. I am here to fulfill everyone’s Stucky needs. So, with that in mind, this is based off two of @stevestuckyonbucky‘s headcanons, one being this one and this one. Thank you so much for letting me write this for you <3 Sorry I’m so obsessed with your ideas! Also, @whydouwantaname asked me to write a fluffy fic with Stucky and a pet, so I’ve added that to this as well. 

Pairing: Stucky. 

Warnings: Some sexual content, but nothing explicit in nature - just the usual Stucky flirting and teasing. Fluff, people. That’s what this is. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Steve or Bucky, or anyone. They belong to Marvel. 

P.S: I have edited this, but if there are any mistakes, forgive me and ignore them. I’ll try to fix whatever I can. Enjoy! :D 

It was a crisp spring morning.

The sun peaked out from behind clouds, almost cheekily, against a blue sky. It wasn’t exactly the busiest morning on Steve’s walk, but it was nice nevertheless. He liked the quiet, he liked hearing the birds and the leaves rustling in the breeze, he liked that even now, the world could still get quiet, could still think, breathe, and live, without all the mayhem.

Smiling, when he saw his golden puppy running towards him, he knelt down to greet her, “hello again, Ava. Have a nice run, yeah, you did, didn’t you?”

Steve had bought her, as a birthday present for Bucky this year and she was already growing up so quickly. She shined like the golden sunset, a lovely Labrador retriever that loved to play and cause trouble when she could.

“C’mon you,” Steve chuckled, ruffling her fur, clasping her lead back onto her collar, he’d let her go for a little run, to play a game of fetch earlier, “let’s go home, shall we?”

Ava barked up at him and Steve was sure that if she was human; she would’ve said something like, “yes, home. I’m hungry”.

“Hey Buck, we’re home,” Steve called, entering their cottage styled house, one they’d bought after they tied the knot this past summer. They decided that as much as they loved living with the rest of the group, it would be nice to have their own place, so, where better than Brooklyn?

Ava dashed past Steve and bounded over to Bucky who was walking out of the kitchen, just as Steve came around the corner. Chuckling, Bucky hugged her as she jumped on him, nearly knocking him off his feet. After greeting Bucky, Ava walked into the living room and planted herself on the sofa, ready for her late morning nap.

Steve smiled and walked over to Bucky, who cupped the blond’s face and kissed his lips, tasting coffee and toothpaste, “hey, baby.”

“Hi,” Steve blushed, burying his face in his husband’s neck, placing a kiss over the area where he’d left a hickey the night before.

“Hmm, Stevie?”

“Yeah?” Steve replied, leaning back, brushing some of Bucky’s short, damp from a shower, lush brown hair from his light blue eyes, kissing his forehead, “you okay?”

“’course, but do you remember when we were kids, your ma used to make those cookies for us?” Bucky asked, leading Steve into the kitchen, “we used to have them in the cooler months, when you were sick. I know you’re not sick…but I thought –

“Aww, Buck,” Steve grinned, looking around the kitchen at the ingredients already set out, “and you say you’re not a sap.”

Bucky chuckled, rolling his eyes, “yeah, yeah, punk. You gonna help me or what?”

Steve laughed, shrugging, “depends, will I get something in return?”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, a soft smirk dancing on his lips, “my, my, is Captain America flirtin’?”

Steve rolled his eyes, pulling Bucky against him by the sleeves of his hoodie, murmuring against his neck, kissing him there, pouting, “please Bucky?”

Bucky groaned, “you know, your whole innocent act is very manipulative.”

“What act?” Steve said softly, pressed a soft, gentle kiss on Bucky’s lips, making a low ‘hmm’ noise at the back of his throat, when Bucky responded, tugging Steve’s bottom lip into his mouth, deepening the kiss.

“Ugh, fine,” Bucky mumbled, pretending to not actually be turned on, when they pulled back from each other, “but we’re bakin’ first.”

Baking didn’t go as well as they had planned.

“Steve!” Bucky half laughed, half shouted, trying to shake the flour off of his joggers and hoodie, “you got it all in my hair as well, punk.”

Steve cackled, eyes dancing in the morning light, “sorry, couldn’t resist. You looked so cute.”

Bucky’s smile turned into a smirk, stepping into Steve’s space, crowding him against the kitchen cupboards, his hips pressed against the blond’s, “oh, baby, I’ll find that you’re the cute one. I’m just the one that’s able to take Captain America apart, making you moan and whimper, until you can’t speak anymore.”

