hurricane music festival

JAM: Members of Rammstein once taped an MTV producer to a chair and set off a smoke bomb. What happened there?

It’s a long story I’ll make short. Once upon a time there was MTV Germany. They decided not to air one of our videos, “Angel”. They had problem with us because they though Rammstein had joined a right wing political cause because of the imagery in the video. They wouldn’t air. It was a hit single for the band, yet MTV Germany refused to play it. We called this guy out whose decision it was not to play the video. We wanted to talk about this and fix the problem. The guy started asking about the music, but he manipulated my answers to humiliate me. A little bit later, we saw the same guy at the Hurricane music festival. He was smiling at me like he had pulled one over on us. I was so mad at this asshole; I spoke to my manager and told him to tell the guy to come over so we can talk. We put him in a chair, the band surrounded him, and we had our little talk.

—  Richard in a 2011 interview with Jam magazine.