hurricane of lies


“ I lost my faith to this

This town that don’t exist

So I run, I run away

To the lights of masochists

And I, leave behind

This hurricane of fucking lies

And I, walked this line

A million and one fucking times

But not this time..”

I believe a lot of things have shaped me into a strong individual. Yes, my cruelty is cold and I am a hurricane of lies when I need to be, but I am not worthless.
Sometimes the world tries to swallow you whole, with pretty boys and nightmares, even a smouldering fire.
But, these days are passing just so, and I once remembered a time when I was nothing, now, now I am something.
—  More than I can say for you, s.e.s

but that moment when you have a fave, but then you start to feel like you like another member more, but you feel like your cheating on the first member so you continue to say that the first member is your fave, but you always have this underlying feeling that your heart truly belongs to the other member and you live the rest of your life in a hurricane of lies and confusion.

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What are some good Hannigram songs?

Erm well these are some that remind me of Hannigram. Idk whether they’ll necessarily work for you.

Bleed For Me - Digital Daggers
Capture - Lilt
And The World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts
Gasoline - Halsey
Smoke And Mirrors - Ivy and Gold
Beautiful Crime - Tamer
Bad News - Bastille
Until It Hurts - Fransisca Hall
Monsters - Ruelle
Take Me To Church - Hozier
Arsonists Lullaby - Hozier
Til My Heart Stops - Too Far Moon
One Last Night - Vaults
One Way Or Another - Until the Ribbon Breaks
Blood Runs - Gems
Blue Blood - Laurel
Hunger - Of Monsters and Men
Falling Away - Glades
Borders - The Half Earth
The Chase - SOHN
Closer - Kings of Leon
Everywhen - Massive Attack
Torn Apart - Bastille
Desire - Meg Myers
Gunshot - Lykke Li
Hurricane - Thirty Seconds to Mars
Bloody Shirt (ft. Bastille) - To Kill A King
Surrender - Digital Daggers
Armour - Lupa J

Song Fics: Last First Kiss

Song Fics – Last First Kiss – Take Me Home Edition

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(N/A: READ THIS FIRST: New project coming up. As you lovely people wanted, I’m doing connected song fics, which basically means that THIS songfic is connected to the next THREE song fics, being part of a bigger story. It’s like a side fanfiction based on 4 One Direction Songs. Any questions, my ask box is there for you. I’d be happy to explain it better)

Part I 

Los Angeles – Travelling Carnival – 6 PM

“Come on!” She said, walking faster than all of us. The wind in her hair, making it dance while she looked back at Harry, smiling widely, as a little child.

Harry was indifferent to all of their friends’ conversations. Some of them would talk to him and give up after a few nonsense responses. His eyes were focusing on something else. Not the shiny Ferris wheel or the filled carousel, no. It was she. Her smile, her expectation. She wanted him to have the best night ever.

It was indeed Harry’s first time on a travelling carnival like that. All the play stands and the little kids running around. It seemed quite magical, quite movie-like.

Still, all he could think about was spending that time with her.

Soon to be leaving off for tour, he didn’t have much time left, so every second seemed precious. He felt his stomach tighten up. Just the thought of telling her could make him sick. It was deeply ironic how nervous he was around her, thinking every step of the way, every little word said. If only his friends knew about it… Harry Styles, to them, the one who could talk to any girl in the world and win them out.

He did had an ability to conquer. When he wanted something, he would put everything he had into it to get it.

Why is it different with her, then? Why everything about her made him look like a clumsy teenage boy?

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push all my buttons // a fem erejean playlist

wasted - tiesto // get some - lykke li // hurricane drunk - florence + the machine // heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs // the bad in each other - feist // toxic - melanie martinez // true love - p!nk // team (elephante remix) - lorde // grande finale - studio killers

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