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“His Wedding” Part 7

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (dont get used to this)

Word Count: 2085

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open! also

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As we looked in the direction of the door, where Bucky stood awkwardly, mouth partly open and eyes giving us a questioned look, I only have one question in my mind – What’s going on in Bucky’s head?

Hell, even in this situation, I’m concerned about Bucky! Why can’t I let him go?

I purse my lips and remove my hands from Steve’s hair. Sitting back on my knees, I scratch the back of my neck trying to think of a way out of this condition. I don’t know why, but I really want to disappear, dig a whole and bury myself in it.

All the three of us wait, probably for the other to break the uncomfortable silence. Bucky lets out a chuckle-y breath, pointing a finger at us,

“I’ll just–” he takes a step back, “I’ll come back later.”

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Out Of My Mind

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Derek


Word Count 4,700

**Hey guys! I hope you like this! Also it’s crazy long but that’s just because this is supposed to be the only part.. although I might be convinced to do a part 2**

Originally posted by lovablecouples

           I jiggle my knee absentmindedly under my desk as I glare at the man standing in front of me.

           “No, Mr. Harris,” I say in a snarky drawl, “Contrary to what you seem to believe Beacon Hills is not the most interesting place I’ve ever lived. I spent 2 years living in China, 8 months in the heart of the dense jungle surrounding the Amazon River, and 3 weeks trekking across the Sahara Desert. So I’m curious as to why you seem to be under the impression that your quaint little suburbia has any form of fascination for me.”

           Mr. Harris flushes with embarrassment and mumbles something about how today’s youth doesn’t appreciate the simplicity of a quiet town before he quickly walks away from me. I hear a snicker from somewhere behind me to the left, and I turn slightly to see who it’s coming from. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a pale boy, his cheek and neck dotted with a few moles, his dark brown hair completely disheveled and his hazel eyes are flickering with amusement.

           I bet if she knew all the freaky shit that happened around here she’d be a little more impressed by it.

           I quirk an eyebrow at the response, my interest peaked, and I continue to listen and find myself growing increasingly more amused by what he comes up with as class continues.

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Thanatos Night Vol. 4 Seth (Full Translation)

Back with another Thanatos Night translation! Seth is really sweet and perfect for people who want something cute….with Rejet’s usual touch of despair _(┐「ε:)_ 

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, audio translations aren’t my strong point (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do no use/repost without permission)

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Can You Teach Me [Part 3]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Isaac x Liam


Word Count: 2,316

** Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying it so far! You can find the rest here Part One Part Two**

Originally posted by youtubersandothers

      When I wake up in the morning, the sun is creeping across the floor of Stiles’ room. I turn my head, slightly confused as to how I got here when I notice Stiles’ arm flung over my waist and his face buried into the crook of my neck. I stop moving, not wanting to wake him up just quite yet. He looks so peaceful sleeping like this and part of me feels very content to just lay here with him like this in a sense of absolute peace. But another part of me, a quiet whisper in the back of my mind, worries that the allure is already starting to effect him.

     Growing up, my mother always told me that the life of a mermaid is a lonely one. While the aspect of capturing the affections of men is incredibly easy, much of it is due to the allure. Mermaids need a constant level of physical affection to maintain control, and so we were gifted with natural good looks, the basics like blemish free skin, long eyelashes, eyes with vibrant colors, desirable figures regardless of how little we try to maintain them. Along with our looks, we’re gifted with an allure. The allure increased the levels of lust and sexual drive of the men we use it on. More experienced mermaids are able to use their allure on a whim, simply needing to make eye contact. Those inexperienced, like myself, generally need a starting form of physical contact like a kiss. But the allure itself is simply manifested in physical attraction and lust with the side effect of infatuation with absolutely no true emotion behind it. Very few can manage to see past the allure to actually see the mermaid for who she truly is.

     Stiles shifts next to me, pulling me tightly against him, and placing a soft kiss against my cheek. “What time is it?” He mumbles into my hair, his voice deep and rough with sleep, and the sound of it sends a shiver down my spine as I glance up at the clock on his bed side table.

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Winter Interrupted (Part 10-Final) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Part 9

You held out your hand, finally accepting Steve’s help so that you could stand, feeling a wobble in your gait despite your determination to keep it from him. Steve looked at you skeptically, but you ignored him, your eyes fixed on Bucky with each uncertain step closer. With his free hand, Steve pushed his own chair closer to the gurney so that you could sit again, but as usual, you declined him, much to his annoyance.

“(Y/N), sit.  You look like you’re going to fall over.”

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anonymous asked:

Oh wow. That Mako x Reader has me bothered. Could you write one with a really rough Mako? Also not sure if this is something you play around with, but maybe something with vampire!mako?

((Just a warning, there is choking, blood, and fear play))

You may have messed up…badly. Light and dark spots began to fill your vision as Mako’s hand began to tighten around your throat,  your brows furrowed and eyes wide as he choked you. Tears burned in your eyes before rolling down your cheeks, your chest heaving as you tried to pull air into lungs, your fight-or-flight response kicking in too late. Mako smirked as your hands rose, clawing pitifully, desperately at his large appendage, doe like gaze begging him for forgiveness.


You completely crumpled to the floor as soon as Mako released his hold on your throat, hands scrambling up to rub at your throat as you heaved air into you oxygen starved lungs. A scream tore from your aching throat, chest still rising and falling as Mako’s hand twisted into your hair, the behemoth of a man effortlessly picking you from the ground and holding you on your tiptoes. Your eyes darted to Mako’s bright gray ones, more tears spilling down your cheeks when you saw the disappointment, the agitation in his gaze.

“I-I-I am so sorry Master”, you gasped out, trying to keep the whine that Mako despised out of your voice. “I a-apologize! P-please!”

“Hm”, Mako grunted, briefly setting you back on your feet but not loosing his hand from your scalp. “What did you do, huh?”

A very soft whine slipped from your throat, a cry following as his hand twisted to hurry you up.

“I ate something sp-sp-spicy”, you whimpered, stumbling backwards as he released you, glowering down at you. You shrank under his gaze, sudden arousal fighting with the need to prostrate yourself before him. You adored it when he was rough with you, craved it. But this is a mistake you would never make purposefully. “I’m sorry Master! It w-was careless of me, I tried something n-new when I was out and I didn’t kn-know…”

The large daywalker absolutely despised what spicy food did to your blood; twisting bitter, acrid notes into the sweet, fruity vanilla notes that normally accented your life force. He was a lover of all things sweet; still partaking in fruits and chocolates and pastries despite them providing no real nutritional value. And you were no exception to that preference. The two of you had stumbled upon each other almost two decades ago, a particularly potent allergy season causing frequent nosebleeds whenever you ventured outside. You had made it a habit to keep several packs of tissue on you at all times but on that particular day you had been running late and forgotten to stock up your supply.

You had ran face first into Mako, stumbling backwards, your cupped hands just barely stemming the flow of blood from reaching the crisp Pachimari shirt he wore. His eyes practically glittered when your gazes locked, unable to look away from the man even as your nose leaked. Now you knew that was his glamour, a hypnotic gaze that captivated you, but then you thought it was love at first sight. He was so tall, hair a startling shade of snow white and yet he didn’t look a day over 40 to you. His tan skin was marred by a few scars but it had your mind running through so many questions even as he offered you his handkerchief and an escort to the bathrooms. From that moment on you had been enthralled by the man; Mako surprisingly open about what he was and what he wanted from you, mincing no words. And despite having just met him, you took the plunge. Since then you had been his; his lover, his submissive and plaything and his favorite meal. Biannually he required that you drink from him; a cut on the wrist imbuing you youth and vigorous energy, adding years to your lifespan without turning you. He loved you and didn’t require much of you but when you did make mistakes…you knew there would be a price to pay.

The frown on his face twisted into a slow, knowing sneer as he stared down at you, the knowing look in his silver eyes and the glint of one of his fangs sending a shiver of fearful ecstasy down your spine. Run. You didn’t know if it was the look in his gaze or your actual flight-or-fight response, but you didn’t care. The word sounded in your head like an alarm as he began to stalk towards you, the man towering over you even more with you being on the floor. You clumsily began to slide backwards, your dress sliding further beneath your ass and helping you scoot before you twisted and pushed yourself up. You tripped over your own feet, once then twice as you darted away from him, hip checking the dining room table as you escaped from the dining room into the kitchen. You rounded the island, trying to rush towards the door that would lead to the hall where maybe you cou–

“Get over here!”