Steve groaned, gasping when he felt Bucky’s erection against his thigh, rubbing against him at an agonisingly slow pace, “Bucky, what about the cookies?”

Bucky grinned, planting a hot, open mouthed kiss on Steve’s neck, sucking lightly, “we can make ‘em later. What d’ya say? Want me to make you scream like last night?”

Steve blushed bright red, ducking his head, “Bucky I –

And then, Bucky’s real plan came into action; he dumped a bowl of flour, which he had been hiding behind his back, onto Steve’s head. Spluttering, Steve huffed, but laughed nevertheless when he saw how much Bucky was grinning at him.

“S’not funny, jerk!” Steve snapped, but not angrily, more fond than anything else, and sent the both of them onto the kitchen floor, with the blond straddling Bucky’s waist.

“We made a mess,” Bucky chuckled, looking around the mayhem that was their kitchen, flour all over the floor, the surfaces, even the window and sink.

“Guess we’ll have to clean it up,” Steve said softly, leaning down to kiss Bucky’s lips softly, “but how about, we get cleaned up first?”

Bucky huffed out a groan, “God, Stevie, I think that’s the best idea you’ve ever had.”

In the end, after a very long shower, that may or may not have turned into something else, before actually getting to the washing part, they ended up cuddled on the sofa, watching reruns on TV. Bucky had his arms wrapped around Steve, who was nestled in his lap, back against his chest, in between the brunette’s legs, both of them wrapped up in jumpers and warm bottoms, covered in blankets. They didn’t need all the layers, but it felt nice regardless.

“I still think we should make cookies one day,” Steve laughed, peering up at Bucky, tilting his head up to look at his husband, as Ava slept soundly in her bed.

Bucky grinned, leaning down to kiss Steve’s lips, “we could try, we still gotta clean up the kitchen anyway.”

Steve smiled, kissing Bucky’s jaw, “sounds good, Buck.”

Sure, they didn’t have the most normal life, what with all the missions and the Avengers, but it was home nevertheless. And that’s all that mattered, because all these years later, they were finally, finally, well and truly happy.

My cousin and her family came over earlier today and I’m still kinda thinking about it. I haven’t seen her kids since they were born since they live all the way out in North Carolina which admittedly is a bit of a drive. So anyway they were in Philly and stopped by for a bit. My cousin and her husband are getting some food that my mama made and I’m keeping the children company. Anyway they’re all sitting in my lap and mind you they haven’t seen me before. Yet they felt so comfortable around me that within minutes they were all cuddled up next to me. It felt so nice tbh. 

swiftly-eats-wheat  asked:

lewd concept: You and your s/o are together under a blanket, cuddling. It's the holidays and all you need is each other to stay warm, no fireplace needed. Your noses are still cold, but it doesn't matter. You watch your favorite holiday specials together as you relish in the company you share. You share kisses and talk of the year to come. All is well.

it’s just not realistic

The Green Couch

This is especially for my fellow Omelia AFans. Special shoutout goes to Ani @beafreaklikeme2 for her idea of Omelia having a domestic argument over a green chair. Except I changed it to a green couch. :p Enjoy!

It was Amelia’s third day back at work after the honeymoon. She had a rough day at work- a 35 year old mother of 2 died on her operating table despite her uttermost efforts to save her. Although she knew it wasn’t her fault - as the woman died of a sudden Berry aneurysm rupture-she couldn’t help but blame herself for the death of her patient.

Now all she wanted was to get home to a comfy bed , a nice home cooked meal and of course her new husband- her kind, caring and loving husband.

She had repeatedly been told that real life as husband and wife only starts after the honeymoon period. So far though, after 2 weeks of being married to Owen- she was still in a honeymoon bliss. They would meet up with each other after work - and go out to a nearby restaurant or cook a fancy meal together. Then they would cuddle on the living room couch or on their bed and half watch a sappy romantic movie together. But really, for the first time in her life- Amelia felt like she was in heaven on earth.

