to all my floridians and islanders, please stay safe. irma is a category 5 and is now one of the largest hurricanes to have ever developed in the atlantic and it may only get larger. please stock up on water and supplies, and evacuate if you need to, do not get caught unawares like houston was. if you can’t evacuate please prep your homes with sandbags or move to a shelter! this will devastate when it hits, please stay safe and stay aware.

Some Hurricane Irma preparations

Seeing as how the hurricane is destined to hit the east coast of Florida and possibly other parts of the US here’s a checklist of things you’ll need in case of a power outage.

  • Flashlights, (battery operated) lanterns, candles
  • Canned foods such as chili, soup, chef boyarde
  • Peanut butter and bread
  • Water both in bottles & gallons
  • Dry pet food for your pets
  • Charcoal or firewood
  • Matches and lighters
  • Batteries in AA, AAA & 6V
  • Tampons, pads, and deodorant
  • A portable phone charger for each member of your family
  • Bags of ice + coolers
  • Toilet paper
  • 5 Gallon gas can
  • A waterproof wrist watch
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bug Spray
  • Books, playing cards, and board games (trust me, during a power outage it gets boring AF bc time feels like it’s running slow)

Also somethings to do before the Hurricane hits you

  • Make sure to do all your laundry - there’s nothing worse then having no fresh clothes to wear because of no power.
  • Set all your Soundcloud/Spotify playlists on offline mode - some good music will help make the hurricane less dreadful
  • Now is the time to finish up that jug of milk and empty your fridge of anything that could spoil/rot without refrigeration.
  • Hours before the hurricane hits, If you have a bath tub fill it up so that you can get running water for your toilet.
  • Make sure you have cash on you and that your wallet contains your state ID
How Do Hurricanes Form?

Hurricanes are the most violent storms on Earth. People call these storms by other names, such as typhoons or cyclones, depending on where they occur.

The scientific term for ALL of these storms is tropical cyclone. Only tropical cyclones that form over the Atlantic Ocean or eastern and central Pacific Ocean are called “hurricanes.”

Whatever they are called, tropical cyclones all form the same way.

Tropical cyclones are like giant engines that use warm, moist air as fuel. That is why they form only over warm ocean waters near the equator. This warm, moist air rises and condenses to form clouds and storms.

As this warmer, moister air rises, there’s less air left near the Earth’s surface. Essentially, as this warm air rises, this causes an area of lower air pressure below.

This starts the ‘engine’ of the storm. To fill in the low pressure area, air from surrounding areas with higher air pressure pushes in. That “new” air near the Earth’s surface also gets heated by the warm ocean water so it also gets warmer and moister and then it rises.

As the warm air continues to rise, the surrounding air swirls in to take its place. The whole system of clouds and wind spins and grows, fed by the ocean’s heat and water evaporating from the surface.

As the storm system rotates faster and faster, an eye forms in the center. It is vey calm and clear in the eye, with very low air pressure.

Tropical cyclones usually weaken when they hit land, because they are no longer being “fed” by the energy from the warm ocean waters. However, when they move inland, they can drop many inches of rain causing flooding as well as wind damage before they die out completely. 

There are five types, or categories, of hurricanes. The scale of categories is called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale and they are based on wind speed.

How Does NASA Study Hurricanes?

Our satellites gather information from space that are made into pictures. Some satellite instruments measure cloud and ocean temperatures. Others measure the height of clouds and how fast rain is falling. Still others measure the speed and direction of winds.

We also fly airplanes into and above hurricanes. The instruments aboard planes gather details about the storm. Some parts are too dangerous for people to fly into. To study these parts, we use airplanes that operate without people. 

Learn more about this and other questions by exploring NASA Space Place and the NASA/NOAA SciJinks that offer explanations of science topics for school kids.

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Credits: NASA Space Place & NASA/NOAA SciJinks

Trump doesn’t want Puerto Rico to receive donations and supplies from other countries other then the USA! He won’t allow entrance of ships from Allie countries. The media is lying to you. Demand the truth!!!!!!!! We are without food, water, electricity, gas, medical supplies, diesel, propane and oxygen! Your supplies are not getting here! They are telling you that we are receiving them but companies are gathering the supplies you send and reselling them from a higher price!!!!! USA military is here and they are out in the streets with machine guns and granades. Share this people need to know the truth from civilians living here!

Florida vs. Irma

How Hurricane Irma looks to the rest of the country:

How Hurricane Irma looks to Floridians:

How the rest of the country thinks we should prepare:

How Floridians actually prepare:

What the rest of the country is demanding:

How Floridians feel about the evacuation:

What everyone else thinks will happen to those who stay:

What Floridians actually do during a hurricane:

when sending out prayers/good vibes/help for hurricane irma, PLEASE don’t forget about the islands. especially haiti, dominican republic, turks and cacos, the bahamas, and so many more. they don’t have millions of people backing them up simply because they aren’t the usa. please donate and send care packages because they won’t be able to bounce back or get immediate help after a devastating category 5, the largest category a hurricane can be, like the usa can.

Hurricane Advice

I just lost my home due to Hurricane Harvey, and I know so many are about to be in the same position because of Hurricane Irma. So, here is a flood victim’s advice on what you need to do before the shit hits the fan. 

1.) If you have pets get ready to move them. If you don’t have a carrier, find one. Make sure they all have identification with an up to date phone number. Pack food for them in air tight containers. You can replace walls and furniture but not furry family. 

2.) Loosing the big shit is gonna hurt but the little things are what really matters. Photos, family heirlooms, your favorite jacket all need to be in something air tight and up high. 

3.) In fact put as much stuff as you can up higher. Anything in your lower cabinets, dresser drawers, under your sink needs to be moved. Clothing will mold and rot even if it isn’t in direct contact with the water. Stuff that shit in garbage bags and put up somewhere. 

4.) Your fridge is doomed. once the power goes out the food will all go bad. throw out as much as you can before to avoid a disgusting mess. I had a whole ice-cream cake and fermented soy beans in my freezer and let me tell you when they mix together and sit for a few days you would rather set the whole thing on fire than clean it

5.) HAVE A GO BAG! A small backpack or something that is big enough for extra clothes, dry socks, flashlight, water, any of your prescription medication, first aid kit, toothbrush, and phone charger. Your phone needs to be charged as often as you can. 

6.) If you can’t evacuate now, you might have to later. Know where the closest shelter is and any phone numbers you need to call if there is an emergency in your area. Find high ground and if water is already on the road don’t drive. 

7.) SHOWER NOW! shower before the storm. I had to sit in the same wet clothes for 2 days without a shower. Be prepared to stink. 

This is going to suck no matter how much you prep, but prepping might save you some heart ache in the end. If I think of anything else I wish I did I’ll add it. Please reblog even if you are not in an affected area. 

Good luck, stay safe, and I’m sorry.