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On compromise

Y’know, whenever I read a meta post that (directly) or a fanfic that (indirectly) criticizes Anders for being unwilling and unable to compromise, so much so to the point where he quite forcefully acts to prevent anyone else  from being able to compromise –

I think of the moment on the stairs when Meredith officially declares Annulment. Meredith declares Annulment and Orsino, desperate and terrified for the lives of the mages he’s fought so hard to protect, throws down the only bargaining chip he thinks he has left: offering to let her do those room-to-room searches he was trying to block her from doing at the start of the argument. Searches he was trying to block because after all the dehumanization and degradation the Templars under Meredith have inflicted on the mages of the Gallows, she is now demanding the very last sliver of privacy they have left them.

That is what compromise between mages and the Chantry looks like, at its basest level. This is the inevitable end-point of negotiations where one side has uncontested physical and moral power over the lives of the other: the mages scrambling to surrender up the very last scraps of their dignity, integrity and humanity in the futile hopes of being allowed to live for one more day.

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Pairing: Draco x Reader

Requested by an anon: Could u do a Draco imagine that consists of Cedric diggory, draco getting jealous, feels, conflict and a load of jealousy? Thank you so much! 

A/N- this was so fun writing OML XD

The impuissant objects residing within the dorm rattle precariously as Draco stomps in, casting his belongings aside as he seethes with unequivocal rage at the scene which he had been graced with only moments ago.

“Having an ickle tantrum, Malfoy?” Theordore Nott taunts provokingly from his lounged perch on his bed; an engraved smirk toying knowingly on his lips.

Draco bares his teeth as he whirls around on Nott, his billowing robes swinging viciously around his ankles. “I’d watch my tongue if I were you, Nott. We wouldn’t want a repeat of last time now, would we?” Draco growls in a pernicious manner which has slight trembles running through Nott.

An audible gulp threatens to escape Nott’s throat but he manages to push it down. With a small crack in his superior facade he murmurs, “I’ll take my chances.” Albeit with a tentative brush against his right eye as he remembers Crabbe’s relentless punches. 

Before Draco can pounce on him, however, Blaise Zabini chooses that oportune moment to enter the dormitory with a roll of his eyes and an exasperated sigh. “For the love of Salazar, Draco, kill him if it means so much to you. But tone down on the terrorising a little…Snape’s having to deal with enough traumatised kids as it is.”

“I think I might just do that.” Draco spits as he grips Nott’s collar, completely ignoring the rest of Blaise’s speech.

“Not him you twat, though it would be quite a pleasant show, that irritating Hufflepuff that’s had you wound up since the start of the year. It’d do us all a favour, actually. None of the girls seem to be interested in anyone else. Especially, that Y/N..”

Draco’s hand tightens considerably on Nott’s collar as he glares at Blaise. “B-Blaise!” Nott rasps on the verge of being asphyxiated. 

Blaise clicks his tongue once in annoyance and waves his hand impatiently in Nott’s direction. “Unhand the fool. His cries will only get more agitating.” he says distastefully.

With a grit of his teeth, Draco roughly releases his hold and saunters towards his bed; leaving an oxygen-deprived and thoroughly infuriated Nott in his wake.

Nott’s attempts at insulting Draco are silenced by a swift, bone-chilling glare sent in his direction by Blaise before they can leave his lips. He pushes himself up and strides unsteadily towards the dormitory door. 

“A Hufflepuff has managed to strike the mighty Slytherin Prince’s nerves. My, how he has fallen.” he says croakily but the malice and dryness are still evident, regardless. Before Draco can carry out the deed this time, Nott slams the door shut and hurries down the staircase. 

“Don’t go bursting a vein, Draco.” Blaise drawls boredly as Draco makes to run after him, his face contorted with rage. “Besides, I’m almost certain Crabbe and Goyle are making quick work of him anyway.” 

