Again, I seriously cannot wrap my mind over the fact that people nowaydays thing that cheating is somehow acceptable?? Like, is it so hard to stay commited to your relationship? And no, I’m not  talking about polygamous relationships, I’m talking about monogamous relationships. On the guy’s case, is it so hard to keep your dick out of other people that are not your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husbance, fiancé?? 

What about the girls too? Is it hard to stay commited to you boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or fiancé?

why do people cheat and think that it’s okay? cheaters honestly disgust me (for real). What is wrong with y’all? Don’t you care about your partner?

I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT BAD HUSBANDS OR WIVES WHO HURT YOU. I’m talking about cheaters who cheat faithful and loving partners? Like? what is wrong with y’all? Getting your dick or you pussy wet is all that matters now??