hurricane of lies

I don’t think Rachel’s powers have anything to do with fire, I think she’s the storm itself hence the wind spiralling with such atrocity when she screams. Rachel also plays Prospera in The Tempest, her character conjures a storm to trap her enemies on an island in the play. When she dies in LiS, she becomes the hurricane that destroys Arcadia Bay.

Life Is Strange theory

About the ending choice to sacrifice or not Chloe… i have this theory that even if you sacrifice Chloe you are not saving Arcadia Bay from the hurricane. Look at this fact, the hurricane was supposed to be the consequence of Max’s power and her choice to rewind and save Chloe in the bathroom, BUT before any of this, the first scene we get from the game is Max at the light house seeing the hurricane on her “dream”, soo at this very beginning she already HAD her powers and the hurricane was going to happen any way, because there would be no reason for her to see the hurricane if it wasn’t going to happen. SO, the fact that Max saved Chloe and rewinded so much that she in fact alterated a lot of alternative universes and some realities, it did not have any effect on the hurricane whatsoever, because it was going to happen any way. Now, if you choose to sacrifice Chloe, never saving her, after all there would be still a hurricane and Max would be in that light house alone (as her first dream showed). And she wouldn’t be able to go back again because there would be no more photos left. It would end with the tragedy of arcadia bay being destroyed and only Max alive… any ways, only a theory to support the final decision to DON’T sacrifice Chloe and see this is what was supposed to happen the entire time, Max and Chloe alive and together and that the hurricane would happen either way.

That’s it, thanks whoever took the time to read it. If you have any ideas that would like to share i’m all ears (or eyes i guess ahah)

Bae > Bay

-sorry for any english mistake, as i’m not native
Trump to donate $1 million to Texas recovery
President Donald Trump will donate $1 million of his fortune to recovery efforts in Texas, though the White House says he hasn't determined which group or groups will receive the contribution.
By Kevin Liptak, CNN White House Producer

Yeah, we’ve heard this one before. Let’s see if he actually donates the money this time.

a house isn’t always a home they said
but a home isn’t always a house, too
sometimes it’s hurricanes and storms
sometimes it lies underneath the depths of the ocean
but i have to say that most of the time
i am home whenever i’m with you

liquidcrystalseatcushion  asked:

Song recommendations??

Little girl- faith Marie
Any song by twenty Øne Piløts mainly:
Car radio
March to sea
So cold- Ben cocks
Paper crowns- Alex b
Hurricane- faith Marie
Lies- marina and the diamonds
6/10 - dodie

Out loud- gabbie
All about your heart- smth with an m I think
Falling in love by the coffee shop- Unknown

Friend please: tøp
Truce- tøp
Last resort- papa roach
Landslide- oh wonder
The light behind your eyes- MCR

Out of my leauge- I forgot
Oh no- marina and the diamonds
The Internet is here- dnp
Dreams- somthing with a b and a c

I probably forgot like a million songs tbh I’ll add on tmr and reblog

feel free to add on
I believe a lot of things have shaped me into a strong individual. Yes, my cruelty is cold and I am a hurricane of lies when I need to be, but I am not worthless.
Sometimes the world tries to swallow you whole, with pretty boys and nightmares, even a smouldering fire.
But, these days are passing just so, and I once remembered a time when I was nothing, now, now I am something.
—  More than I can say for you, s.e.s

but that moment when you have a fave, but then you start to feel like you like another member more, but you feel like your cheating on the first member so you continue to say that the first member is your fave, but you always have this underlying feeling that your heart truly belongs to the other member and you live the rest of your life in a hurricane of lies and confusion.