hurry up season

things i love about autumn
  • waking up and my window is cold to the touch
  • foggy mornings
  • the forest is filled with 1000 different shades of colors
  • that smell you can’t describe as anything other than autumn
  • pumpkin spice lattes 
  • halloween
  • wearing sweaters and boots and beanies
  • the crunch of leaves under my shoes
  • breathing in the cold air
  • stargazing on crisp nights
  • the feeling of coziness paired with adventure
  • drinking hot tea while reading a book outside

I got this new eyeshadow palette with neutral matte colors and I decided to try out some stuff for my grown up Clementine cosplay. I think it turned out pretty good~ I still need some hazel contacts though. I really like the picture with Clementines walkie talkie (some throw back action) so I included it in this post✌👀✌

Just me, or has waiting two goddamned years or so to launch Season 2 of Attack on Titan really done a number on the AoT/SnK fandom? I mean the manga readers are all in advanced stages of war-torn bereavement and thousand yard stares, longing for the old days when this shit was more fun and we could un-know what we now know….glancing over at the shiny eyed anime only viewers who have essentially left us to rot long ago and…

Anyway hurry up with the new season already. I want to watch the world burn. 

Y'all still alive???



Now go and say your prayers because we all are going to die.

October is tomorrow! Waiting, waiting! Who else is excited!?

So, I just finished Yona of the Dawn and obviously there’s going to be a season 3 (there is - I signed a petition for it so it’s official) but I just can’t wait that long!! It was so good! And so refreshing to see a heroine that’s not a total idiot!
Now - what to watch in the mean time…