You squeaked as you felt his forearm wrap around your waist and yank you backwards against the warm bulk of his stomach. You flailed and screamed, babbling apologies as you attempted to free yourself from his tight hold, tears rolling down your cheeks as you pointlessly pushed at him. He chuckled darkly as he stood to full height, smirking as he carried you through the house and towards the playroom. Halfway there you gave up the struggle, hiccuping and sniffling pitifully as you continued to apologize over and over. He said nothing to you, a man of few words, continuing to laugh lowly even as he threw you onto the bed. You laid there stunned for a brief moment before attempting to sit up.

“Stay”, he ordered, the slight growl in his gravelly voice pinning you to your seat.

“Y-yes Master”, you answered, shuddering as you laid back fully, fingers rubbing at your tear-stained cheeks. “I really am sorry…”

You watched Mako pause for a brief moment, the vampire turning to look at you with a softer look in his gaze.

“Apology accepted”, he answered, his voice genuine before he turned back towards the large chest he was rummaging through. Relief flooded through you, warmth emanating from chest at his simple words of forgiveness. “You still deserve your punishment.”

Uneasiness crackled through you as he turned, the thin belt he held in his hands making a shiver dance down your spine. This wasn’t one the man wore, rather, one bought for the express purpose of punishing you. It was a thin belt, hand dyed black and made by a small shop in a country the two of you had visited years ago. The belt buckle was simple and silver, no real embellishments added nor needed for what the device would be used for. It was said that the mind did not hold onto the idea of pain but you could vividly remember how it felt when the thin belt would snap across your skins; the reddened welts that would dance across your skins before the belt would crack again across another area.

You felt your heart jump into your throat, as he descended upon you, the fear that rippled through you spiking when his large hand effortlessly wrapped around your ankle and pulled you to the edge of the bed. His eyes were locked on you, belt dropping on the bed as you were captivated by his gaze. Flinching, you whined as his hands grabbed the edge of your dress, a surprised squeak of protest tumbling from your lips as his hands tore through the fabric of your dress. He snickered, his eyes pulling away yet still trapping you with their intensity, his gaze slowly dancing down your body. You could feel him eye the pouty expression on your lips, his tongue darting out as he looked at the junction of skin between your shoulders and neck. Your bare chest was falling and rising, blood rushing through, this apex predator of a man surging forward and delicately taking your throat in his hands once more. He didn’t squeeze though, his large fingers turning your face from left to right, soaking in your expression while his other hand dragged down your body. As tense and as frightened as you were you couldn’t help but shiver under his touch, a surprised moan wrenched from your lips as his hand cupped your clothed cunt.

“You’re soaked”, he said simply as his large middle finger dragged up and down the soaked crotch of your panties, teasing the covered folds before pressing hard where your clit was.

Your thighs twitched, trapping his hand briefly before a slight squeeze of your throat made you release him. Your hips wiggled, whimpering and moaning softly as he continued to toy with you, knowing you had completely soaked through the thin cotton of your panties. He chuckled, the laugh deep and throaty before he pulled back, making a show of lifting his hand to his face and licking your juices from his fingers. A searing blush climbed down from your cheeks and into your neck, your eyes tempted to squeeze shut in bashfulness yet knowing better. Mako craved the blown out look of your pupils, the tears making your eyes glimmer and shine in a way that made something primal within him purr. Your heart began to pound hard as a slow, feral grin tugged at Mako’s lips, his hands pulling away from your body briefly before both of his hands grasped at your hips. You braced yourself as he effortlessly flipped you over, one hand pinning the small of your back down while his other massaged at your ass.

“Ma-master”, you moaned as you pressed your face into the comforter, biting at the fabric to nip at your moans. Your body responded to his touch hungrily, your skin overly sensitive and tingling, your ass arching into his hand and cunt dripping. He massaged at your full flesh hard, bringing the blood to the surface and to prepare your ass for the beating it was about to endure.

He responded with a low rumbling sound of amusement before his hand lifted away and fell back against your rear dully. You gulped slowly as his intensity slowly began to pick up, the slaps starting off gentle and spaced apart before speeding up and increasing in strength and speed. The pressure of his hand against the small of your back held you in place, your leg kicking and squirming met with quick, sharp slaps to your upper thighs as a warning. Tears burned at your eyes, you nethers throbbing and dripping traitorously as the torture drove you to pained rapture. You whined low in your throat as he gave you the shortest reprieve, your head twisting away from the tear-stained comforter and breathing deeply and sniffling pitifully. You whined as his hand smoothed over your hot, reddened ass, a low, breathy chuckle leaving his lips.

“We’re just getting started”, he breathed out, the jingling of the belt buckle keying you into what was coming next. You bit down on your bottom lip hard as the cool leather of the belt was teasingly dragged across your ass, tensing up as he pulled back.

Mako waited until you relaxed to bring the first swing down onto your waiting ass; a searing pain spreading through your ass, a scream of surprise torn from your lips. He set a brutal pace, the belt falling on your skin in crisscrossing patterns, barely a moment reprieve before it fell against your ass again. Your screams and cries filled the air, your body flinching and rolling as the stinging pain of it all spread through your body, your nethers absolutely dripping with masochistic desire. Still, your mind reminded you that this was your fault, that you had earned your punishment with your carelessness. He was doing this so you would do better, be better, be the good girl he expected you to be. You didn’t know how long his punishment lasted, your screams dissolving into whimpers as he slowed down, gasping out surprisedly as his large hand lightly caressed the welts that covered your ass. The bed sunk next to you as he took a seat, his hands reaching out to gently pick you up into his arms.

“C’mere”, he said softly, his arms cradling around you, his hands gently massaging your stinging rear. “You learned your lesson?”

You nodded your head quickly, sniffling loudly as he pushed the tears away from your cheeks, pressing your face hard into his shoulder. His hand soothed the sting away, leaving your rear with a dull throbbing and heat, murmuring soft words of encouragement to you before gently coaxing your chin away from his shoulder.

“Hm”, you hum, your body tired yet humming for your lover, his gray eyes darkened with lust.

“Good girl”, he said simply before dipping down and crushing a kiss to your lips, your body shivering hard at the contact.

You moaned into his mouth, one of his teeth lightly nipping at your lips, his tongue darting out to lick the blood that beaded out. Your hands clawed at his chest as he suckled at your bottom lip, the hand on your rear massaging even harder as you pulled yourself closer to him. Heat burned through you, molten desire pooling in your nethers as he tasted your life essence, your eyes flickering open and shut before he lowered you back onto the bed and stood. You watched him as he methodically began to disrobe, unbuttoning his shirt bit by bit before pushing it off and revealing his scarred and hairy chest. His pants were tight, his thick cock straining to be released from its confined, his hand massaging his cock teasingly for a moment before unzipping his pants. Your tongue darted out as you stared at his length, pre-cum dripping from the thick, reddened head of his shaft. Moving back onto the bed, Mako reached out and gently nudged your legs apart with one of his hands, his palm pressing and massaging into your soaked cunt.

“Please”, you whined, your back arching as he teased your folds, one of his fingers beginning to press against your dripping entrance.

You gasped louder as the thick digit entered you, swirling around slowly and teasing your walls carefully. He never rushed, no matter how loudly you begged, knowing he needed to stretch you so he didn’t tear or hurt you. Your hips rolled slowly, trying to press more of him in and mewling when his thumb grazed your needy clit, your breath stolen as he began to press another digit in. Slowly he scissored his fingers inside of you, stretching you out bit by bit until you had cum once, lips parted and body writhing in need. Peering up at him through half-lidded eyes, a shudder of desire ran down your spine as he hungrily cleaned his hand of your juices. There was no rush in his movements as he turned you onto your stomach once more, his hands gently positioning you so your chest was pressed to the blanket, your ass and dripping cunt presented perfectly to him. Pulling your arms under your chin, you cast a look over your shoulder as he moved closer, your lips parting as he began to press into your needy cunt.

No matter how many times the two of you had coupled, Mako was always a tight fit. You hissed as he stretched your walls, your eyes squeezing tight as he filled you, toes curling as he pulled halfway out before pressing forward once more. Slowly he rocked in and out of you, your cunt slowly stretching to accommodate him as the swell of his belly pressed against your ass and back. You cried out as he finally bottomed out inside of you, your walls clinging to him tight and fluttering at the slightest movement he made. His hips rolled and snapped as he fucked you into the mattress, his hands smoothing down your spine and sides and massaging at your skin tenderly. You were in heaven; your skin purring at his touch, ass and cunt throbbing in unison as he pounded into you, making it known that he not only forgave you but he craved you desperately.

