hurricanesinhereyes  asked:

So my whole week has been consumed by reading you and your circle's hunger games meta and it is insanely amazing. I was wondering of there's some kind master post about all the ways that mj failed?

hi! hello! 

First off, I am so sorry for the super late reply. 

this is one ask that makes me happy. I am glad you have read the devastation that is tag meta that all of my friends post. You’re welcome for the pain. 

Actually, I don’t know if there’s a masterpost, now that I think about it. You could go here for Hannah’s take at the bottom of the post of why Mockingjay failed, and that sort of gets you started. The rest of us just rant and rage in an unorganized chaos of feels about MJ because well….

it’s MJ. 


Elyssa pointed these out:

Taylor’s meta

Charlotte’s Meta

Also, here you have Hannah’s meta tag which can get you started.