hurry up with the new release

Is Gabriel Agreste gonna become The Collector?

Ok, so, I was looking at the images released of the new villain, The Collector, and as I was looking at him… I thought he looked an AWFUL lot like Gabriel Agreste:

Mainly from the way the hair looks and it seems, to me, like, with the eyes, kinda looked like glasses…

Could this be Gabriel Agreste’s AKUMATIZED form??? If so… then, that means, GABRIEL CAN’T BE HAWK MOTH!!!

That’s just my theory, but WE WON’T KNOW UNTIL FREAKING MAY!!!!


Rrgh… They need to hurry up and release new FE Echoes: SoV info so I can tell whether or not I wanna set aside cash for it.

I can see they added in a new female character, which is a good step towards encouraging me to play it again (and much needed to move it from 1990s ‘all the girls are mages and pegs feat. Matilda and Celica kinda’), but that still doesn’t answer a lot of the basic mechanics questions I have…

Gimme some more cast and details on what from the newer games you’re integrating in exactly (or a confirmation that all they’re incorporating are the shiny 3DS graphics), so I can decide if I’m hyped, IS!

I was a casual Star Wars fan before: I had seen all six movies when I was younger, and I’ve loved Leia and Han for a very long time. I had read a few EU novels where I absolutely LOVED Mara Jade, but that was years ago; I also knew about The Clone Wars TV series, but that was pretty much it. On Tumblr, I pretty much stuck to the musical theatre fandom.

When I learned there was a new Star Wars movie coming up, I was intrigued, but I wasn’t extremely eager about it either. I was curious to see what the powers to be would come up with, but I wasn’t actively seeking spoilers either, nor was I in a hurry to go and see it.

In fact, I waited an entire month after the release to go and see it.

I knew the basics thanks to The Force Awakens’ poster and trailers. Or at least, the basics Lucasfilm accepted to give us before seeing the film. I knew about the Resistance, Han and Leia’s rocky relationship, the First Order, and that Rey was the protagonist. I thought however she was Han and Leia’s daughter: she looked like Padmé, and I honestly couldn’t see why the legacy child wouldn’t be the new main character. I expected Rey and Finn to be the couple of the sequel trilogy. I expected Kylo Ren to be a cool but one-dimensional villain à la Darth Maul, with a Vader look and a memetic lightsaber to make people comfortable and give a familiar feel to the new trilogy.

My younger sister went to see it early as a school Christmas activity, and she spoiled a lot of things to me, like Han’s death (I still haven’t forgiven her, and I literally yelled at her on the phone). She also told me Kylo Ren was actually Han and Leia’s son who had turned to the Dark side. Her theory, though, was that Rey was his little sister, and that her disappearance was the catalyst to the Solo-Skywalker family going wayward.

When she told me that, I just said to myself: “Oh, so Rey and Kylo are basically Disney’s Jaina and Jacen Solo. Yeah, makes sense.”

I went around on the Internet prior to seeing TFA, considering I had nothing to lose anyway since I believed my sister had spoiled everything anyway. I saw some people saying Rey was a Solo, but other people saying she was a Skywalker. And – the cherry on top of the cake – some people shipped her with Kylo.

Needless to say, I was VERY perplexed.

Anyway, in order to get the response to my questions, and in order for people to stop laughing at me since I hadn’t seen TFA yet, I went to see the movie one month after it had come out. I had done a SW movie marathon prior so I could really be immersed in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

First half of the movie was fun, and echoed the original trilogy a lot: it was entertaining, the new characters were very likeable, Han and Leia’s interactions satisfied my little shipper heart plenty, the action scenes and the humor were awesome – basically a very well-done family blockbuster for Christmas.

But all the superficial put apart, some things did start getting strange.

I went into the cinema expecting Rey to be a Solo – I wasn’t surprised either to see her all alone on a desert planet as a scavenger, and I expected her to have an Anastasia kind of story.

When she met Han, however, things started getting strange. And it led to me thinking there was no way Rey could be Han and Leia’s daughter. With the Forceback, I started to cling to the Rey Skywalker theory.

But then, Rey met Kylo, and the bridal carry happened.

I was gaping at the screen like a huge idiot.

What followed didn’t help. When Kylo unmasked, I didn’t expect to see what I saw AT ALL, and the glassy eyes just hit home. And with his total lack of sense of personal space, I started getting really skeptic at the idea of Rey and Kylo being cousins.

Didn’t help that I’m a huge Phantom of the Opera fan, and that I couldn’t help but identify Rey and Kylo with my very rare OTP from that fandom, Erik/Meg. (No seriously, Reylo is literally Erik/Meg in space, I kid you not)

So I cried when Han died, of course, even if I knew it was going to happen… but I was unable to hate Kylo afterwards. Perhaps I had a month to get used to the fact that Han Solo was going to get killed by his own son. But with Star Wars being all about redemption, and him being so obviously miserable despite all the terrible things he had done – I just couldn’t hate him. I didn’t excuse him, obviously, and I still acknowledge to this day he acted like a douchebag. Still… he’s the ultimate trash son.

But you know, when I came out of the cinema, and my friend asked me what I thought of TFA, I just said: “REY AND KYLO REN ARE GONNA BANG”

Hence me jumping into the trash bin where I belonged.

At that point, bridal carry put apart, I was certain I was seeing things. I decided to go and try to find meta written by people who shipped Reylo, just to see what they had to say. I read a few, and then of course I fell across Death and the Maiden.

Since then, I’m in Reylo hell.

Even after reading that meta, it still took me some time before actually publicly saying on my blog I shipped Reylo: I knew the backslash for the pairing was ugly, and I was afraid of receiving anon hate as well. I did, and sometimes, some of those messages seriously hurt, even if I have no idea who sent it to me and I probably don’t even know them either. But long story short, I don’t regret it at all.

Did I go into an existential crisis when I realized I shipped Reylo? Yes. I was ashamed of myself. But you know what they say: you don’t choose your ships. Your ships choose you. And that’s literally what happened.

But I’ve been enjoying myself a lot: I really got into the SW fandom, I started exploring the EU, I read some canon novels, I watched extra material, I got into a writing project, the Reylo Fanfiction Anthology, and met a lot of people I consider friends now… all that because of one ship.

Seriously, I apologize to all the people who used to follow me for musical theatre goodness and getting spammed with Star Wars.

I could say more, but this is getting long already. I could talk about how I hope that Reylo has the potential to be the most epic SW romance of them all – yes, even more epic than Hanleia. I could talk about how I hope we’ll get a story about two souls who are not quite Light, nor quite Dark, and coming to understand each other. I could talk about how I hope we’ll get an amazing story about forgiveness, redemption and selfless love. Who knows – maybe we won’t get any of what I’ve described above. I’m fully prepared to see Reylo not happening at all, despite all my hopes and dreams. But regardless, whatever direction VIII and IX will take, I’ll enjoy the crazy ride. 

What I’m waiting for right now:

Childish Gambino’s untitled 2015 release

Chance the Rapper’s Surf (released)

Kanye West’s SWISH

Frank Ocean’s Boy’s Don’t Cry

A$AP Rocky’s At Long Last A$AP (released)

Where are all the new spoilers, where is the synopsis for the first couple episodes, where is the season 7 trailer, and even the season 7 promo pictures?????

Season 7 airs in 5 weeks and I can’t believe we haven’t even seen a trailer for it yet, they are already shooting episode 6 now, something should be release besides 7x01 stills. 

I wanna see Bamon together in Europe, I wanna see Bonnie using magic and Damon with his new haircut. CW needs to hurry this shit up.