Stars danced behind your eyes as pleasure overtook you, body succumbing to his motions, unable to resist the precipice that was your orgasm. Mako had learned your body and its ticks, how a twist of a hips to the right made your toes curl and bottoming out made your brain go fuzzy and blank. Clawing at the comforter, he pressed fully into you, your mind flooded with thoughts of how you belonged to him, how he would care for you, how he loved you. He was flooding your mind as he filled your body with his hardness, completely encompassing you both physically and mentally with everything that was him. You could barely breathe as his pace picked up, his hips crashing into yours as the two of you pushed closer to coming undone together. You plunged over the ledge first, Mako following soon after as your walls milked him for his seed. Mako’s arm wrapped tight around your waist, the man twisting to the side as he carefully pulled out of your cunt, his seed spilling down your thighs and onto the comforter, pulling your body up until your head was near his.

You were tired, your eyes heavy as he nuzzled into the side of your neck, pressing soft kisses into the crook of your shoulder and neck before biting down onto the same place he always had. Tingling warmth spread from the bite throughout your body, your eyes slipping closed completely as you allowed him to make a meal of you, knowing there was no other place you would rather be.

(So my logic behind all of this is that fear/arousal chases away the bitter notes and makes it complex and delicious. I do hope you enjoyed loves :))

tommen baratheon: come up for air

ANON REQUESTED: Can you write a tommen x reader fic where the reader was in a relationship kind of like daenarys was in season 1 where she didn’t love her husband and she was very uncomfortable and he touched her all the time and crap, but then she meets tommen and they are betrothed and they fall in love and he’s sweet because he knows how scared she is?? Sorry this is rlly specific and if the prompt sucks ily

notes: took me a while to get to this, so i’m sorry!! hope u like it!

my requests are closed! you can still send in, but it’s up to me if i could write it or no. thank u so much!!!



Run as fast as you can, until your lungs burned, until your legs hurt, until every step has you crying, until you are so far away. 


But yet you still unmoved in your position. He was here, again. Night after night, and you couldn’t change it. Night after night he would creep up beside you in the bed you shared, thinking that because he is bound to you through marriage that you didn’t want, he has the right to roam every inch of your body even when you screamed “No.”

His hands roamed up your waist, his body angled up from his propped elbow, looking down at you while you close your eyes, thinking of possible ways to end this. End this marriage right now, but no matter how many thoughts are there, they weren’t enough to keep him away. You never wanted, you never wanted to be the daughter sent off to marry a lord just to have her family benefited. But you did it anyway, for your family, for them to stop making you look like a mare, shipped off of to every lord who would ever want you.


Yet his hands were still on your body, and he pounced, his lips at the side of your neck, and you struggled. You don’t want this. “Please,” you struggled, “No.”

His hands were now on your throat, and you clawed, seeing him so angry. “Try,” he whispered against your ear, “try to stop me.”

And you did.

You didn’t know where in the world you got your strength from, but you pushed him off. Pushed him off the bed, and you scurried to the end of the room, and you watched him thunder towards you. Step by step, until you hanged an inch or two above the floor. His hands gripped against your throat, tighter by the seconds. He laughed when he released you, and his hand hurried again to your throat, and he pushed your night gown away, and it’s all happening again.


The sound of him groaning, clenching his face up when he thrusted in to you, used you, and you were there, crying softly, begging the old Gods and the New or even the Faith of the Seven. The Mother above, the Warrior, or even the Stranger. Anyone of them.

So after that, you left. Never turning back, it was just you and a blade. Making sure to leave your wrath behind you.

“Lady Grey!”

It was a voice you have never heard of, and so you turned into a corner, and into another, until a hand hovered above your shoulder and your blade was up to their neck, and it was just him.

Tommen Baratheon.

You’ve only seen him once, a year or two older, his eyes green, bewildered from the knife on his neck. Sighing, you removed the knife and placed it back on your hip.

He cleared his throat, his face flushed as he fixed his disheveled blonde hair. “Is Lord Eris Grey with you?”

Your eyes scanned the surroundings, eager to see if someone is listening and you shook your head realizing that everybody hears and listens. “No,” you said. “He didn’t want to be on the… trip.” You sighed internally, a trip? Really?

“Lord Grey has written to us,” he whispered. He looked down, avoiding your widened eyes, “He has said that our Lady Grey would be in King’s Landing if she ever… visits.”

“When has Lord Grey written?”

How can he know where you were? Nobody knew, not a single soul.

“Two days before. He awaits your immediate return-.”

Your knife was up again his throat, “Immediate return?,” you laughed. It was really funny, and you imagined your husband’s face on Tommen’s. “I will never return.”

He pushed you away gently, still a knife to his throat. “He insists you to be returned to him otherwise-.”

“Try telling that to me again,” you whispered as you placed pressure on his neck, enough to nick the soft skin. Tommen gulped, reaching out to your shoulder. His eyes softened, as you realized you were crying. From anger, to this hate, to the name that you carry, the innocence reaped for your family’s dream.

You slackened your hold, and you released the knife, letting it clatter on the ground amidst the dirty roads of King’s Landing. You pushed Tommen off, resting your back against on the other wall. Tommen’s guards stood behind, until Tommen looked at them to tell them to go away. The clattering footsteps echoed away, and it was back to the busy streets of the plaza.

“Lady Grey,” Tommen called, gently. Softly.

“That’s not my name,” you sniffed. And then you laughed, looking at Tommen.

“Lord Grey wants you home,” he continued, whispering. “He wants you safe.”

And you lost it.

All your tears were falling, the shakiness of your palms, the anger, the rage, and you screamed. “Safe?!” You screamed at Tommen, “You know I’m not safe there.”

“He insists, Lady Grey.”

You were silent, calm and you pushed your tears away. “Call me by my name, Tommen.”

He looked away, but he moved towards you. “Lady Grey,”

You scoffed, and after a while, he called you by your name.

And it feels so foreign. And it makes you want to cry, because it should feel comforting. It should be like the sun on your skin, the feeling of his hands on your waist as he touched you first. It should be like when you inched his shirt, laughing as he placed a kiss on your forehead. It should be like when those very hands to be on your hips, arms, face, those soft hands on your body. And when he said your name, he toughened himself again.

The unfamiliarity clouded your eyes, and you nodded. “I’ll go,” you whispered as you kicked the knife away. He clasped your arm, and he turned you around. Tommen’s eyes scanned you, his lips parted when he saw you crying again, his hands on fire when he touched you.

“What did he do to you?”

You turned around, meeting his eyes. So fierce, and the only thing that you could define as home. “Everything.”

“I don’t want to go home.”

She said it over and over again, she even slammed her hands on the table. The room went still and Lord and Y/N argument heightened the tension. Lord Grey was untouched, unnerved, just staring at her.

Tommen wanted so much to do to her. To protect her. To finally see how much of a monster she married. To see how after all these years, she is still the name beating in his heart. Tommen stood, his chair scratching the ground and she looked at him. There was such intensity, and he wanted so much to protect her. And if even going against tradition, against everything. He is going to do it.

“I have the power in my name to disregard the marriage,” Tommen said. “And after I’ve done that, she will never step foot in your household. Not ever.”

“She is named Lady Grey for a reason,” Lord Grey sneered.

“Would you want to be a nameless lord after you step outside this door, ser?”

Grey stood up, taller and older than Tommen, but he stood his ground. Tommen looked up at those nasty eyes, and he stared. “I am warning you, Lord Grey.”

Grey sized Tommen up, and spat at him. The guards rattled and you were on your feet, but Tommen was faster. He has Grey by the collar, and with every breathe he has, his touch grows tighter on Grey’s shirt. “Leaver her be, Lord Grey.”


You touched Tommen’s arm, and he looked at you. With such fervour, he stared at you, like it was jus the two of you. You clutched Tommen’s arm, enough for him to drop Grey on his face as he couched up. Your hand slowly made its way on to the side of his neck, and to his cheek. “Tommen,” you whispered again, and he leaned in to your touch. It was just like the old days, where everything was painted nice and kind, away from the proems and it was just the two of you. The history between you two remained unknown to the others and you felt him ignite something in to you.

The guards left with your husband between them and was occupied by you and Tommen. He cupped for face, and slowly he brought you to him, and his lips were now slowly caressing yours.

“Come up for air,” he whispered against your lips. “You’re drowning and I want to help you.”

“You should’ve done that before,” you whispered. He should’ve stopped your marriage, he should’ve taken your hand, he should’ve been the one who took you upstairs in the bed you could’ve been sharing. But none of them happened.