With a disgruntled grunt, Draco plonks down on his bed and shoves his face in his hands. Memories of the previous day rush through his mind like a predetermined alarm clock signalling his scheduelled torture that his mind has made for him. Replays of Y/N’s adorning laugh as it rings across the courtyard; her hair twirling as the wind rushes through it; the heaviness in his heart and the surges of jealous spite as he watches Diggory lean closer to her; brush locks of her hair behind her ear; hold her; make her smile. All of it.

“We’re going to dinner. Surely you can handle that without breaking anything?” he says with a demeaning tone which rouses Draco out of his anguished reverie. 

“Funny you should make that comment, Blaise. Since it was you who sent various objects flying towards my face because you’re in love with Pansy.” he smirks, self-satisfied and stalks out the door; a sour Blaise following after him. 

Y/N takes her seat at the Hufflepuff table beside Cedric, clad in her vivid Slytherin robes. She’s used to, by now of course, the envious glares and suspicious glances sent her way due to her platonic friendship with Cedric Diggory. However, no one tends to see that particularly important fact. 

She huffs in irritation as Cho Chang and her best friend, Marietta Edgecombe, exchange gossip about her. She wets her lips as she glances around uncomfortably, which is when she catches sight of Draco Malfoy’s apoplectic glare directed at Cedric and her. She inhales sharply at the animosity of it and looks down. Why was he so pissed? Surely she didn’t do anything? They’d been friends for years until she’d seen Pugface Parkinson shove her tongue down his throat and distanced herself. She refuses to believe anything other than the assumption that Draco is probably pissed at her for being friends with a Hufflepuff. Triwizard Champion or not.

Her inward monologue is cut off by Cedric’s soft whisper in her ear and a clasped hand around her own. Multiple shivers run involuntarily down her spine as she nods in agreement with the offer provided to her.

Jealousy pumps fiercely through Draco’s scorching blood stream, making his pulse throb. The stimulus for this acrimonious occurrence was naturally the sight of Y/N being lead out of the Great Hall by a chivalrous Cedric Diggory. His lips whispering sensually in her ear in a manner that was obviously meant to be seductive as he takes her by the hand and exits.

Draco’s hands had been clenched in a vice grip against his lap throughout the whole period of being in the Great Hall and were now painfully stiff and if possible, whiter than his natural skin tone. 

“Are you sure you want to do this Draco? He’s a seventh year. He can turn you into a twig just as easily as you can infuriate the Weasel.” Blaise halts him as Draco clambers out of his seat in a murderous rage equal to that of Milicent Bulstrode’s during her “time of the month.” 

“Like hell I’m going to allow him to touch her.” he growls malevolently. Blaise merely rolls his eyes as Draco dashes towards the exit in a deformatory fashion.

Relieved sighs erupt from the Slytherins but Blaise only chuckles quietly. He’s sure Draco won’t back down now and maybe his best friend can finally be true to himself.

Slamming the doors deafeningly behind him, Draco stomps down the corridor, sending multiple glares at passing students as he goes. The sight that befalls him as he rounds the corner, however, has him stopping short. His palipitating heartbeat faltering ever so slightly for a moment as his sheltered heart gets clenched in a choking grip. In that moment, he can’t seem to breathe. The breath getting trapped in his throat, dissallowing him to respire. But just as quickly as it comes, his heart rate picks up again as a rush of anger beyond anything he has ever felt before surges through his entire being; pounding for release against the restraints of his body. 

They stop in the middle of the corridor, Cedric’s hands resting against her hips as she bites her lips unsurely. Her backs presses gently against the wall as a hand brushes a lock of hair away from her face. “You know I like you, Y/N.” Cedric says with candid confidence.

Y/N squeezes her eyes shut as he leans in. Her mind reeling with unanswered questions and startling hesitation as his lips press against hers. She tenses and her limbs freeze in place. After a few moments, Cedric’s lips coax hers into responding and she does only half conciously. But before she can think to react fully, a voice startles her.

“Having fun?” Draco’s rancorous voice resounds against the walls as he shakes visibly.

A shocked Cedric pulls away to stare at Draco with a raised brow. “As a matter of opinion, I’d say yes.” he replies flatly, neatly ignoring Draco’s malignant aura.

