hurricane patterns

danse macabre


Before Peter Pan, Neverland was ruled by a kind, gentle boy. He had been the original Lost Boy who was as sweet as a dove and as shy as a mouse. The boy didn’t remember much of his life before Neverland but he did remember one thing: his name was Robbie.

Robbie was so genuine and selfless that he treated the island as if he held his own heart in the cupped palms of his hands. He touched everything with pure gentleness because Robbie believed that if he was kind to the island, it would be kind back; and it was. Never did Robbie go hungry, never did he feel alone and never did he have any worries, thus naming the island Neverland. Robbie did as he pleased and he got along spectacularly with the mermaids in the lagoon and the sprites in the forest. Nothing was ever a threat.

One by one, boys like him startled to trickle into the island. They were all younger than him though, ranging from six to sixteen and they all had a story to tell; one that Robbie listened to from everyone. Robbie didn’t remember anything from his past life but that was okay. He was happy in Neverland and he was sure his happiness would never run out.

Everything would be changing for the worse though.

“Robbie, Robbie!” Curly shouted.

Robbie who sat engrossed in a book was pulled from his fantasy land by the young boy who stood tugging on his sleeve.

“What’s happening, lad? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Robbie laughed.

Curly shook his head of wild, red curls. For the first time ever in Robbie’s life, the little boy looked serious, no trace of humor in any of his features.

“Robbie you have to come see this. There’s a new Lost Boy on the island and he looks exactly like you. He won’t talk either.”

Robbie stood to his full height and shrugged. “He’s probably just scared. It’s not everyday you get thrown into an unknown island.”

Curly led the way to the group of boys who stood on the coast of the island, all circled around this boy. They all whispered around him but their whispered became hushed as Robbie came closer.

“Let’s not crowd him.” Robbie urged, scooting the boys out of the makeshift circle they had created around him. The boy had his back towards the crowd as if he was hiding himself from them. The first thing that Robbie noticed was his hair color.

The boy had the same colored hair as Robbie, the unmistakable dark blond color that looked brown in lack of lighting. It even curled the same way, growing in the same hurricane pattern Robbie’s did with the wavy bangs at the forehead.

“Hi there, lad. ‘M names Robbie and this is the island of Neverland.”

The boy gave no response and instead bowed his head deeper. Robbie frowned, as the boy coiled around himself was less scared, but more terrified of where he was. Robbie could sympathize, as he had been just as terrified.

Robbie leaned down and placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder, only to have it aggressively shrugged off.

“There’s no need to be frightened.” Robbie assured as he circled around to the boy’s face. Robbie grew frigid as he met the boy’s face. They were identical. The same blond eyelashes, the same mossy green eye color. The longer Robbie stared the more he saw the exact freckles that dotted the underside of his jaw, on him.

“What’s your name?” Robbie whispered.

The boy looked up and met his eyes to Robbie’s although they did not look friendly. They stared at him like a lion would at a Giselle and the sight unnerved Robbie.

“My name is Peter.” He spoke.

Peter hadn’t opened up much in the past few days. He was quiet, observing some of the younger boys but never speaking to them. No one could quite look him in the face, as they only saw Robbie.. Everyone had look-a-likes but Peter seemed to be Robbie’s doppelgänger from another universe; one with identical looks but dead opposite personalities. Robbie was unnerved, much less to say.

Peter was beautiful at playing the pan flute though. At his somewhat awkward arrival celebration his fingers danced over the instrument, creating beautiful harmonies and melodies that put the Lost Boys in some kind of trance, one where they danced around the fire in an odd, coordinated twitch.

Robbie watched with his eyebrows raised. He was no stranger at the sight of magic being used but he wondered for what reason Peter would make them dance, out of all things. Peter was no random Lost Boy, Robbie had soon figured out. He possessed magic and used it when it came to his advantages but for some reason no other boy had managed to figure this out such as Robbie had.

One particular Lost Boy had figured it out though. His name was Felix and he stood looming over both Peter and Robbie, a wicked scar running down the expanse of his face and wild, blond hair that curled and stuck out in random places. Felix had always been on the quieter side but this never bugged Robbie, as he couldn’t end up best friends with them all.

But the sight of them darting off together into the Neverland woods had caught Robbie’s attention numerous times and he didn’t like where it was heading.

Peter’s reputation on the pan flute soon earned him the name Peter Pan, as many of the boys would badger him to play all times of the day. Peter Pan never declined and with a glint in his eye, he would allow the pan notes to fly through the camp, the same exact dance spreading its way through each of the boy’s bodies.

“What’s that song called?” Robbie had asked Peter.

Peter kept his stare down, his gaze focused on the pan flute. In a low voice, he answered,

Danse Macabre.”

It was one morning where Robbie woke up to find all of his Lost Boys gone.

The camp was a ghost town, the only thing besides Robbie being the howling wind that tore through the air. For the first time since arriving on Neverland, Robbie felt anxious. Not a single body occupied the area and it had been well through morning.

Robbie walked up to one of the tents, peaking his head inside.

“Nibs? Nibs, are you in here?” Robbie was met by nothing but silence.

He turned around and jumped when he saw Peter and Felix standing a few feet from him. Peter held himself oddly, tensed at the shoulders with a peculiar smile on his face. Felix stood with a cloak hiding his face, the only thing Robbie saw was the same eerie smile as Peter’s.

