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Come Back (Simon Dominic)

Requested by lexumbeb 

Prompt: “You gotta wake up for me. Please.”

A/N: this was supposed to be a short prompt request, but here it is as a full oneshot lol. I got into it ;)

Originally posted by clubeskimo

     Kiseok fumbled through his keychain for the key to your apartment, finally finding it and pressing it into the lock. Why hadn’t you been picking up your phone? He hurried inside, calling your name, but receiving no answer. You’d specifically told him you’d be home that day, that you could go out for lunch or something if he was free… That was when he noticed a dull noise and ceased his calling for you. The shower.

    He hurried down the hall and pounded on the bathroom door. “Babe?” he called. “Are you in there? Everything okay?”

    But there was no answer and he hesitated and then pushed the door open. “Babe?” He called again. Nothing. He took a firm hold of the curtain and pulled it back, his breath escaping his lungs in a rush when he saw you- collapsed naked on the bottom of the tub, totally unconscious, a steady stream of blood dripping down the side of your face from where you seemed to have hit your forehead on the faucet. Immediately he dropped next to the tub, reaching with one hand to turn the water off while he called an ambulance with the other. As soon as he got off the phone with the operator he gently slid his arms under your limp body and lifted you out of the tub, his heart tight with fear. He carried you into your bedroom and set you on the bed; he dried you off as well as he could before dressing you in sweats and a T-shirt and sitting next to you as he waited for the paramedics to arrive. He took one of your hands in both of his after pulling a blanket over you because you felt cold. “Just hold on, babe…”

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