Tommen opened his eyes, and hurt and regret were painted on them. He kissed your forehead, “I love you,” he said. “I love you, I still love you.”

Now, you were crying, because after all these years, those were the words you’re dying to hear. From him, from those lips, from Tommen. Every night those words were the one you kept dreaming about, and it was just Tommen.

“I should’ve stayed with you,” he said. Tommen was shaking his head now, walking away with his hands going up and down his face.

He continued to mumble on, continued to walk, and he only stopped when you touched him again. He smiled, an answer to your smile. “Tommen,” you said, searching for his eyes that you could drown forever and he would be the one to catch you, “I love you.”

You don’t know what happened, how you were now against the wall with your legs wrapped around Tommen’s torso. How his lips kissed yours, slowly chafing up yours, and how his mouth nibbled on your lower lip, just like he used to. The kiss was intense, and then it was shy. He’s taking his time to meet your lips, and he pulled back, slowly putting you down. He stared down at you, and he leaned in again, this time so much slower, and he cupped your face, and everything stopped.

It was just you and him.

Shenko - “For Lovers”

Prompt fic from my forever Shenko-whisperer @tlcinbflo, who requested the first flirtations between my Francesca (Franky) Shepard and Kaidan Alenko.  If T asks, T receives.  Hope you love it, hon. <3

For Lovers

“Franky Shepard had the kind of smile that seemed always on the verge of laughter, but the kind you couldn’t share in public.  She had a smile for lovers.”  -  Shepard and Kaidan – sore muscles, tender hearts.

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* * *

“It’ll be fun, Shepard. Knocking a few heads and putting baddies away. Blowing off some steam. Flexing those righteous Spectre muscles. It’ll be fun,” Shepard growled mockingly, a dark chuckle falling from her lips. “That krogan will be the death of me,” she vowed, shaking her head. She stopped, pushing against the ceiling panel above her. It didn’t give. Frowning, Shepard looked down to Kaidan beneath her as she rested along his shoulders. “A little to the left, Alenko.”

Kaidan gripped her thighs against his cheeks and stepped left, his back already aching from the full weight of his commander sitting on his shoulders. “Remind me never to trust Wrex when he uses the words ‘fun’ and 'fortified’ in the same sentence ever again,” he grunted, managing a short chuckle after the words.

It wasn’t the first pirate stronghold they’d stormed. And certainly not the first time Wrex had charged off on his own, shotgun blazing, gruff yet maniacal laughter echoing through the halls. But it was the first stronghold Shepard had ever been trapped in. She and Kaidan had made it through the second lower level of the bunker when the failsafes were tripped and the place went on lockdown. Wrex was trapped in the basement level, though the word 'trapped’ was probably an overstatement when he had already blown a hole through the pirate leader’s stomach and any other unlucky souls confined to the room were just as quickly and brutally dispatched.

With little cover and an over-abundance of enemies trapped on their own level, Shepard had barely managed to put down the last pirate in the room before Kaidan’s barrier fell, his amp threatening to short out with the heated throbbing at the base of his skull. So now, with an impatient, seven hundred pound krogan one floor below, the main console keeping the lockdown activated one floor above, and a flagging biotic without even enough juice to Lift the ceiling panels, it was up to some good old fashioned soldiering on Shepard’s part to get them out.

And this was how she ended up sitting atop Kaidan Alenko’s shoulders in the stark red light of a pirate bunker.

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Genya’s POV route release

Shigezane: Kojuro, we’ve got trouble! Have you seen Genya?
Kojuro: Hmm? If you’re looking for Genya, he’s in the courtyard…
Shigezane: The courtyard! Thanks!

Masamune: Why is Shigezane getting that worked up?
Kojuro: It seems that he was looking for Genya, so it’s probably about that thing.
Masamune: Oh, I see… That’s happening today, right?

Genya: What, why are you in such a hurry?
Shigezane: Isn’t your POV route coming out today! Why did you keep quiet about it!
Genya: Oh? I think I told Kojuro and Masamune about it.

Shigezane: Genya’s hidden feelings in his route… That’s interesting. And there’s a special CG too! The new route will be released this evening. Don’t miss it!

Genya: The game is still under maintenance now, though. Do you want to know about me that badly? Then you’ll have to read it.

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blizzard needs to hurry up and release doomfist so reaper can have a new boyfriend

Shut up and Dance

Prompt:  “Give me a chance.”

Pairing: Sabriel

Warning: Little starting angst

Word Count: 1058

A/N: Honestly I haven’t written any Sabriel fics before and I tried not to make it too long so it’s probably going to lack, but if you have any idea how to help me with the length restraints I’m trying to have for the one offs and imagines then let me know.

Summary: Sam and Gabriel had a rough start, with the mystery spot incident, and then again with the pagan gods and Lucifer. He got back though and Sam realized a feeling he hasn’t had since Jessica.

Five years ago

There hasn’t really been many hunts the last couple weeks, so Sam was able to stay at the bunker with Dean and Cas - Team Free Will. The angel was perfectly content to have his humans out of danger, but the boys were getting restless. The amount of world ending situations grew less and less everyday, they didn’t want the world to end, but fixing it kept them busy. “Come on Sam, you have to have something!” Dean groaned and rubbed his face with both hands.

“There’s nothing, Dean. With the British Men of Letters here they’re taking cases before they become cases!”

“Well they need to get off my country sized lawn.” The older Winchester huffed and took a long drink of his beer.

“Wait I think I found something, Dean. Get this: A couple went missing about a week ago, bodies found in an old barn.”

“Is that really our thing?”

“With their throats cut and hearts missing.” Dean pulled his feet from the table to lean forward.


“Yeah if werewolves are draining their victims, too.” With a shared look Sam threw his laptop in his bag after bookmarking the article while Dean finished off his beer and tossed it in the trash on the way out.

The case was in Devils Lake, North Dakota; a pretty far drive to start in the middle of the day. The entire time Sam looked through and nit-picked at the article to find anything else that could help them - ultimately finding nothing. However jut as Sam was going to give up a new article was released. Another couple found dead, same wounds as the last, only difference was the killer left initials in blood: S.W.

“What the hell do you mean, Sam? You think the werewolf is trying to frame you now?”

“I don’t know, Dean! All I’m saying is it’s weird and we need to hurry.” Dean sighed and pushed on the gas, Sam was right after all, who knows when the next couple would be found.

*  *  *  *  *  *

It took a day and a half with the boys nonstop driving until they hit Devils Lake. The moment the Impala’s tires spun on Devils Lake soil Dean’s cassette stopped playing TNT and the radio cut on.

I never meant to be so bad to you!

All colour drained from Sam’s face, and his breathing picked up. “Damn thing. TNT is good damnit, but I mean, Asia.” Dean smacked the radio then quickly whispered an apology into the leather of the car.

It was the heat~ of the moment!

Dean! Don’t touch anything. It’s not Tuesday, is it?”

“No Sam, it’s not. It’s Thursday. What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

Heat of the moment! Heat of the moment!

Just get us to a motel, Dean. Now!” Dean lifted his hands from the wheel for just a moment to act defensively. He was dead, Gabriel was super dead so what was this?

They pulled into the first motel they came across, Sam shot out of the car as quickly as he could to rush into the main building. The second he walked in the energy shifted, Dean wasn’t behind him anymore, and there stood a familiar face behind the counter. “Gabriel.”

“Sam. Looks like I’m not dead. Like my welcoming present?”

“Not funny, Gabriel. Where’s my brother?”

“Not dead if that’s what you’re wondering. I’m the trickster, not my brother Luci, Sam.” Gabriel stepped out from behind the counter, he looked hurt Sam would think he only comes around to cause harm. Sam’s shoulders dropped, suddenly feeling ashamed by his own accusation. “I’m sorry.”

“Did you at least listen to the song, Sammy?” The trickster put his hands in his pockets, eager almost, now standing a few feet from Sam. The look on Sam’s face said he had no idea where the Archangel was going. “ ‘I never meant to be so bad to you.’ It’s true, Sammy. I didn’t but I had to teach you a lesson with your brother.”

A small pause.

“Case isn’t real, is it?”

“Oh no that’s very real, first one in a while without those British fancy hunters.”

“Then what do you want?” Even after the mystery spot incident Gabriel was still too much like Sam for him to completely hate him.

“Simple, give me a chance, Sam Winchester. Another angel on your Team Free Will should be useful, should it not? Please Sammy, I’m practically begging.”

A sigh and groan mixture came from Sam’s lips. “you do anything shady-”

“And your brother and you will fight to decide who kills me for good. Got it, Sammy.”