Today however, she was abruptly jolted back to reality the moment she stepped into their home. The lights were on- indicating Owen was at home. But what bothered her more than the fact that the lights in the entire house were on- was the fact that the entire living room was in a mess. Apparently Owen had removed his shirt and socks as soon as he stepped into the house- his dirty shirt was hanging on the couch and his socks were strewn on the floor. She spotted a huge overflowing basket of unwashed laundry beside the TV. What ticked her off the most was the sight of Owen lying on the couch, his eyes glued to the TV set, where a soccer match was playing.

Amelia was having none of this. Usually she wouldn’t mind the sight that greeted her- but today had been hell. All she wanted was to come back to a clean and comfortable home to relax and unwind and a hot meal and a shower. But apparently her dear husband had other plans for her.
To top it off- her pregnancy hormones and the constant feeling of being dizzy and lethargic had been taking its toll on her.

Sighing heavily, she stormed into the living room.

’ Well- hello there.’ Owen greeted her from the couch with a hint of amusement in his voice.

The grin that he was wearing quickly faded when he saw her solemn and serious expression. He knew her well enough to know when she was in a good mood and when she wasn’t. And judging from her current expression- she certainly wasn’t in a good mood.

’ You ok Amelia?’ he asked cautiously.

’ Yes- well no- I’m not ok.’ she answered monotonously.

’ Why? Did you have a bad day at work?’ Owen asked, concerned.

’ Yes, my patient died.’ she replied. ’ My patient died and there was nothing I could do to save her.’

’ I’m sure you did your best Amelia.’ Owen comforted her. ’ Sometimes there’s nothing much you can do.’

’ That’s not my main point!’ Amelia cried . ’ My point is- I had a terrible day at work- and yet I’ve to come back to all this mess.’ she added- gesturing wildly at the pile of unwashed laundry and Owen’s shirt and socks. ’ All I wanted was to come home to a clean house. You came home earlier than me today Owen- the least you could do was to throw your shirt and socks into that growing pile of laundry!’

’ I just came home from work about an hour ago . I also had a tiring day at work and wanted to rest too!’ Owen didn’t mean to raise his voice at his new wife..but judging from the way she walked over quietly to pick up the shirt and socks- he knew she had been dealt a blow.

He immediately felt guilty about screaming at her.

’ I’m so sorry Amelia.’ he said sheepishly. ’ I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you.’

He half expected her to yell at him about not being deserving of her forgiveness, but instead she flopped down on the couch beside him.

’ If you yell at me one more time, I’ll chase you out of the house.’ she said, with a serious tone in her voice. However the slight wink in her eye told Owen that he was forgiven at least for the moment.

Owen huddled close to her and pulled her tight.

’ No you wouldn’t’ . he chuckled.

Amelia pouted and punched Owen playfully on his chest.

’ Try me’ she teased.

Suddenly her facial expression changed again.

‘Owen’ she said in a serious tone.

’ Yes dear?’ Owen answered.

’ I thought I told you to change this couch to a nicer color?’ Amelia asked.

’ Well- I didn’t have time to change it yet.’ Owen admitted sheepishly.

Amelia punched him hard on the arm again.

’ Why not?’ she asked.

’ Amelia- you know that I didn’t have time to go to the furniture shop yet since we returned from our honeymoon.’ Owen reasoned. ’ I’ve been working the whole day too.’

’ Well, you better find the time to do so- because you know that I hate green.’ Amelia pouted. ’ A green couch doesn’t suit the design of this room.’

’ What color do you want then?’ Owen asked.

’ Hmm… Let’s see.’ Amelia placed her hands under her chin, pursing her lips in concentration. Owen had to admit that she looked so adorable like that .

’ Ah ha- I know…. How about red?’ Amelia suggested. ’ It’s a striking color and it matches the black carpet.’

’ Uhh…. I’m not so sure about red.’ Owen argued. ’ It’s too striking a color for me.’

Amelia threw her hands up in the air in defeat.

’ Well- if we both can’t agree on a simple thing like the color of the couch- how can we agree on bigger things?’ she asked in exasperation.

’ Well- I think we both can agree on something right now.’ said Owen winking as he drew closer to Amelia and pressed her against his chest - giving her a passionate kiss on the lips.

Amelia tried to resist his advance at first- still being mad at him about the color of the couch. But her anger was soon forgotten as his hands moved slowly down her waist, down to her still flat stomach, rubbing it. Their hands met on the spot where their baby was safely growing inside as they shared another passionate kiss.

The color of the couch, dinner and laundry were forgotten as they christened the couch that night.

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