hurry up about it

things i love about autumn
  • waking up and my window is cold to the touch
  • foggy mornings
  • the forest is filled with 1000 different shades of colors
  • that smell you can’t describe as anything other than autumn
  • pumpkin spice lattes 
  • halloween
  • wearing sweaters and boots and beanies
  • the crunch of leaves under my shoes
  • breathing in the cold air
  • stargazing on crisp nights
  • the feeling of coziness paired with adventure
  • drinking hot tea while reading a book outside
Quickest Way to Wake Up the Amis

Enjolras: Cuddle him.  Immediately alert.

Combeferre: A strong cup of coffee, and he needs to smell it.

Courfeyrac: Sing him a wake-up song and he’s ready to face the day with a smile on his face.  Usually Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

Joly: All Joly needs is the sound of his pager, and he’s saving lives. 

Bossuet: If B really needs to wake up on time, a kiss from his beloveds is the best bet; anything conventional never works.

Jehan: As they would say, “Birdsong is the most natural way for a poet to wake up, already connected and at peace with their fellow creatures.”

Bahorel: His latest pump up song!  Don’t be surprised if it’s a showtune!

Feuilly: Alarms are literally all that wake up the PaperMan up in any kind of hurry.  Otherwise, it takes him about five hours to get out of bed.

Grantaire: Pour a goddamn bucket of water on top of this lazy asshole’s head.

blue night radio ♡ 170209
translation: cosmicsticks

listener: what is shinee to red velvet?
jonghyun: hurry up and answer, wendy-ssi! i’m really curious about your answer!
wendy: they’re seniors that we really respect! every time we see them … every time we don’t see them …
jonghyun: what? every time you see us and you don’t see us …
wendy: they’re very hardworking!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people freaking out by the “how old will you be in 2024″ post and how they ‘aren’t ready’ to be ‘that old’. 

As someone who is currently older than most of you will be in 2024, let me tell you that it’s fine, everything’s okay, not that many people have a Life’s Purpose even at my age so you don’t need to worry about hurrying up and finding one. Extra responsibility is tiring, but it’s okay. Working full-time is tiring, but it’s okay. Neither of those things are as scary as they seem when you imagine them; your routines change effortlessly and before long you can’t remember what it was like being at university/school/living at home with the family.

 As you age you become more certain about who you are, less insecure, and (hopefully!) more balanced in your opinions and perspectives. People start to take you more seriously. You worry less about what other people think and are more in tune with what you need as a person. If you have mental health issues like I do, you get better at managing them. You understand them and work with them. 

Growing up seems scary when you imagine it, but all it is is you. There’s nothing you need to be ready for, because you will adapt step-by-step to the changes that happen to you and then you’ll look back on yourself now in 2024 and realise there wasn’t anything to be afraid of <3


gukdoo: “i should have taken you home. i’m sorry. also you pushed me, so what? what are you doing worrying about me? hurry up and go home okay.”

Belisarius Cawl: Primarch, I have crafted for you this exquisite suit of artificer armor. It is modeled (somewhat transparently) upon pict-captures of the Omnissiah himself, when he strode the galaxy in the flesh.

Roboute Guilliman: Uh, thanks. That’s… a little like getting your dad’s old necktie but all right.

Inquisitor Greyfax (under her breath): We’re getting him presents?!

Saint Celestine: I present you with this halo, blessed by your Holy Father on Terra, that wards against attack and shines with His Eternal Glory.

Bobby G: Um. Did you say holy father…?

Greyfax (hissing at Cawl): You didn’t say anything about presents?!

Cawl (sotto voce): Just hurry up and give him something before he starts asking questions about the Imperial Faith

Greyfax: I, uh… I got you this… hat. (gives him her big dumb pilgrim hat)

Bobert: ….You know what, this is kind of a neat hat. Let’s go save the galaxy!

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Chapter 1

Character key:


Saturday, September 15th

I’m gonna be late for rehearsal, overslept. Be there in 20

Better hurry up!

Fuck, sorry, I just got a new phone. Wrong number!

It’s fine, don’t worry about it. But still, hurry up! Don’t want to be late.

Sorry again!

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I couldn’t wait to get the QR scanner when I first remade my town, so I made my own paths that I now have the ability to share, added bonus is a little window I made and a pattern I’m using to make a picnic blanket on the beach!

I have also made the outer and inner corners on my side character who doesn’t have the QR scanner yet so I’ll update this post with those pieces when I get around to unlocking that!

Better hurry up and finish my town paths so I can feel okay about abandoning the town for a bit when Moon arrives

First ‘l love you’

Request: A Derek Hale imagine where he says I love you for the first time please?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:l hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know…:))                                                                                                                                         ‘Come on Derek hurry up,we’re going to be late.’ I walked into our bedroom and saw him standing in front of the mirror trying to put his tie.’I wish l could baby,but it’s just that this freaking tie.’ I came closer and put a hand on his shoulder ‘Here let me.’It was a understanding for me why he was struggling to put his tie on,he rarely wear suits.I finished his tie and smiled ‘There,all done.’He smiled back and kissed me ‘Thanks baby.’ I nodded ‘Yeah you’re welcome,but seriously Derek hurry  up the wedding is about to begin.’ He nodded ‘I’ll be there give me a second.’l looked at him annoyed and he put his hands on my shoulders ‘Please?’ I let out a sigh  ‘Fine.’                                                                                                                                                                     I was in front row when Derek showed up ‘Finally.’  He turned to look at me a smile playing on his lips ‘Sorry baby,l had to use the restroom.’I looked at him and nodded smiling,then l kissed him.The bride walked in and we stood up.During the ceremony l felt Derek looking at me from time to time,and at the end he took my hand in his and l smiled.                                                                                                                                                                                          During the celebration l talked with a few of my friends when l noticed that Derek was nowhere to be found.I looked for him everywhere until i saw him standing at the balcony with his back turned from me ‘Derek babe,are you okay?’He turned around with a serious look on his face ‘Actually Y/N,l realized something today.’ l looked at him confused but somehow scared ‘Realized what?’ I couldn’t look at him so l looked away ‘I love you.’ I looked at him again but this time surpriesed,this is the first time that he said that.He came closer ‘Today when we were on that wedding ceremony l realized that l love you Y/N,and that l don’t want to live without you.’He then got down on one knee holding my hand ‘So what do you say baby,would you do me the honor and be with me forever.’  The tears were started welling up in my eyes and l couldn’t speak so l closed my eyes and nodded slowly opening them ‘l love you too and yes.’He got up smiling and then he lifted me up,twirling around and l let out a laugh ‘Easy baby l’m getting dizzy.’He put me down and then he put his hands on my cheeks moving some hair away from my face ‘You make me happy.’ I smiled and leaned my forhead on his ‘You make me happy too.’

I’ve deleted the submission about teenagers.. I noticed it and it is definitely inappropriate. We’ll be more careful with reading submissions in the future. We are human and things do get past us sometimes if we’re in too much of a hurry to catch up on the queue to empty our inbox. Sorry about that, guys. -Abby