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I Need You // Kim Taehyung

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jungkook, Hoseok and Yoongi)

Genre: Angst

Summary//Request: You and Taehyung are in love with each other, but have never made your relationship official. Taehyung gets too drunk and ends up making out with another girl - and Jungkook lets you know everything the next morning.

A/N: This scenario contains text message imagines ^_^

“Can you two get a room already? Jeez!”

You sat with Taehyung and your friends at the back on the bus – you currently nestled in between Taehyung’s legs in the corner seat as he rested his hands on your thighs with his head in the crook of your neck, softly blowing raspberries on to your skin and making you giggle in delight.

“Seriously…you guys aren’t even dating and you can’t keep your hands off each other, just hurry up and make it official already” Hoseok playfully smacked Taehyung on the shoulder as you felt your cheeks becoming more rosy by the second. Every word that came out of Hoseok’s mouth was true – you and Taehyung were constantly being overly affectionate no matter if you were in private or public, however; you weren’t actually dating each other. You’d never confessed your feeling towards him, and neither had he. Even though you both hugged, snuggled and cuddled while holding hands and brushing cheeks, neither of you had even shared a proper kiss – much to your disappointment. Taehyung couldn’t quite put his finger on when he fell in love with you, but he knew that he was just too scared to tell you his true feelings – and you felt the same. Alas, here the two of you were, happily stuck between being best friends and lovers; not knowing when or if your relationship with each other would ever amount to something more.

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imagine. early ah ot6. instead of everyone deciding to just have a big ol 6 way orgy 24/7, the relationships happen only a few at a time. at first they keep track in their heads who is dating who, but after a while it gets confusing as all shit.

“fuck wait are ryan and ray dating yet or are they still angsting??”

“what do u mean ur not dating michael i thought yall officially touched tips like a week ago?? dude hurry up and jump on that dick, i wanna to take yall rollerblading”

“bro help im on a date with jack and i dont know if this is a friend date or not? i cant remember whether we’re dating yet?? stop laughing”

someone ends up hanging a whiteboard in the office and makes a dicking chart
EXO Gif Reaction: When a stranger checks you out

Hiya anon! Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy it - B xx

Lay: *rushes over to sort him out and tell him your taken*

Luhan: *trying to calm himself down after you tell him that that guy’s got nothing on him, knowing he can’t help how beautiful you are*

Kris: Staring at my girl? Nah not my style bud

Xiumin: Hahaha not today mate, she’s too good for you

Tao: What do you think you’re looking at?

Chen: Excuse me bitch? She’s officially off limits so stop ogling her like she’s some toy

Kai: I won’t hesitate, don’t test me buddy

Baekhyun: Come here! Hurry up and come over here so I can kiss you and stop that creep staring!

Chanyeol: I wish he’d stop, you’re mine *whines*

Sehun: Alright I give him 2 more seconds to quit it before I go over there and make him

Suho: First off it’s not polite to stare at her and second she’s taken so back off

D.O: *after he goes up and confronts the creep* You have a lot of nerve

I haven’t managed to get it yet, but here’s Kouen’s newest title in the Magi cellphone game. Below is the info concerning it:

Title: 物言わぬグズは死ね!

The title is a reference to a line in chapter 190:

’%#&ing fools who can’t talk (and make a damn point) will die!’.  According to the official guides, グズ (愚図) is Kouen’s least favorite type: someone who’s stupid, uninteresting and indecisive.

Title’s quote (from chapter 190):

“Hurry up and let me talk with that ‘Magi’!!!”