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Hi, is there any way I can listen hurricane 2.0? I don't use spotify or something like that... Can I find it on Internet or Youtube?

It is actually all over the Internet - cause it’s been technically available since 2009 o_0

Tho, honestly? My fave collaboration between Kanye & Jared, besides this photo documenting their visit to a gay sex club in Paris (in the name of fashion):

And besides the time Jared actually got a full-on heartfelt almost immediate apology from a man who rarely ever apologizes for anything… And even better it was on Kanye’s blog (btw I miss his blog SO much. It was just the right level of bonkers and brilliant and shouty (tho he allegedly has a secret tumblr I’ve yet to discover)):

This was all spurred by Mars’ win at the  MTV 2008 EMAs which caused Kanye to state that Jared, while “his boy, shouldn’t have won over the other artists” that year. (For some context, this was about a year after Kanye’s mom’s sudden death which he felt - still feels - responsible for, he’d just broken off a long engagement, and he even said he didn’t deserve to win the award he won that year. So it wasn’t necessarily even about Jared. Or MTV awards. Or music. Or anything, really, except being in a very dark place and not being able to give yourself a break cause giving yourself a break to heal and come to terms with shit would mean you’d have to take an actual break and actually come to terms with shit. I think Jared understood entirely so instead of being upset, he invited Ye to collaborate.)

But above alllll that - I most adore this live collaboration below that I just may deem “performance art”:

I mean. So Kanye mentioned to Jared before the performance, what if I do a bit of “power”? And Jared was like YASSSSSSSS.

Kanye is probably the only artist, scratch that PERSON, Jared would probably willingly let hijack his band’s own song & performance. And it gives me all the butterflies.

Like, not only does he more than excitedly introduce Kanye in the midst of his song, but Jared seamlessly transistions into Yeezy’s bondage-clad, bleached-blonde hypeman with perf skin and beyond perf bone structure. Like he was made to do it. So natural.

And then as Kanye crouches into his Kanye-crouch to really get into the flow, Jared begins to skip around the stage like he is walking on goddamn air. Like, his love and respect for Kanye is so real and so endless it literally lifts him up where he belongs - in his head - and that is to hype Kanye.

Like, what is this cuteness???

Of course it ends with Jared running over to him & locking him in an embrace in front of tens of thousands of fans and millions watching around the world.

I know a lot of Mars fans do not care for Yeezus. And that’s totally fine. He is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it’s hard not to swoon a bit when you see someone *you* unabashedly swoon over unabashedly swoon over someone else. And I think we can all agree that Jared is forever into Kanye, like no matter what.

Even after the tear down on him Kanye did in the press; even after misspelling his name repeatedly as “Jeret” on his blog (tho, I am kinda digging that spelling - espesh if Ye was pronouncing it Jeret like “beret”); even after dissing actors turned musicians - Jared still asked Kanye to collaborate in 2009. And Kanye agreed.

They have quite the history (starting really at those early 2000s’ Fashion Weeks) and I think in a lot of ways, they’re very similar people.

Both are uber-creative and into design, fashion, style, art, film, production, the off-kilter, the different, having a million jobs, being in control, being boss. Both are often accused of being pretentious or egotistical in interviews (tho, Jared has def worked on clearing that perception, Kanye does not give a fuck). They share a lot of the same friends and collaborators. They’re insanely driven and complexly-obsessed with whatever they’re working on at that moment.

I think if two people truly make sense as contemporaries and friends, it’s them.

And I think while the admiration and respect and yearn for a friendship was definitely more one-sided (Jared-sided) at the start, there’s no denying it’s definitely matured into something they both nurture. Kanye supposedly had asked Jared to direct a video for him. Jared reportedly received an invite to Kanye’s wedding in Italy & afterparty at Versailles. If that don’t say ol’ buddy ol’ pal, I don’t know what does. Oh, well, maybe seating Jared next to your mother-in-law and like, him still wanting to visit a sex club with you days later.

And like, the pics of Kanye seeing Jared in October from Paris Fashion Week 2015? That is literally pure joy on Ye’s face. And like, legit actual laughter. Which we all know to be an exceptionally rare & precious thing.

Ohmyleto, I’d give anything to know what Jared was sayin….

While I’m not a fan of the verse Kanye added to “Hurricane” (it seems kinda meh, kinda like he was more concerned about appealing to Mars’ fans versus trying to get his fans maybe into Mars, as he’s done with other musicians like Chris Martin, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney) at the end of the day it doesn’t even matter if Kanye kinda phoned it in. 

Cause it literally made Jared light up to have Kanye involved in any capacity and he was so goddamn jazzed to have a chance to work with someone he legitimately admires immensely. *That*, knowing and feeling that, beats any sorta-mediocre lines spit over some amped beats laid over what is originally a perfectly gorgeous song.


10 years ago this week. Still relevant.


an important tbt, and why kanye really deserves to run in 2020

youtube - On Sept. 2, 2005, during a nationally televised telethon benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina, hip-hop legend Kanye West went off script to directly criticize the media and the White House’s handling of the storm. “I hate the way they portray us in the media,” he said. “If you see a black family, it says they’re looting. If you see a white family, it says they’re searching for food.” West went on to say, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Bush later wrote in his memoir that this moment was an all-time low of his presidency.


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