Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the album cover for our demo album “Freak” designed by @twentycornpilots it is a wonderful album cover, currently the songs announced to be on Freak are

Auf Weirder



And ofc Face Wash

More to come!!! Still working out the tracklist but those ones are guaranteed, there’ll be some new never before heard songs on there

For those who don’t know One Year Stand is an indie rock band. Heavily inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, The Eels, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Brian Fallon, Luke Bryan and even the Wu Tang Clan and Odd Future. The band started in the mean streets of Bolton England, the lead singer Adam (me) met a guy called Robbie in the Lake District, after a few years of banterful friendship we decided to create the best band ever in the history of anything (We were blind drunk at the time) 

Robbie taught himself guitar, Adam already knew it (I learned it to impress girls) and we were set, except we didn’t have any band members

Adam then started at sixth form college where he cracked some amazing jokes (If I do say so myself) to his music tech class, on the first day he took a selfie with every single member of the class to break the ice when the teacher was out of the room, one member of the class Megan, actually laughed at Adam’s shit jokes and also happened to catch the same bus as Adam, so Adam said “Y’know what, you’re my mate now” he then met a lad called Keiron in college who could play drums, after much debate deliberation and arse pain, Adam managed to get Keiron and Megan on board with One Year Stand, now we comin atcha like Cleopatra fools

So cheer for us, admire us, believe in us, cause we blindly believe in ourselves

Welcome to One Year Stand

And let the Freak Era


[INFO] EXO to attend MBC Chuseok Special “Idol Cooking King,” broadcast Sept 15

More than 50 groups will take part in this along w EXO including TWICE, bts vixx, btob, nct 127, crayon pop,  lovelyz, and seventeen who have been confirmed so far. 8 people will be chosen as finalists.