“And how about you, Y/N? It seems to the observer that you’re having quite the time.” A sneer is forced onto his face as Y/N struggles to reply. 

“What’s this all about, Draco?” she says after a few moments of mindless gaping.

“I’d like a word if you wouldn’t mind, Y/N.” Draco emphasises with a harsh glare sent at Cedric. Y/N regards him speculatively for a few moments before relenting and gesturing to the courtyard. 

She silences Cedric with an abrupt shake of her head and says, “I can handle myself, Ced. I won’t be long. Go to your Common Room and I’ll be there in a moment.” 

Cedric glances between the two of them with suspicion and worry before begrudgingly doing as she says. “If you do anything to her I won’t hesitate in murdering you, understand?” he growls at Draco but doesn’t wait for a reply before stalking off.

Upon entering the secluded courtyard, Draco instantly finds that telling Y/N the truth may be more challenging than he originally thought. 

With a huff Y/N faces him and folds her arms across her chest though Draco recognises it as more of a warily protective stance than portraying a form of control.

“Well?” she says tersely, keeping her expression neutral. 

“I….Y/N..” Draco implores with mild desperation as to her coldness.

“Draco, If you don’t have anything to say then i’m going back to Cedric and a nice bit of cuddling-”

“Since when have you ever let anyone other than me cuddle you?” Draco demands as another rush of jealousy flares up inside him.

“Since you replaced me with your teddy bear.” Y/N fights off a grin as he splutters for a moment. 

“T-that was one time that I fell asleep with Goyle’s bear thinking it was a pillow. I was perfectly justified to think that since I was thoroughly sleep deprived.” Draco huffs childishly.

“You keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.” she says dryly before being unable to remain expressionless and bursts out laughing.

Draco finds himself grinning before he can think twice about it. For the first time in months it’s him that she’s laughing and talking with, not Diggory.

“I’ve missed this.” he admits softly, a wistful smile adorning his face.

“Me too.” she murmurs and a lonely silence forms the atmosphere around them. It stretches for miles until they can’t process how much time has passed.

“What was it you wanted to talk about, Draco?” she whispers vunerably, her hands clasped bracingly against her body. 

“I…well I….After you started distancing yourself from us all I realised that…well…” he trails off in frustration at his own insecurities.

“Just say it.” she says tightly.

Draco squeezes his eyes shut to block her out of his vision but finds only that her delicate frame indents itself upon his eyelids. After a moment of hesitation Draco whispers six words that swirl through the remains of a tempest and lay themselves out before her. “I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

He fights the urge to flee and remains stoically before her with his eyes still clenched shut. 

Yet, It’s so gentle and unexpected that he almost misses it. A tentative flutter that tickles his lips like a feather that causes his eyes to wrench open in shock. 

Y/N with her body raised by her tip-toes, tousled hair framing her flushed face and eyes wide open, centres his line of vision. Her lips pressed lightly against his own and determination and contentment in her eyes.

Before he has wits enough to react, she pulls away with a beaming smile equal to ten suns mirrored by that of his own.

“Maybe I’m in love with you too.” she murmurs shyly.

“I can live with that.” Draco says with playful nochalance before grinning and pulling her into his arms.

Y/N rolls her eyes and laughs lightly, “I’ll just be letting Ced know that we’re getting another cuddle buddy. Or shall I say two..?” she ponders teasingly.

“I’ll have you know that Mr grumpy and I don’t mingle with the likes of Diggory.” he responds sourly.

“Grumpy?” she bursts out laughing.

“I was rather grumpy at the time…Crabbe was snoring.” he shudders visibly. “And so you’re still going to cuddle with him?” Draco asks lugubriously.

“I was messing, you grumpy buffoon. And besides, you give the best cuddles.” Y/N admits with a sigh.

“I do don’t I?” he smirks proudly, quickly recovering from his insecure state.

“Don’t push it.” she says gruffly.

“How about…no?” he teases.

“How about yes or I leave you for the Hufflepuff?” she counters and smirks triumphantly.

However at Draco’s dark expression the truimph plummets and she gulps softly.   She cups his face gently with her hand as she gives him a lingering kiss. “You don’t need to be jealous of him.” 

