Voltage has taken the sprite design’s kimono up a notch with Moon Chapters. I mean these shinobis wear way fancier stuff than the lords that they serve! 

Hahahah, not that I’m complaining because EYECANDY. But that really makes the Hana lords look plain next to the tsuki shinobi when they stand side by side like this.

Also, Kojuro was not too happy meeting tsuki MC. Spoilers after the break:

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If Rukia went evil...

As requested by alienbeing. :)

I once imagined how people would react if Rukia were revealed to be the big bad of Bleach. And let’s face it, if Rukia decided to be evil, she would have the opportunity to be the greatest villain of all time. So for this list, let’s just imagine all of the terrible things Rukia could (easily) do if she wanted to screw with everyone!

1. Stab Ichigo…fatally.

Because Ichigo is used to being stabbed by Rukia. Normally it results in him getting power. So if she walked up to him and offered to stab him…

Rukia: Hey, Ichigo. Mind if I stab you?

Ichigo: Go ahead! I love getting new powers!


Rukia: [stabs Ichigo through the chest]

Rukia: Why do people think it’s hard to kill that guy?

2. Destroy Ichigo psychologically.

Rukia also gets how Ichigo’s mind works. That’s well she’s able to drag him out of his emo states. So imagine if she used that psychological knowledge to destroy him, instead!

Kensei: The Quincy are KILLING us here! Where the hell is Ichigo?

Shinji: I just called him. He said, and I quote, “I am a worthless individual and am good for nothing except sitting on my ass and thinking about that.”

Kensei: Moron. Sounds like we should send in Rukia to kick him in the head.

Shinji: We just did send Rukia.


Kensei: Uh oh.

3. Destroy Renji psychologically.

Rukia also has great emotional power over Renji. You know, because he’s sort of in love with her.

Rukia: Renji, I just can’t hold this in anymore…

Renji: What is it, Rukia?

Rukia: You’re tattoos are dumb.



4. Destroy Orihime psychologically.

Rukia was the only one who believed in Orihime when Orihime decided she wanted to train for battle back before she was kidnapped. So, once again, Rukia has some emotional power there.

Rukia: Inoue, I just realized something! You know how I helped you train for battle so that you wouldn’t have to rely on Ichigo anymore?

Orihime: Of course I do!

Rukia: Turns out that was dumb. You’ll never be able to fight, and Ichigo told me he hates you.


Orihime: Um, did you turn evil?

5. Tell Renji things that Byakuya (didn’t) say.

Rukia could also take advantage of her position as a Kuchiki to drive a wedge between Renji and Byakuya. You know, just for kicks.

Renji: C-Captain, I have to know…

Renji: Are secretly bitter that your lieutenant is a dirty peasant?

Byakuya: Renji I chose you to be my lieutenant.

Renji: Do you really joke that I am just like a pineapple because seem tough on the outside but really I’m squishy and yellow and a little bit sour?

Byakuya: I do love fruit metaphors, but I’ve never used that one. I prefer bananas.

Renji: Do you think I’m a fuck-up because i let my bankai break all the time?


Byakuya; Well…


6. Tell Byakuya things Renji (didn’t) say

And of course the other way could work too - Rukia could poison her brother against his lieutenant.

Rukia: I want you to know, Nii-sama, that I have never found you unimaginative, an emotionless blank slate, or dumb!

Byakuya: What is the context for this, Rukia?

Rukia: Y-you mean Renji decided not to talk to you about his - issues?

Byakuya: Renji his issues with me?

Rukia: I’ve said too much already!

Byakuya: But we had half of a conversation once…

7. Dress up as Hisana and visit Byakuya as a “ghost”.

Taking advantage of how weirdly similar she looks to her sister.

Rukia: Husbaaaaaand…

Rukia: I an very angry with you, husband…

Byakuya: Hisana? Why? Why are you angry with me?


Rukia: Seriously? Because you tried to execute my little sister you moron!


Byakuya: Hisana sounds just like Rukia when she’s angry.

8. Wreak havoc with her new Royal Realm power.

Renji was able to stop attacks with his shikai that took down two captains in like a panel. So imagine all the power that Rukia has right now…and how she may in fact be more powerful than the current captains. Now imagine that she decides to use that power for evil.

Hitsugaya: L-Lieutenant Kuchiki? Have you come to help us with Bazz-B?


Rukia: [kills Bazz-B]

Hitsugaya: Well now I feel a little bad.

Rukia: [attacks Hitsugaya]



9. Take back the hogyoku.

The hogyoku was inside Rukia too - something that (evil) Rukia only allowed to happen because it presumably allows her a measure of control over the hogyoku. So since Aizen is all weak and tied up right now, it’s a perfect time for Rukia to invite the hogyoku to come home.

Aizen: Oh look, another desperate visitor.

Aizen: Listen, Kuchiki, I will tell you the same thing I told that Quincy…

Rukia: Hogyoku, come!


10. Take advantage of the Gotei-13’s reluctance to arrest her again.

So long as Rukia started kind of slow with her reign of terror, she could also take advantage of the Gotei-13’s reluctance to arrest her again. I mean, almost all of them helped nearly get an (innocent) woman executed. So if the order came down, “Arrest Kuchiki Rukia,” they’d probably need more than a little evidence to go there again!

Soi Fon: No I’m still pretty cool with it.

Rukia: Looks like I kill you first.

Soi Fon: What?

Rukia: What?