“It’s Sam!”


It’s been five years since Gabriel had shown up again. A lot’s happened in five years; the boys lost Cas, Mary, many good hunters. Lucifer’s child Jack went with uncle Gabriel when the Archangel had to reluctantly leave with the nephilim, ‘to keep him safe’ he said. In five years they managed to have Cas back, but nothing has been the same, especially for Sam.

Gabriel tried so hard while he was around it made Sam realize he had a feelings for the angel. At first it made sleeping near impossible and Dean hounded him with jokes, but even those stopped after awhile when Dean noticed it didn’t help. Now in between hunts Sam spends his time reading and re-reading in his room - until today.

The radio in the corner of his room cut on as a song came through the speakers. 

Don’t you dare look back,

Gabriel leaned against Sam’s door, arms folded across his chest. “Hey, Sammy.” He spoke in a small and ashamed voice with a half smile. Sam shot out of bed as he heard the angel’s voice, dropping the book he was reading only to replace it by his arms around the golden-haired angel lifting him off the ground.

Just keep your eyes on me

Nice to at least know I was missed more this time than last time.” Gabriel chuckled as Sam let him down only to move his hands to Gabriel’s cheeks.

“You’re an asshole, Gabe.”

“I believe what I am is a trickster, but I know. I’m sorry again. I said to give me a chance and I blew it.”

“Well, how about another chance, a freebie.” 

She said shut up and dance with me!


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It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! 

I’m done with it. No more struggling, no more staring at it and waiting for words to come! This fic just didn’t want to work with me and I was so ready to be done and it is! 

And in better news, now that RoM is done, I will start working on The Weight of Living again! Anything new, I won’t be posting up till Collector has been released and we have confirmation if Gabriel is HM or not. For if he is, that will affect a lot of them and there will need to be changes. So, hurry up 26th! Let’s get that reveal over with! 

Misunderstanding (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Well, well, well, what can I say? My very first post here…How exciting! I hope y’all enjoy this… Requests are currently opened so feel free to drop an ask! <3


New York city was even busier on work days, believe it or not. The rush usually reached its peak by lunch time.

The echoes of your high heels hitting the sidewalk were drowned out by the buzzing city around you. Your pace was quickened, along with the mass of people you walked across the street when the light turned green.

You kept your purse close to your side, along with the documents you carried pressed to your chest. You stopped near a map of the Big Apple – you were still relatively new to the city, and getting lost was the last thing on your list since your boss would hold it against you forever.

Briefly scanning the map you found a nice place to grab lunch and rushed to it without a second thought.

The small bell chimed as you opened the door and stepped it. The warm air tickled your cheeks, your mouth watering from the smell of cupcakes and fresh bread.

Looking around, you stood in line: the place was relatively small, but unlike so many things in the city – it wasn’t modern. Heavy wooden chairs and tables stood all around you, paintings of flowers and dancing women hung on the pleasantly coloured walls.

Your phone buzzed, making you look down and search your small purse in order to find the electronic object. Yanking it out and pressing ‘Answer’ you pushed it to your ear.

“Hello?” Was the first thing to come out of your mouth.

“Hey, (Name)!” The bubbly voice of your co-worker greeted your ears “You out to get lunch now?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m actually waiting in line now-“ Your voice ended with a  crack, your hand accidentally pushing the man in front of you.

Slowly, he tilted his head to see behind him, and you gave him an apologetic smile. Snapping your head to the back you glared at the teenage girl who pushed you.

“Sorry..” She shrugged.

“Oi, you okay?” The voice in your phone chirped.

“Yeah, yeah…” You uttered, turning back “Some girl accidentally pushed me.” You explained.

“Happens all the time” She reassured “At least it was an accident – see this Thursday I was at a restaurant with Clyde, you know Clyde from work, and some jerk straight up bumped into me and didn’t even say sorry! I was about to throw a-“

“Monica, did you want something?” You noted the queue getting smaller and smaller “My turn is about to be up-“

“Ah, yes, could you get me a salad? I’m really hungry” She began “See Tom, you know Tom my superior, gave me this big pile of paperwork to fill in so I have to sacrifice my lunch hour.” A sigh “Please, please please! In reality you can get me anything, all that matters is that it’s edible.” You cracked a smile at her laugh “Okay? Okay! Love you!”

Beep beep beep

“-And what would your girlfriend like?” The energetic female by the counter asked the man you accidentally pushed.

“My….girlfriend?” He asked, clearly confused. He seemed to look around, “I d-“

“Yes, that pretty girl standing behind you!” The cashier clarified and you nearly dropped your phone. The man turned to fully look at you, and you nearly dropped your phone again.

Rye blond hair was hiding beneath a dark blue baseball hat, sky blue eyes looking at you confused. He was much taller than you, how you didn’t notice this at first you weren’t sure, wearing only a simple dark hoodie and jeans. And well-built too holy-and that jaw! That jaw, oh my god you felt like it could cut you.

Your cheeks heated slightly as you fought the urge to stare like an idiot and finally looked away. His look soon morphed into embarrassment, his irises sweeping you up and down and he quickly turned back to the cashier.

“She’s n-“

“See we have a discount for couples – if you buy both buy number two you get number three for free and a blueberry cupcake as a gift” She smiled, ignoring the awkwardness that settled in the shop.

The man cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Miss, but—“

“Yes, we’ve been dating for over a year now, is it that obvious?” You giggled, stepping in “We’ll have two number two’s, please” Sending a warm smile the cashiers way you prayed to God that the man doesn’t think you’re out of your mind. “You could use an extra meal, sweetheart” you finished, your words directed to the mystery man by your side.

“Right, now I’ll need you to tell me a cute moment shared between you two” The cashier chimed.

“Huh?” The man flabbergasted.

“A cute moment?” You fake smiled “Oh, well we have plenty of those, don’t we honey!” You continued to rant on “Well, uhm, when we just started dating he took me out to this Italian restaurant  where we, ugh, had a, a total blast” You nearly smacked yourself . Making stuff up on the spot was not your forte “He uhm, got me this bracelet!” You stuck out your wrist, showing the thin golden chain off “As a gift! The evening was lovely.” You finished awkwardly. The woman nodded happily, going to prepare your order.

Inhaling, you looked up to find him staring at you utterly lost. You have a lame smile.

“Sorry for putting you on the spot like that.” You said “See my friend really wants to eat lunch but can’t so I just thought-“

“No need to apologize, Miss.” He shook his head, a timid smile forming on his lips. You gulped, looking away.

Wait a minute… you thought, frowning softly Doesn’t he look…Oddly familiar?

“Uhm, this might be a bit weird…” You spoke again, gaining his attention “But have I met you before?”

His face immediately dyed itself red.

“Alright!” The woman behind the counter returned with your orders, placing them near the cash register “That’ll be 10.99$” She checked in, her friendly eyes travelling from you to the man expecting.

“Oh, right.” The man quickly murmured, taking out his wallet.

“Nonsense, I’ll pay,-“ only now did you realize you had yet to catch his name “-hun” you hurriedly added, also searching for money.

“My treat, darling” He said lightly, paying for the meal whilst you tried to fight the urge to squeal. The way he said it! So simply, so smoothly!-

“Here’s your change!” The cashier chirped “Make sure to come back tomorrow! Our deal doesn’t end till January!” She called after you, as the two of you were stepping out the door.

The loud honks of cars and chatter of people greeted your ears, the chilly wind blowing your hair and making you hook a loose strand behind your ear so it wouldn’t smack you in the face.

“Right, how much money do I owe you?” You asked, standing a bit further away from the street to not block traffic.

“Like I said, “ He gave you the free meal and cupcake “-it’s my treat.” He smiled. You stared at him.

“What-no, no, I’ll pay, just tell me how much” You insisted.

“Alright, alright” He sighed in defeat “What’s your name?”

“(Name)” You told without a second thought.

“Steve” He introduced “So, (Name), how about you repay me next time?”

You blinked.

“Next time?” You narrowed your eyes.

“Uhm, well, the cashier said the deal only ends in January-“ He quickly explained himself.

“Oh!” You awed, releasing a laugh “Sorry, I looked like I was about to fight you, or something” You shook your head playfully “I’m still new to New York and I have received a number of invites to grab a bite but catcallers aren’t really my thing and I just-“ You shifted in place awkwardly “you know- my reaction was a bit uncalled for…”

“I completely understand if you don’t want to-“

“No, no” You waved hurried “I’d go. For free food. I like free food.” Your eyes swept him up and down “And you don’t seem like a creep so I don’t think pretending to be a couple would hurt.”