Draco pulls her in and kisses her harshly, “I’m not.” 

“Alright.” she hassens with a deep sigh knowing that it’d make him increasingly more annoyed to press the topic. “I chose you, Draco. It’s always been you. No one else.” she says with honest sincerity.

A shocked face turns into a radiant smile as Draco leans in, “I always knew you’d end up being the one.” he grins as his lips meet hers once more.

“I should hope so.” she mumbles against his warm lips as they kiss, not for the last time.

The settling tempest becomes equal to backround noise as they stand inches apart amongst the sheltering arches. Trees crashing as tongues dance beneath the calming sky. Some would call it an omen, others a hurricane.

Reasons Why You Should Read  Hurricane by stars_andstuff:

  • Its great dude its just so great
  • They meet bc Alex falls asleep on the subway and Burr buys him a drink and hangs out with The Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  • “I like you, Burr, I really do, but you freak me out! I don’t know your opinion on anything! Are you a hipster, are you a Brony, a Trump supporter, a Satan worshiper? How on Earth should I know!”
  • Its really fucking funny and Im not 100% sure if its supposed to be, but dammit it is
  • Chapter 10 is the best thing that you will ever read in your entire life
  • Aaron Burr wears sandals to work
  • They take the same train home and sit with each other even when they’re mad at each other 
  • Aaron literally raced for the middle seat are you fucking kidding me what are you five
  • my lord and savior trans!Peggy. If that doesnt convince you, what will???????
  • “Most people don’t just leave their doors hanging open, unless it’s a crack den…” 
  • christmas party at the office yall
  • alex fucking their case up like he does in every single fic ever
  • it never gets old. 
  • never.
  • *chants* drunk john, drunk john, drunk john
  • they’re so in love just leave me here to die
  • C H R I S T M A S
  • “What’s a read receipt, and how do I turn it off?”
  • Burr, T Jeffs, Mads, Drunk John, and Alexander. Christmas dinner. Together. I died and this is my ghost typing 
  • I cant say anything else without ruining it more than I already have but honestly EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS
Let Me Fix This (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: 42. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?”

47. “I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.”

Warnings: ANGST

Word Count: 939

A/N: The list of songs I suggest you to listen to while reading:

- Hurricane Arty Remix by Halsey, Soap by Melanie Martinez, New York City by The Chainsmokers

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Peter Parker had been wandering around his small apartment in Queens for more than an hour. He sighed and sat down to the nearest chair in his kitchen and shut his eyes. He felt like he was barely breathing. He was surely aggravated; there were two reasons why he was acting so acrid recently: the lack of sleep he got and her girlfriend’s lack of presence in their house. The things between them were so bitter for months now. Peter always came back to home with heavy wounds and he had been feeling extremely blue out of the stress caused him being Spider-man. Y/N on the other hand, all she wanted to do was to help her lover. She kept trying and trying until one day Peter showed her how livid he was. After that day, nothing was the same. Y/N was almost never at home, ignoring Peter’s calls. At first, Peter was just feeling down about the situation, he left her voicemails, begging for Y/N to come back in between his sobs. However, as the time passed, Peter lost his patience, the sadness grew to be anger. And tonight, Peter lost the last piece of patience he had when Y/N stepped into the house at 1 a.m. in the morning.

Keys crashing in the hall broke the dead silence in the small apartment. Peter got up from his seat outraged. He marched to the dark hall. When he arrived, the lights were on. Y/N was trying too hard to get her shoes off while Peter was staring at her impatiently, waiting for her to say something before he would break her heart without noticing. However, Y/N didn’t open her mouth; in fact she was visibly drunk, judging by her clumsy moves. When her shoes were finally off, she sighed and tripped towards to the living room without even looking at Peter’s face.

It was over. Peter couldn’t keep himself from yelling: “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?!”

