hurricane head

Who will save me when my demons will win?
I know that i can’t fight forever and i’m fucking scared..
My mind is slowly killing me and don’t you fucking dare to say it’s all in my head… But that’s why it hurts… It’s all in my head.. I have a fucking hurricane in my head getting angrier, stronger and meaner..
I have voices screaming in my head telling me that everything will fall apart..

Everyone was sure Q was going to break when they lost Bond. The building the agent had been inside had collapsed on top of him, there was no way even James Bond could survive that. Q simply signed off, taking off his com set and finishing his earl grey without even a hint of emotion. The room stayed silent, no dared even breathe. The Quartermaster was a time bomb, sitting in the middle of his own branch. R moved first, collecting the empty mug from Q’s desk and offering to type up a report. Q nodded his thanks, humming softly as he packed up laptop and made to leave– Moneypenny stopped him at the door. Q looked at her with eyes made of hurricanes and shook his head, Moneypenny let him pass without a word.

Things continued on with Q as if nothing had happened, acting as if James was only on an extended mission. It took about two weeks before everyone stopped treating him like glass, glass with a bullet hole through the center only held together by its own will. Another six months passed, the longest Q had been apart from James since they’ed met. Several members of Q branch became worried that Q was in denial, while others began to look over the resume and prepared to get new jobs to escape their sociopathic Quartermaster.

It was another eight months before Q actually smiled again. 011, a new agent Q had refused to hand 007′s number to, had his first successful mission that day and M had attributed most of the credit to Q’s branch. The mission had been a twelve hour ordeal and Q knew his cats wouldn’t be happy about him returning at three in the morning. Opening the door to his flat, Q’s senses were assaulted by the scents of dry blood and gun powder he’d nearly rid the flat of in the last year. 

Choking on the tears he’d held down for so many months, Q’s voice was thick in his throat. “What do you see?”

“A bloody big ship.” The voice drug across his skin like sandpaper, a code word, for times when there wasn’t enough time to explain how everything was going to be okay in the end. Bond, James Bond. Q’s agent had returned.

    ❛ the storm calls you as it calls me  - a lady midnight playlist [listen]


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I challenge you to make a poem with "the heck"

every time you see him
you lose yourself in him
until your every thought goes like this:
he could leave me in ruins
wreck my bones
put hurricanes in my head
and i would tell him to destroy me some more.
because what the heck?
it feels good to be in love.

he takes the skeletons out of your closet
and puts them to rest
you don’t know how someone could both
make your heart race and calm you.
he was a series of contradictions
and you loved every single one.

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Nick Name: My friends call me Bean and Thomas Jefferson. I have note nicknames but that would take a long time to name.

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: idek like 5'5 or something?

Current time: 21:20

Last Thing I Googled: Newsies Fanart 1992

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Song stuck in head rn: Hurricane by Panic! At the Disco

Last Movie I watched: Grease

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What I’m wearing rn: My favorite orange jacket(almost looks like Dirk Gently’s) a fall out boy shirt, purple and green sweatpants, and fuzzy socks.

When I created this blog: Much too long ago to remember

The kind of stuff I post: a lot of stuff, mostly things like DGHDA, Gotham, Sherlock, or anything I find interesting. MOSTLY DIRK GENTLY OR MEMES

Do I do asks regularly: I dont get any 😭 but if I did I would!

Why did I choose my URL: Brotzly

Gender: Male

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Favorite Color: Green

Average amount of sleep: 0

Lucky Number: I dont have one

Favorite Characters: Vogel(DGHDA), Lucifer(Supernatural), Moriarty(Sherlock), Oswald Cobbelpot/Selina Kyle(Gotham), Wills dogs(Hannibal), RaceTrack Higgins/Spot Conlen(Newsies)

