Gamer fail

Please tell me I’m not the only gamer who gets motion sickness from certain games.  I get this problem with first-person games and anything simulating flight, and it makes me feel like a total wiener.  I just now almost threw up in my lap when I was playing the Despiciable Me PS2 game, not realizing the growing sense of nausea I was feeling was not due to bad dinner, but the game.   I haven’t had a problem with the platforming part, but the part where you have to fly the Gru-plane and shoot at things?  BARFFFFFFFFFF. 

(Which feels far less bad-ass than saying I fell ill over, say, Halo or Duke Nukem.)

Taking Dramamine when I settle in for some quality screen time = fail.

(In my defense for this incident, it’s been a while since I had this problem–mostly been playing old Final Fantasy games as of late.)

anonymous asked:

how do you know lascocks?! you know all these awesome tumblr artists wow how do you talk to them?

Lascocks and I have a bromance going on that goes back to Gorillaz fandom days. We’re toiiiight like Sherlock’s virgin butt. I visited her in Texas and she visited me in Shitland Aberdrrrr lol

IDKK. Most of the time I’m just like 9___6