Y/N stopped in the middle of her way and turned around slowly. She smirked bitterly at him and didn’t say a word. Peter was someone else now. He was seeing red; he clenched his jaw and fist. Y/N was the opposite, she was annoyingly calm. Her (Y/H/C) hair was messy, her black tights were ripped by god knows who and there were small hickeys on her neck. Besides that, she looked miserable too. The dark circles under her eyes were showing how much sleep she got, her lips were chapped and her mascara was ruined by the tears that were falling down her face.

“You were with someone again, weren’t you?” His voice was shaking not out of anger out of heartbreak he felt.

Peter shook his head, with every minute passing Y/N not answering him, he got more frustrated. He furiously kicked the counter next to him causing the little angel objects Y/N got for their new house on the last Christmas to fall down and break. This action caused Y/N to jump; she was not waiting for that. “Answer me! I just asked you a simple question Y/N, where the hell were you!” Peter whisper-shouted, clenching his teeth, his eyes were dark. Y/N stared at the wall blankly, still not opening her mouth. “I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction,” Peter shouted.“

“Why do you even care now? Why don’t you just ignore me like you always do and leave the house?” Y/N yelled finally.

“Are you fucking serious?! I have been begging you to come back to our home Y/N! Why do you keep acting like this, do you enjoy torturing me or something?!” Peter was yelling uncontrollably, but this time his anger was long gone, he felt his heart aching more than ever. Tears were all over his face and he was running out of breath. He put his head between his arms, kicking random things.

“Stop,” Y/N mumbled, Peter obviously didn’t hear. “I said stop it Peter! I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.” Y/N yelled this time, Peter calmed down but still sobbing. Y/N shook her head, looking down at her feet. “I’m leaving,” she mumbled, quickly running towards to their bedroom.

Peter didn’t know what to do, he was speechless. He felt like he lost everything, he wasn’t feeling anything, he wasn’t hearing anything, he couldn’t even see anything. He blankly stared to the floor, breathing heavily. Few minutes later Y/N was back with two bags on her arms, she didn’t have a single tear on her face, even her make up was off, leaving her face purer than ever. “Y/N, please, I regret it all. I really do, I swear. Please, please- let’s fix this, please,” Peter whispered desperately, grabbing her hand firmly. Y/N shook his hand off and kept walking towards to the door. When she reached to the door, she looked at her apartment one last time, remembering the memories they had, the promises they made together. She shut her eyes, sniffed and opened the door slowly. She turned around and murmured: “Maybe- maybe it would have been better if we never met.”

When the door was shut, Peter felt like someone shot him in the head. He shut his eyes and sat down to the floor, leaning to the white wall behind him. He wasn’t crying, he wasn’t screaming, he couldn’t find the strength to move. The only thing he was feeling in that moment was the ache on his heart, like someone was trying to pull it off from his chest.

This message was discovered on a chalkboard inside a school following Hurricane Katrina. It reads:

September 2, 2005 9:13 A.M. “We ARE sorry for the school, but the shelter was a blessing. We had to bring over 200 people here with no help rom any Coast Guard Boats, people died and are still in there [sic] house, we had to leave them We asked the C.G. for help and got NONE. thanks to Micky, McKinley, ERIC PHIL Tyrone, Karl B., Cory, & J-R Richard, Cedric, Jeff D., Jeff, Ben, Big Greg, Rick, Al, Lance + Dougie ANTHONY we saved the whole project. THEY LEFT US HERE TO DIE.”

Savior - Alternate Ending

I was asked to do an alternate ending to this imagine. I was going to end it differently, but I decided to change it. This is how it would have ended if I didn’t change it. This is officially the end. 

Read: Hurricane / She’s A Storm / Nothing Like The Rain

Five minutes had passed and I still found myself sitting on the ledge. My body was shaking with sobs, my vision blurred from the tears that wouldn’t stop coming. I just wanted to go home, but I knew this had to be done. It had to. Not only was I ridding myself of the loneliness that had crawled inside me for weeks, but I would be joining Luke. It’s what I want. It’s what he wants. 

“Okay, Y/N, you got this,” I whispered to myself, wiping my snot-nose and teary eyes with my sleeve. I gave myself countless mental encouragements, trying to persuade myself that the bottom of the river was a better source of oxygen, but it was pointless. Damn it

It wasn’t until I finally built the courage to take the leap when I felt a presence behind me. 

