Victorian style wooden house in San Francisco by Tina Kjensli


ok so!! Don’t Starve requests, yay!!!

Anon asked for someone going insane (didn’t know how to make your other request, sorry!), so I decided to go full corrupted!Wes bc why not
@earthboundwolf came up with the best AU so here you have your puppetmaster!Chester. (does this mean we get chester!maxwell? imagine shoving stuff down this poor guy’s mouth. deviantart would love this.)
@rinneil asked for miss Wickerbottom and Woodie doing stuff soooo I guess she needs woods to build something? Idk. I need to draw these two more.
@mouthface wanted a Walani so here you go
both another anon and @bitter-philosophies wanted a Webber so you get a webby hugging a spidey now