hurricane rush

things the signs remind me of (from a gemini perspective):
  • Aries: tall people, crushes on your good friends, flowers, love, large eyes, prom dresses,
Taurus: inside jokes, when the weather is really warm, loud music, the feeling of nostalgia when remembering your childhood,
Gemini: laughter, immaturity, talking about people, red lipstick, power,
Cancer: house plants, sunrise, slushies, DIY, long walks, aesthetic tumblr posts,
Leo: road trips with best friends, winning an award, winged eyeliner, kindness, the love you feel for your pet,

  • Virgo: fear, creativity, friendship, chocolate, sun cream, cats, light peaking through curtains in the morning,
Libra: the beach, hurricanes, smiles, adrenaline rushes, alcoholic drinks at parties,
Scorpio: memes, english literature, party games, friendship that blossoms quickly and stays strong forever,

  • Sagittarius: the feeling of reuniting with a friend after not seeing them for a while, sunburn, holidays, 

  • Capricorn: winter, anger, buying people gifts, carnivals,
Aquarius: good hair, intellect, getting a good grade on a test, technology, pranks,
Pisces: rivers in the countryside, sunrise, freedom, shopping, day trips with friends,

Rush Jagoe

From an Unfussy New Orleans Cafe, a Summer Cobbler

Back in 2003, the Southern-born pastry chef Kelly Fields approached her boss, the beloved blue-eyed New Orleans chef and James Beard Award winder Josh Besh, about opening a bakery. Then Hurricane Katrina hit, putting Field’s plans on hold while the city picked itself back up again. At Besh’s urging, she traveled the world in the meantime, gathering culinary inspiration in Italy, Egpyt and throughout the Middle East before settling back in New Orleans and holding the title of executive pastry chef at his culinary empire there. And finally this week, over a decade after she first conceived it, Fields opened the doors to Willa Jean, an unfussy corner bakery cafe in the up-and-coming South Market District.

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Stiles arrived home like a hurricane. He rushed into the kitchen and shoveled down his dinner in a heartbeat, much to his father’s annoyance. But he didn’t have time to feel bad because he had plans with Allison. Their interactions had been getting less and less frequent in the last while, and he didn’t want to miss their planned Skype hangout. It was late night shopping night, so Stiles had already been at work longer than he wanted to. He took two stairs at a time as he ran upstairs to his room and collapsed at his desk. Skype was starting up in moments as Stiles loosened the tie from his work uniform.

Allison’s icon was clicked and soon the familiar Skype dialing tone rang out his speakers as Stiles impatiently drummed his fingers on his desk.


This is Gilly as a baby. He looked primarily like the first pic from when he hatched till about when he was 1 years old and his gray down molted and became  his signature white/blue feathers (picture 2). This is info is just detailed fluff I like to have just for the fun of it. Plus I love drawing baby Gilly.

I realized I haven’t made anything for my self imposed design challenge all week so here you go a random Crawdaunt design.

I have a proposal for pmd-e writers to make though. If you are a writer and have a pmd-e character with a nice description of their personality, would you be willing to leave a link of your app so I can try to interpret my own design for them based on said description? Since I am running out of designs I am willing to share, I want to test myself to make a design fitting for a personality with out any aid of art or descriptions portraying to the appearence the writter had in mind. If you were willing to let me draw your character freely this way, please leave a link for me of said character and I’ll attempt every night to make one before I get to bed! (even if you have drawn a art reference for them and I’ve seen it or anything like that I could still draw your character.) I’d prefer one per team encase I get swamped since this is technically me taking requests, but if not just drop whoever by me and I’ll see what I can do. I already have a couple of characters in mind from sinistroscribe to draw and you should see those soon but yeah! Go ahead!