“Right” He cracked a smile “I’ll see you around then?” You grinned, nodding.

Turning on your heel, you pressed the food and papers closer to yourself taking in an excited breath. Your stomach felt full of butterflies, your heart releasing nervous sputters. Taking the first steps you suddenly stopped, wanting to hit yourself.

“Wait!” You called, turning back to Steve whose back was already retreating. With a rushed step you caught up to him. He gazed at you surprised “I forgot to ask for your number” You grinned, awkwardly.

“I’m an idiot” He admitted.

“Seems like the both of us are.”

After exchanging numbers and saying goodbye for the last time, you made sure to sprint to your office before you had a heart attack.


Monica was sitting by her desk overfilled with papers, suddenly jumping when you were in sight.

“There you are!” She exclaimed “What took you so long? Lunch is nearly over-“ Her voice died down, her eagle like eyes examining your complexion “Why are your cheeks red? Did you run here?”

You nodded, dumbly. Setting the food down, you threw yourself on your chair and sighed heavily, relaxing into the comfortable seat. Your feet were hurting from the heels, arms heavy from carrying so many things.

“How far were you?” She questioned, opening her box “Uuu! Cesar salad!” She clapped her hands happily.

“Just…” You took a moment to catch your breath “Around the corner…”

“Why run then?” She continued questioned, taking a bite out of her food.

“I got a bit…” You searched for a good explanation. Coming out empty of excuses, you took your meal and decided to tell the truth “-I met this guy.”


Curiously looking at your co-worker, you found her staring at you wide eyed, her food dropped on the table and pieces of salad adoring Toms beloved papers.

“Tell. Me. Everything.” She said seriously, stressing each word. You bit your lip to hide the smile that was making its way on your face.

“Well…” You thought for a moment “Okay!” shoving your food to the side, you fully turned to her “So, his name is Steve. Really, and I do mean, really handsome. Blond hair, blue eyes – a true American dreamboat “ You had no idea how true your statement was “He works out…And he is so polite, and sweet and charming, and his voice is so smooth-“

“Girls, girls!” Another co-worker that seemingly appeared out of nowhere hurriedly turned on the TV “Captain America is on the news!” She announced.

“Captain America?!” Monica tuned in in an instant.

You figured the conversation was over for now, so getting back to your food you took a huge bite, rolling your eyes up to watch the news.

You nearly choked.

It’s him! You screeched in your head, you heart hammering in your chest.

Oh my God, oh my God-

Oh my god!” You exclaimed.

///The Next Day///

You found him waiting by the same shop you two agreed to meet up.

Taking in a deep breath, you approached him. As soon as your eyes met you couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey” He said, breathless.

“Hello” You greeted “Captain.” His face turned sour, and he frowned softly. Looking to the side, he scratched the back of his neck.

“So you know, huh…”

“Now, now, don’t pout, darling” You continued, making his surprised blue eyes stare at you “We have to think what story of our dating we feed the cashier today.”

You watched the look on his face morph into amusement and he cracked a small smile.

“How about…” He fake thought for a second “About that time when we first met and scheduled a date but forgot to exchange numbers?”

“A date?” You raised a brow “I remember it being a mutual agreement.” For a second he seemed lost “But, I guess I never really minded it being a date.”

And that’s when the world lit up with his beautiful smile and your lungs suddenly felt a loss of oxygen.

“I think that story will do nicely.” He said, motioning for you to follow him inside the bakery.

Plus Sized

[Request: do you think you could please write an plus sized reader with J where reader gets very insecure and doesn’t want to go out but J convinces them too but when they’re out somewhere along the way, someone comments on readers appearance and J of course shoots them or somthing and once they’re home, he tells reader he loves them for more then their beauty and stuff?? #/u\# please and thank you but i love you’re writing and it’s ok if you don’t wanna! stay amazing!]

(Sorry this took so long!)

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Looking herself over once more in the mirror [y/n] groans before calling out to her boyfriend.

“Daddy… Do I HAVE to come with you to the club? I just don’t fit in there.”

Scowling at her reflection she waits for his response. She hated how she looked, constantly degrading herself for being heavier than she thinks she should. The sleek dresses he always got for her to make her feel better only drew attention to her curves making her even more self conscious.

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My 30 Favorite Albums of 2010-2014

Internet social media changed conversations about everyday life, trends came and went as always, new sounds have stuck for better and for worse, and the music scene has shattered the stereotype that you need to suck up to any label anymore to get people to like you. The 2010’s has been one incredible decade for music, like it or not. The past 5 years have blessed us with glorious genre defining classics and fuckery to last us a lifetime. I initially wanted to only put 20 but these records are so great that I had to expand the list to include them all! Strap yourselves in for the biggest list that I’ve EVER done on this site.

30. Passion Pit — Gossamer

Warm, exhilarating, and much more refined than their previous effort, Michael Angelakos’ vocals soar and float over well with the bright production on songs like “Take a Walk” and the songwriting feels more humane and developed than ever before. Angelakos could make a song about alcoholism and abuse sound like the most inviting and twisted thing in the world in their universe (“Constant Conversations”) and the soulful feel of the album brings consistency that carries it through from start to finish.

29. Blu & Exile — Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

It’s clear that MC Blu shines best with producer Exile, and many didn’t think their stellar debut could be topped, much less even followed up. After the ATROCIOUS sounding unmixed version of the album hit the internet, the properly mixed and mastered version of the record showed a more mature sound to their chemistry that had never been shown before. While “Below the Heavens” will be this duos opus, with songs like “Maybe One Day”, “Good Morning Neighbor”, “Seasons”, and “Ease Your Mind” show this album can stand on its own without question.

28. Bon Iver — Bon Iver, Bon Iver

While some will criticize this album for bringing so many different sounds to the point of the group being unrecognizable from their debut, the added flavor of strings and horns bring this group to life like never before. From the moment you hear the tender “Holocene” you feel the rebirth of indie rock in a modern era and “Towers” shows they’ve transformed into a quiet monster that the world is STILL highly anticipating a followup release from ever since.

27. Daft Punk — Random Access Memories

I think it’s more appropriated to call this legendary duo Frankenstein the way they’ve revived disco with RAM. Rich, authentic, groovy, and in a class of its own, “Get Lucky”, “Lose Yourself to Dance”, and “Give Life Back to Music”, will have you dance the night away for decades to come. Daft Punk are the most timeless electronic musicians ever alongside Giorgio Moroder (whom is paid homage to with “Giorgio by Moroder), and them being able to bring back a sound that has long been forgotten without sacrificing to any trend is a remarkable feat in itself. Oh and that whole Album of the Year Grammy they got for this album was cool too.

26. D’Angelo – Black Messiah

Biased fanboy I am, but I’ll be damned if the impact of this album isn’t felt already. After personal complications and false starts for nearly 15 years, D’Angelo returns out of nowhere with an album that every bit as soulful, profound and exhilarating asVoodoo and Brown Sugar.Blending more genres than ever before, D'Angelo brings his neo-soul vibes (“Sugah Daddy”), gospel (“Prayer”), blues (“Another Life”) funk (“Ain’t That Easy”) to express his thoughts on religion, politics (“1000 Deaths), morality, love, sexuality, and even his own life (“Back to the Future I & II”) through the course of the 12 track masterpiece. An album that can speak to many, D'Angelo sure took his sweet ass time to show he can bring something fresh to the ears of the listen without having to conform to anyone.

25. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata

A collaboration that NO ONE saw coming ends up being one of the most exciting rap has seen in years. The Beat Konducta brings some of his best beats to Freddie Gibbs on top of his game. Recorded for over 3 years, tracks like “Thuggin”, “Shame”, and “Real” feel like the blaxploitation era on wax, and only made stronger now by how diverse a rapper Gibbs is. Madlib’s beat have as much character as Gibbs’ rapping, from the elegant “Robes” to the painful “Broken”, the knocking diss track “Real” and posse cut “Pinata”, these two never cease to impress track for track on this album. One can only hope that these two come together again or let their legacy be untouched like Madvillainy.

24. Lorde — Pure Heroine

Who would’ve guessed that a then 17 year old from New Zealand would be the most exciting pop act of the past 5 years? Blending her eclectic choices of production with her razor sharp observational songwriting, Lorde gives a realistic take on the mind of a teenager (“Royals”) with her reflecting on her explosion that feels solemn, dark and ultimately human (“Tennis Court”). Much more than a collection of radio smashes slapped together to move units, this deconstructed pop album feels unique and gloomy to the core and Lorde hooks you in with every word she breathlessly sings.

