hurry the hell up!!!

Is That Okay?

A/N: I haven’t written anything but Cas/Misha x reader lately, take it easy on me please haha!

Request: Can you write a Jared fic where she has a bad anxiety attack and he helps her through it and tells her it’s gonna be okay ? If not could you do Sam ? Thanks

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Reader experiences an anxiety/panic attack, light swearing

Word Count: 1.3k

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“Dean! Behind you!” You shouted from halfway up the stairs, down to Dean. He spun around and shot the ghostly woman with his salt rifle. When she vanished. You sighed in relief.

“It’d be nice if Sam would hurry the hell up.” Dean grumbled as you both kept your guard up. You and dean were covering a house while Sam burned the bones of this woman; and you hated it.

You hated anytime you were separated on a hunt. Even if it was just as simple as burning some bones. You especially hated when you were separated from Sam on a hunt. With you being in love with him, it made hunting that much harder.

You sat down on the old creaky stairs for a moment. Tonight wasn’t a good night for you, and you shouldn’t have went on this hunt. You were coming up on the anniversary of your family’s death, and you weren’t fully in your head. Dean had the downstairs covered, so you thought you could catch a breather.

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Convenient | kim jongin

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what’s it like being stuck in a store late at night with a handsome stranger?

“Make sure to pick up some ointment and hair dye too!” Your mother said through the phone as you browsed down the aisles of the convenient store. 

“Yes mom, bye.” You sighed before hanging up.

You questioned why your mom asked you to run to the convenient store late at night, especially on a Sunday before closing time. You didn’t see the urgency of buying more ointment and hair dye was so important that you had to buy late at night. But that was your mom for you.

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Yuri Plisetsky x Reader

I love this smol little kitten…I can’t get enough of him *hides in the corner* 

“F/n your stupid phone keeps going off. Hurry the hell up in there!” Yuri yelled over the sound of the shower.

“Just answer it! It’s probably Mila telling me to hurry up!” F/n yells back impatiently, hurrying to finish washing her hair. “Tell her I’ll be ready soon!”

“Damn girl.” Yuri clicks his tongue as he clicks the answer button on the phone, only to curse and pull the phone away from his phone.

“F/n! Hurry up girl! Where the heck are you? We’re gonna be late to the party!” Mila’s voice comes screeching through the phone, spewing barely coherent words at Yuri.

“Mila!” He says harshly, causing the woman on the other side to stop mid-sentence.

“Yuri? Why are you answering F/n’s phone?” Her tone is playful, causing the blonde to click his tongue again.

“Don’t get any ideas. F/n said she’s finishing getting ready now and she’ll be done soon.” Yuri sighs as Mila starts questioning him, but he hangs up before she gets any answers. He stares at the phone as the call ended screen fades away, returning the phone to its lock screen. He clicks the button, causing the phone to go black.

He’s about to put it down, but furrows his brows in confusion. There was what seemed like a man’s face on the lock screen, and his curiousity got the best of him. He clicks the button once more and is greeted by a rather embarrassing picture of himself at the last banquet. He has one arm around a girl, who he guesses is F/n but only her shoulder is shown on the screen, and the other holds a glass of champagne.

“What the hell is this?!” Yuri’s cheeks are dusted with a slight pinkness as he stares at the mortifying picture of himself. “Why does she have this on her phone?” Yuri glares at his goofy grin and messy hair until F/n opens the bathroom door.

“Hey Yuri, sorry I took- whatcha looking at?” F/n tilts her head in confusion, a small smile on her face. The blonde sitting on the bed quickly puts her phone down.

“N-Nothing! Why does it matter!” He turns his head away, letting his hair fall before his face to hide the growing blush.

F/n laughs and sits next to him, leaning on his arm. “Awe Yuri, what’s the matter?” She stares up at him, giggling at his pouting.

“Why do you have that picture of me on your phone.” Yuri says without turning his head back. F/n hums and taps her chin.

“What picture?” Yuri thrusts F/n’s phone in front of her, clicking the button to light up the screen.

“This one!” Yuri sighs in frustration. “When did you take this?” F/n erupts into laughter at his facial expression and takes a moment to compose herself.

“That’s my favorite picture of you! You’re smiling so happily!” Yuri gapes at the h/c in silence. “I want to see that smile on you all the time, so I keep it right there. F/n smiles but is surprised when lips crash into her roughly, stopping her from continuing.

“F/n.” Yuri says quietly, his blue-green eyes smoldering into hers. F/n’s breath hitches in her throat as she stares back. “I lo-”

F/n’s phone rings again, cutting off his words. Yuri curses as F/n answers the phone, quickly telling Mila that she’ll be leaving soon. The h/c sighs after hanging up and stands to get her shoes and jacket.

“Hey F/n.” Yuri says as he leans back on the bed. Said girl turns and tilt her head in answer. “Hurry back home. I think we have some unfinished business.”

F/n smiles at him happily, nodding as she feels her cheeks heat up. “Of course, my grumpy little kitten.” The girl then shoots out the front door, leaving a gaping, confused Yuri alone.


the 100 + asoiaf house words

Sassy Bassy
  • Grell: Hey Bassy~
  • Sebastian: Wha-- Actually no, fuck you and whatever you're going to say. Just leave me the hell alone or I swear I will avenge Madam Red. Honestly though, why are you even in this anime? Go find your own, because this one's mine.
  • Grell: I just wanted to say I love you, darling~
  • Sebastian: Well fuck off because I don't love you back.
  • Grell: But--
  • Ciel: *yelling from another room* JUST HURRY THE HELL UP AND KILL HIM.

Imagine being Two-Bit’s sister… and Dally trying to hit on you.

“Hey there” Said Two-Bit’s greaser buddy, his eyes raking your body up and down. “I’m Dally” 

“Pleasure” You mutter sarcastically, hugging your bag tighter to your body as you wished your big brother would hurry the hell up. 

“Are you sure you’re Two-Bit’s sister, you look…” he searched his mind for the perfect words as his eyes stared into your own. “You look really beautiful.” 

You squinted your eyes in disbelief… was this hood really trying to hit on you, you raised a perfectly done eyebrow at him. 

“Are you kidding me, Dallas Winston? Are you trying to hit on me? For God’s sake… you’re my brother’s best friend.” 

“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him…” He trailed off, his whiskey breath hitting your nose. “Come on, Y/N, I got a room at Buck’s that we can go to.” 

“Dally, back off. You’re drunk and Keith will be here any second-” Before you could say anything else, the door opened to reveal a smiling Two-Bit. 

“Hey, Dal! Y/N, are you ready to go. I’ve got to take you back home” You linked your arm with Two-Bit’s, sending Dallas Winston glares as you passed him… and you were sure he was checking out your ass.