“You really wanna jump off a bridge?” 

“You really think I’d tell that to a stranger?” I shot back.

The stranger hopped onto the ledge beside me, humming an upbeat tune as he situated himself comfortably. I slowly looked up, getting a better look at the stranger. He had curly caramel hair and big hazel eyes, hidden by a black hoodie that was pulled over his head. “I’m Ashton. What’s your name?” 

“Y/N,” I whispered, taken aback by his friendliness. He clearly wasn’t from around here.

“Now we aren’t strangers,” Ashton grinned, giving me a playful wink. Something about him was relaxing, making me forget why I was up here in the first place. I was starting to think he was a figment of my imagination. 

“Why are you here?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows and leaning back a little until I rested against one of the supports. 

“You see,” Ashton began, “I live in Manhattan, on the other end of the bridge. I was heading home when I saw you sitting here, and after the death that happened recently, I instantly thought the worst. I thought I’d ask, and here we are. What about you? Why are you here?” 

My gaze dropped back down to the water, the ache in my heart returning. Luke’s voice rang in my ears again, but this time he was a hushed whisper. I need you, Y/N. I sighed, feeling tears slip down my cheeks. “Luke, the one who jumped just a few weeks ago, I knew him,” I tried to explain, understanding that we didn’t have the most conventional relationship. 

Ashton listened to me with intent, his arm slinging around my shoulders as I ended up sobbing on him. He understood me, nodding his head just a little in sympathy. “I know how you feel,” he whispered, smiling sadly. “My ex-girlfriend jumped a few years ago. Still quite sore myself.” 

I cried into Ashton’s shoulder until I was numb, drained completely of my tears. “Thanks for listening,” I croaked, sniffling as I wiped my face of the last of my rears. 

“It’s really no problem,” Ashton assured, a sweet smile on his face. “Can I walk you home?” 

I nodded, cracking the first smile that has ever touched my face in weeks. Ashton helped me off the ledge, holding my hand in his and cheekily locking our fingers together as we walked in the direction of my house. 

I knew this was going the be the start of something new- something beautiful.

I knew this was Luke’s way of looking out for me from beyond this life. 

Thank you, Luke. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Molly! I just wanted to drop by and say that you're honestly the best! I've read most of story and the complexity of each of your OC always flabbergast me. But that's not why I'm sending you an ask today. The reason is that I actually started reading Hurricane Warning and you can't even understand how grateful I am for this story. First, because it's incredibly hard to find Pine (no, not just Kirk) fiction on this website, but also because it is so beautifully written while also being (1)

funny as hell. I simply adore Dani’s personality. I wish I was more like her, to be honest. Anyway, moving on to the main reason of me sending this ask (haha). This is gonna sound really stupid, but the way you described Dani’s body really touched my heart. I’m just gonna say it. I am a plus size woman and my boob sag. When I remove my bra they also don’t hold in place. And I have massive issues about that. Like *massive* to the point where it can hold me back, sometimes. (2)

And to actually have read your fiction made me feel so good. It made me feel like I should never be ashamed of my body and that I’m still desirable. I mean, it’s not rare to find fiction with plus-size OCs. My only issue is that, most of them still depict the OC with perky breasts and a body that is just a bit more curvier. And believe me, I’ve read a lot of fics with pz OCs, but this is legit the first time I come accross a OC with breasts like mine. And it honestly means so much to me. (3)

Also the fact that it is with Chris Pine can’t hurt at all, come on!! So basically, I just really wanna say thank you very much! Lots of love. x (4)

First, thank you! Secondly, why don’t more people write Chris Pine? I mean, I feel like there are three people that write Pine and I’m two of them! And third, I’m glad Dani helps you feel better about your breasts and your body. I have boobs like Dani too, and my boobs haven’t passed the pencil test since I was like twelve years old. But you know what? My husband loves my boobs and thinks I’m sexy. And I think I’m sexy. Love your body, lady! Work what your mama gave you!

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