23. A$AP Rocky – Long.Live.A$AP

I already know I’m getting some SERIOUS flack for choosing this over the excellent mixtape “Live.Love.A$AP” from you guys. Thing is to me, while there were certainly great (if not greater at times) highlights of that mixtape, the worst moments of that tape are much more apparent and certain features drag down entire songs as a whole. Flacko’s debut album has strong highlights one after another, with better production (Hit-Boy, ASAP Ty Beats, Clams Casino, Danger Mouse, Noah “40” Shebib, T-Minus, Skrillex, and better features (Schoolboy Q, Santigold, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Drake, Big K.R.I.T., Danny Brown, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg and Florence Welch) that support the record as a whole. While that certainly seems like a LOT of features, know that most songs are strictly Rocky, and that he is more than capable of carrying the best moments all on his own as well; “Long.Live.A$AP”, “Goldie”, “LVL” and “Wild for the Night” show that he can make a great song without other vocalists stealing the thunder. And even then, they never overshadow him completely except for a few (“Fuckin’ Problems” getting dismantled by Drake, 1 Train getting eating by Krizzle). New and returning faces from his mixtape come through to bring one hell of a highlight reel of guests that bring one of the most entertaining albums in hip hop as of late.

22. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

The shortest record to date by one of the most acclaimed musicians of the past decade comes with all the strengths of previous releases like “Cosmogramma” and “Los Angeles” into a cohesive package about one of the most mysterious aspects of life: its end. Enlisting Kendrick Lamar for the mindblowing “Never Catch Me”, along with Tesla”, “Cold Dead”, and “Turkey Dog Coma” come and go in the blink of an eye, but hold the albums statement on the reflection on death, and the uncertainty of when it will be your time. But rest assured, Flylo did his best to make something so depressing at the roots something beautiful to hear.

21. James Blake - Overgrown

I may be in the minority, but I truly love the more accessible, bearing, more quaint approach in Overgrown than I did with Blake’s debut. Blake became a more fully realized vocal performer with tracks like “Life Round Here” and “Retrograde” than he did previously, and fit the production to compliment his vocal styles perfectly. Every synth, every note, every harmony clicked for him while also retaining his signature sound. As his profile raises, so too does his ability to leave you struck in awe.

20. M83 — Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

An ethereal experience from beginning to end, this is not only the strongest M83 album to date, but one of electronic music’s best in quite some years as well. Synthpop, dream pop, new wave, shoegazing, indie rock are all blended into one incredible experience front to back, and while “Wait” and “Reunion” are monsters in their own right, it’s “Midnight City” that is a colossal monster in which the likes the world has never heard before or since. Though it’s known this album was made more commercially friendly than previous releases from the group, sometimes running for success doesn’t need to mean you sacrifice what makes you great.

19. Queens of the Stone Age — Like Clockwork

In what is perhaps theirs strongest album since “Songs for the Deaf”, Queens of the Stone Age bring their most mellow, bleak, restrained music yet. Bringing along a hit list of contributors (Alex Turner, Elton John, Dave Grohl) as typical QOTSA albums do, Josh Homme and company do their first number one album justice with excellent songs like “I Sat By the Ocean”, “My God is the Sun”, Fairweather Friends” and bring a focused sound that the group has never had before.

18. Pusha T — My Name is My Name

Considered a companion piece to the abrasive “Yeezus”, MNIMN is the debut 3 years in the making of the former Clipse member that delivers in spades. Primarily produced by Kanye West, Pusha brings forth some the sharpest, unapologetic lyricism on grace a mainstream hip hop album with some aggressive and unorthodox production to match. (“King Push”, “Numbers on the Boards)” Ranging from Ye, to regular collaborator Pharrell (the Clipse throwback “Suicide”), Hudson Mohawke, and Swizz Beatz (“Sweet Serenade) with an all star cast like Rick Ross (“Hold On”) Kendrick Lamar (“Nosetalgia”), The-Dream (“40 Acres”) and more. King Push makes an album not for the faint of heart, or noses and holds absolutely no punches.

17. Arctic Monkeys — AM

Sounding like a love letter to psychedelic rock and West Coast hip hop, the British band manages to craft their most engrossing album yet with a collection of songs that holds your attention and never falters. “Do I Wanna Know” might be one of the strongest rock songs of the past 5 years, and “Arabella” feels like a Dr. Dre song getting flipped with an indie twist the way Alex Turner floats over the instrumental. Songs like “Snap Out of It”, “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?” and “R U Mine” highlight their influences without being too indulgent and pretentious and show that a complete makeover isn’t always a bad thing. This might be the first album to declare being a lone riding space ranger without you immediately bursting into laughter.

16. Drake – Nothing Was the Same

It’s easy to want to put “Take Care” in place of this album. Believe me, I’ll probably wish that I did by the time I finish this, and I’d think the same of me putting Take Care in place of NWTS had I done so. But as it stands right now, this is the strongest release from the biggest new rap artist of the decade at the moment. Very much so a victory lap in feel (“Tuscan Leather” sets that stage perfectly with no singing at all”) it’s also the album that shows Drake truly becoming whole within the hip hop spectrum as one of its biggest voices. As if that weren’t enough, he brings together aspects of his life that were relatively untouched in beautiful songs like “From Time” or “Too Much” rather than sing about an ex he drunk dials. Though he can easily provide the solemn feels he’s known for (“Connect”, “Own It”, “Come Thru”), he sounds more ready to attack the world with his status as it currently stands than ever (“The Language”, “Worst Behavior”) and bring together an album that showcases the best of Drake the artist but also reveal Aubrey Graham, the human being.

15. Run the Jewels — Run The Jewels 2

The first 5 seconds of this record is Killer Mike saying “I’M FINNA BANG THIS BITCH THE FUCK OUT!”. The 38 minutes that follow is him fulfilling that promise. While their first album together was an excellent piece, the two coming together more fully have given us one of the deadliest pairings in rap in recent years. More structured, deeper chemistry, more layered production and strong features make this record a danger to anyone who thought they were being abrasive on an album before, showcasing police brutality (“Early”), critiquing those in power to the harshest extend and teabagging pirhannas (“Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck”, “Lie Cheat Steal”), declaring fuckboy jihads (“Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”), and finding hope in a former drug addict (“Crown”). El-P and Killer Mike effectively raised the bar on hip hop joint albums and didn’t even charge you a dime for it. Don’t cry now.

14. Big Boi — Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Probably the most underrated hip hop artist of all time, it’s easy to be overlooked when your partner is Andre 3000. But to not be acknowledged by your own peers has to be worse, especially when you make music that is just as great as him, and provide a solo debut album that is as strong as this. Recorded for over 3 years before finally being dropped on Def Jam, Big Boi brings forth the best guests, production and his own effort to the table and doesn’t cease to disappoint. Ignoring every trend in that time period, he brings out the best of every artist with him, such as Gucci Mane on “Shine Blockas”, Yelawolf on the bonkers Andre 3000 produced “You Ain’t No DJ”, Jamie Foxx on the sensually Lil Jon produced “Hustle Blood”, and packs enough punch in songs like “General Patton”, Shutterbugg”, and “Daddy Fat Sax” to prove that he is doing more than fine with 3 Stacks in the picture. In fact, he shows that if THIS is the kind of output Big Boi is releasing, it’s showing that Andre’s own proper solo debut has quite a lot to live up to.

13. The Weeknd — Trilogy

It’s impossible to pick one of Abel Tesfaye’s mixtapes as his definitive work, so I’ll let the remastered compilation make it easier on you all. Unique and breathtaking from the moment go, The Weeknd’s sex crazed drug frenzy of a trilogy of mixtapes (“House of Ballons”, “Thursday”, Echoes of Silence”) is hypnotic, vulgar, sensual, and beautifully well crafted. Whether it’s the sex you need (“What You Need”), the feelings you crave (“The Zone”, featuring mentor Drake), the wild life he lives (“The Party & The After Party”), the love letter to his fans that he won’t change in the spotlight (“Rolling Stone”), what it takes to be in the crew (“Initiation”) or a badass Michael Jackson cover, (“D.D.”), Abel has you covered.

12. Janelle Monaè — The ArchAndroid

One of the most impressive, eclectic, powerful and ingenious of our time, her debut studio album is one of the most brilliant concept records in recent memory that ties together R&B, soul, funk, progressive rock, and hip hop in ways never attempted, usually in the same song, and beautifully orchestrates them with little effort. The two incredible lead singles “Cold War” transitioning into “Tightrope” has to be one of the most magical musical moments of the past half decade and the energy of the album is as tight as its ideas of the future it presents itself in. Big Boi has discovered the bravest new voice of the Dungeon Family, and it seems she may surpass most any recording artist alive today if given the chance.