“Where have all the Lost Boys gone?” Robbie questioned, folding his arms over themselves to shield himself from the cold. 

“I would say I’m sorry for having it end this way,” Peter started. “But there can only be one ruler of Neverland and for some reason…I don’t see it being you.”

“…What?” Robbie gawked.

Peter appeared before Robbie and thrusted his hand into Robbie’s chest, gripping his heart and ripping it from between his ribs. Robbie’s knees buckled, his hands flying to his chest and scratching at the new, sudden emptiness.

Peter held Robbie’s pure, red heart in his hands, watching it steadily beat. Robbie made a weak attempt to reach for it but stumbled further into the ground. Felix watched, the smile never leaving his face.

“Don’t do this.” Robbie groaned.

Peter’s fingers curled around the organ and squeezed, watching Robbie curl into himself in pain. Before Robbie could suffer much longer Peter broke the heart, letting the dust pieces trickle to the ground.

The first, original Lost Boy lay lifeless on the ground.

Peter Pan heard the shrieks and laughs from the Lost Boys somewhere behind them, using his magic to move Robbie to the Skull Island off of Neverland.

“Robbie, Peter, we’re back!” Curly shouted as the boys burst through forest. The group halted as they just saw the lone body of Peter Pan.

“Where’s Robbie?” Slightly called nervously.

“You see,” Peter Pan began as he made his way closer to the group. “Robbie left. He was sick and tired of leading a bunch of low life boys around an island.”

The boys stood in silence, a shocked look on all of their faces.

“His words, not mine.” Peter added with an amused eyebrow raise.

“So he made a deal with me; If I used my magic to teleport him back to the Mainland, he would leave the entire island to me. Meaning I am the new king of Neverland.”

The Lost Boys couldn’t believe the betrayal of their leader. Who knew that deep down, Robbie had been so selfish? Selfish enough to leave behind his entire family and home? They were happy they had such a loyal friend like Peter Pan.

The boys cheered and welcomed Pan as the new king of Neverland.

the sumptuous life of her presence

hyphenated tongue
italicized by the hurdle of
ego-stricken lycanthropic homilies

gnashing patterns
of hurricane winds

at the universe

and the stampede of her loins
shifts the axis of my darkness

i get a whiff
of her new-born opium
thundering through her poetry
coiling serpently around my neck


we breathe with the language
of the ancients in this
city of lizards;

the discharge of a musical score
redeems the stained bedding sky
under …

… and
the asylum
awaits us.

Wanna have a bad time?

I want to point out here, that when I talk about the importance and biology of a sea grass featured in a videogame as a joke explanation, I get tons of reblogs and support and followers.

I talk to people about the real importance of subaquatic vegetation and the importance of the Everglades and Chesapeake and point out how industry and lack of regulation is destroying it, and how huge companies are using money to control the government and have more power than people, and I get called a hippie, a libtard, a tree hugger, a millennial, atheist, and a socialist.

I get more positive attention discussing the destruction of a fictional world than I get discussing the real world problems and real science and showing the evidence of how all these horrible things are going to happen if we continue this way.

I may go on about the delicate balance of the underground and the natural sciences in Undertale, but remember, they all get saves and resets and patches. They get multiple play throughs. We don’t. If we keep going until we see even more consequences, until we have an extinction event for humans on our hands, or a threat that could collapse society as we know it, we don’t get to go back and change things. It’s already too late for a lot of stuff, the climate will change, weather patterns shift, hurricanes, tornados, droughts, floods, they all will shift and become more severe, as we have seen in the past few years, respiratory and skin diseases will increase, antibiotic resistant bacteria will increase, hundreds of species are projected to go extinct in the wild, and we are still sitting ducks for any meteors or asteroids because of underfunding NASA and other space programs for so long. Oh, and there will be more horrible atrocities committed by extremist religious groups, but that’s the norm for humans so whatever.

We are the future of humans. Our voices and votes and money matters, whether you are peaceful and spare and win with social campaigns and public support, or become a vigilante and use violence and illegal methods to win, honestly I no longer care, all I know is we need to act and change things, because if you don’t take a stand you better be hyped for the destruction of humanity. I know we all want to hide from the truth because what it requires us to do is not fun and conflicts with the morals and political views of many people. Trying to ignore it or dismiss it as fearmongering and politics is not going to help when it is too late. For some of us, it is already too late. Even if we cut emissions and basically stopped existing right now, the projections show that entire islands and coasts will still be covered by the rising sea. We can’t ignore it when our homes and food are gone or when there is a giant rock in the sky hurtling towards us. We can’t ignore it when the diseases kill our loved ones. We can’t ignore the air being too polluted to breathe.

You can’t keep ignoring this. I have fun with this Undertale blog, but I still cannot believe people are willing to put more effort into saving a videogame world than they do saving their own world. Please spread this message.

Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the universal pattern of life; by adding the sum of two previous numbers beginning with zero to infinity (0,1,1,2,3…). The Fibonacci sequence, the growth of all things is found in nature in the simplest and most lovely things that can be offered to our universe.

Happy Fibonacci Friday and never stop searching for the infinite patterns of life.