11. Big K.R.I.T. — Return of 4Eva

Perhaps the best hip hop record from the South this decade so far, Big K.R.I.T. delivers an incredibly cohesive package at the cost of $free.99 that easily beats some of the hip hop records available at retail upon their release. Whether it’s love letters to your car (“Rotation”, “My Sub”), his dreams of being a rap star (“Dreamin’”, “American Rapstar”), bass knocking, breezy Southern trunk knockers (“Get Right”), the blues and troubles of growing up poor (“King’s Blues”, “Free My Soul”), or prayers to God (“The Vent”), Krizzle is without a doubt the most underappreciated artist of his time, and projects like these are testaments that the young Mississippi king will be remembered in due time.

10. DJ Koze – Amygdala

Having literally no knowledge of the music that would come out of this album, I was completely caught off guard with this one. Grossly hypnotic, immersive, and very melodic, this German DJ/producer is in a world of his own the moment you listen this album. “Nices Wolkchen”, “Magical Boy”, may “Das Wort” may take patience to show their beauty underneath, while tracks like “Homesick” and “La Duquesa” show their extravagance early on. Richly layered and beautifully orchestrated, this unconventional electronic release will most likely remain a diamond in the rough that the electronic world will be silently catching up to decades from now.

9. Beyoncé – Beyoncé

Who in the industry could really do what Beyonce did on the scale she did it on and have it work? And THEN have the music she just threw out of literally NOWHERE have it be incredible start to finish? Bey earns her crown here in aces with what is perhaps one of the most explicit, darkest, and most mature pop albums in history, much less the best of her career. Beyonce brought together an audio and visual feast and the world could only lap at her feet at her prideful feminism. Featured writers (Sia, Boots, Miguel, The-Dream) bring a clearer vision to her words, guests (Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj) pack a punch and bring traits that help the record vary itself, and producers (Boots, Timbaland, JT, 40, Pharrell) show that Bey is still ahead of the curve with choosing her desired sound. By showcasing her love for family and her impact on popular culture, this is the pop record that will be the template to judge others for years to come.

8. Tame Impala – Lonerism

Aussie psychedelic rock outfit returned with the follow to their stellar 2010 debut “Innerspeaker” with perhaps a psych-rock opus in “Lonerism”. Stronger lyricism and more layered production such as on tracks like “Mind Mischief” and “Why Won’t They Talk to Me” showcase the band’s nostalgic feel without being overblown and pretentious. Provocative and engaging throughout, the punchier feel to the album carries your attention from the wistful “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, the spaced out “Endors Toi” to the slow burning “Apocalypse Dreams”, Kevin Parker and company have crafted a new age triumph.

7. Chance the Rapper — Acid Rap

Unique and crafty in every possible way, this Chicago youth has brought forth the most engaging Chicago hip hop debut since his idol released his a decade ago. This guy has had sets at major festivals around the world, and the closest thing he has to record sales are from illegal means from bootleggers. Though I admittedly couldn’t get into his voice for many songs, his great lyrics made me give it a shot and I’m glad I did. Hilarious (“NaNa”), emotional (“Everybody’s Something”, “Paranoia”,
Acid Rain”), and all around fun as hell (“Juice”) with a fluid flow to match his insane technical ability (“Favorite Song”), I see nothing but promise from Chance in the near future.

6. Disclosure – Settle

Guy and Howard Lawrence might be soon responsible for ushering in the second British invasion, as this album may be the best electronic album in at least 10 years that showcases the talents of every guest singer to the best of their abilities. Though the mega smash “Latch” featuring breakout star Sam Smith is deceptively radio friendly, the rest of “Settle” only serves to highlight how weak that song is in comparison to the rest of the project. AlunaGeorge (“White Noise”), Jamie Woon (“January”), Eliza Doolittle (“You and Me”) and Jessie Ware (“Confess to Me”) all bring forth a brilliant formula and sound the likes of which no electronic album dares attempting.

5. Frank Ocean — Channel Orange

This could really be the only thing Frank Ocean ever releases in his career, and it’d be fine with me. Crafting an R&B right out of the gate wasn’t his intention, but “Pyramids” and “Thinkin’ Bout You” were Internet darlings even before the album’s release that were loved the world over. From “Sweet Life” to “Sierra Leone”, Frank shows his songwriting prowess and singing ability is of another world, and the guest that appear (Earl on “Super Rich Kids”, Andre 3000 on “Pink Matter”, Tyler on “Golden Girl”) all come into Frank’s world and make complete perfection along with him. The fact that a track like “Forrest Gump” is the way we find out one shocking secret about him that no one saw coming makes this album legendary beyond words.

4. Nas — Life is Good

20 years into the game, and my personal favorite rapper shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, he seems to be on top of his game more than most MC’s these days. Executive produced by No I.D., Nas showcases him at his lyrical best as reflects on his life and legacy, as well as give an actual engaging piece on a 40 year old in the rap game. Purists and new fans alike can find something to love about this album, from the dusty boom bap of “Loco-Motive”, the vicious “Accident Murderer”, the beautifully written “Daughter” about his shortcomings as a father, the ill-fated and incredibly well used feature of Amy Winehouse on “Cherry Wine”, the Queensbridge tribute “Back When” and the beautiful nostalgia of “Stay”, Nas may have finally proven that Illmatic is only part of the legacy of the man’s career, and that he still has more of a story to tell. And it’s reassuring to see an artist that didn’t have to sell 60 million records still revered still be relevant and loved by millions for simply being himself.

3. Vampire Weekend — Modern Vampires of the City

Still as quirky as ever, this ever evolving band released an album that is leaps and bounds ahead of anything they’ve released. From the Souls of Mischief referencing in “Step”, to the frantic “Diane Young” to the uneasy submission of religion in “Unbelievers” in their most straightforward, thought-provoking, and cohesive album to date. Evolved and mature in production and songwriting while still containing their obscure and well constructed lyrics, it seems as if hip hop head Erza Koenig and his band can do no wrong on this Grammy winning stunner of an indie rock album.

2. Kendrick Lamar — good kid, m.A.A.d city

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth has gone from underground darling to one of rap’s greatest voices in such a short time. Making songs that are accessible to mainstream ears with enough depth for hardcore fans to sink their teeth into, The Artist Formerly Known as K. Dot has found a way to strike a balance with authenticity and challenging music no one had heard in quite a long time . Dr. Dre’s latest protégé doing ridiculous boasting like “Backseat Freestyle” is not only a chance to flex his skill, but also blends beautifully into a story of loss, identity, loss, and hope within a corrupt society. Turning the tribulations of street violence (“m.a.a.d. City”) and desire (“Money Trees”) into platforms to express his desire to do better (“The Art of Peer Pressure”), Kendrick Lamar manages to stay grounded in reality and express conscious thoughts without becoming condescending to his audience. The story kicks into full gear the first few seconds into the album with “Sherane aka Master Splinter’s Daughter” and brings some of the biggest rappers and producers in rap at the moment (Hit-Boy, Pharrell, Drake, Jay Rock, Just Blaze) to create the Illmatic of the 2010’s.

1. Kanye West — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This might be the most predictable pick for the top of this list, I must admit. I could tell you about the man had basically been kicked to the curb by the media an entire year for every aspect of his public and private life and returned with a booming force of an album. I could tell you about the high acclaim this received across the world over. I could tell you about the amazing verses guests like Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross bring on fantastic tracks like “Monster” and “Devil in a New Dress” respectively. I could tell you about the outstanding production on songs like “So Appalled”,” POWER”, “Blame Game”, and “Runaway”. Covering themes of excess and celebrity, Kanye West makes an album larger than life while also making the man behind the ego come to life unlike any record he’s released. It doesn’t hurt he discusses consumerism, race, and the American Dream; almost typical of a Kanye album, but know that him mentioning the deeper thoughts of MLK and Malcolm will have an album with Fergie singing about snorting lines of cocaine and marrying a porn star (ayeeee!) so it’s earned it’s “twisted” in the name. The superstar list of contributions is endless (Jay-Z, Nicki, Pusha T, Raekwon, Bon Iver, No I.D., RZA, Kid Cudi, John Legend, Chris Rock, Mike Dean, etc.) and all comes together so fluidly to create the album that the decade will truly be known for ushering in during the beginning. As predictable a pick as this is for my top spot, it’s the only that will truly be right in the end.

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