Dream Job: Singer/Actor/Photographer/Artist

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3 to 6

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-Nickname: Gabby 
-Star sign: Pisces~ 
-Height: 5'5.5 
-Time right now: 11:42 
-Last thing googled: “Prom dresses Canada” (I like looking at dresses haaa) 
-Favorite music/artists: Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon, One Direction (I can’t shake them man), Hamilton, it’s honestly just a big mix. There’s a lot of different genres and stuff!! 
-Song Stuck in your head: Hurricane from Hamilton 
-Last movie watched: I don’t usually watch movies- uhh I think it’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 
-Last TV show watched: Voltron Legendary Defender 
-What are you wearing right now: Grey sweatpants (hue) and a burgundy tee shirt. (Bed time) 
-When did you create your blog: Ummmmm I’m not sure, is there a way to check? 
-What kind of stuff do you post: my blog is honestly a messsss. It depends on what I’m into at the time (currently Voltron and Hamilton. What an odd pair) and stupid posts that make me laugh! 
-Do you have other blogs: I have an aesthetic blog and I’m not sure that many people follow it, haaaa. I’m thinking about kicking up an art blog, though! And another blog for an Undertale AU with my god sister, that I never really taught myself how to keep up a blog of that type! 
-Do you get asks regularly: Nah not really, but that makes it better for when I DO get them. I ❤️ asks 
-Why did you choose your URL: I’m mixed race, half Canadian and half Filipina. Canuck+Pinoy=Pinuckk! With an extra k, cause of course Pinuck was taken. 
-Gender: Female 
-Hogwarts House: Gryffindor, baby! 
-Favorite color: I usually like reds, but I’m moving to a more cool blues and navy blue, and cool purple. 
-Average hours of sleep: usually 7-8. In a tired gal. 
-Lucky number: 38 
-How many blankets do you sleep with: 3 heavy ones, I find it easier to sleep with pressure, 
-Dream job: Are we going for realistic goals for me, because I would totally be an astronaut if I were good with sciences and math. 
-Following: oh man I just unfollowed like, 200 blogs because they were all fandoms I’m not in anymore, or they were gone. 307. br> I tag: @paestls @spaceistoobig And @wolfie-lycanth

The signs as Cry Baby & BADLANDS
  • Aries: Milk and Cookies, Roman Holiday
  • Taurus: Sippy Cup, Drive
  • Gemini: Alphabet Boy, Haunting
  • Cancer: Training Wheels, Coming Down
  • Leo: Cake, Control
  • Virgo: Pity Party, Colors
  • Libra: Play Date, New Americana
  • Scorpio: Cry Baby, Hurricane
  • Sagittarius: Mrs Potato Head, Ghost
  • Capricorn: Tag You're it, Young God
  • Aquarius: Mad Hatter, Gasoline
  • Pisces: Carousel, Strange Love

Some more interesting tidbits from the Civil War Junior Novelization:

*  “I take orders from him,” Sam said, pointing at Cap.  “Because he earned it.  He didn’t walk into my living room and demand it.”  “There’s nothing wrong with a chain of command,” said Rhodey.  “Says the lieutenant colonel at the top of the chain,” snorted Sam.  “Actually, I’m a full colonel now,” Rhodey replied.  Vision shook his head.  “You’re undercutting your argument,” he pointed out. 

*  “During hurricane season, they evacuated my mom and sister immediately.  Coordinated government authority,” said Rhodey. “it kind of works.”  Capt shook his head.  “Hurricanes can be predicated. The kind of things we deal with can’t.”

*  “I’ve made a lot of mistakes,” he [Tony] said.  “If agreeing to some tiny measure of parental guidance will let people sleep at night…then I don’t see a choice here.”

* “Tony shrugged. “Okay…it turns out it looks bad when Captain America doesn’t sign your accords.  If you come on board, we can make the last twenty-four hours legit.  Barnes could be headed to a nice American psych center, instead of a Wakandan jail.”’

*  “Steve worked his jaw. If it helped Bucky, maybe he would have to argee to the accords.  Tony saw Cap’s resolve wave and kept pressing his advantage.  “I need you, Steve,” Tony said imploringly.  

*  “I’m not saying it’s impossible,” said Steve, “but there’d need to be safeguards.”  Tony brightened.  Now they were getting somewhere.  “Tell me what gets it done.  Documents can be amended.  Once we put out the public relations fire, I’ll f ind a way to have you and Wanda reinstated.”

*  “She’s just a kid,” Cap said accusingly.  “People just want to feel safe,” Tony said lamely.  Steve started at Tony for a long time.   Finally, he said, “Well, you’re doing a great job so far.”

does anyone else ever really want to write and have all these cool ideas but when you try to write them your brain jumbles everything up and tosses ideas around like a tornado so nothing’s organized anymore your once story is just a big overwhelming hurricane in your head that you can’t put back together no matter how much you try to the point where it becomes really daunting and stressful to consider writing again
'We Were Already In A Cholera Crisis'; Hurricane Pummels Haiti, Heads North
Hurricane Matthew killed at least 11 people in Haiti before it barreled north toward the Bahamas. Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas all declared states of emergency as they prepared for the storm.

“Dirty water everywhere.”

That’s how Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald described the situation in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in an interview with NPR Wednesday morning. “A lot of rain and a lot of wind,” she said. “Before [Hurricane] Matthew, the ground was already saturated, so the idea that you could have 25 inches of rain is a very scary thought.”

Living with borderline personality disorder

means living fighting a war with yourself every day. You know you shouldn’t be upset by the simplest things but you can’t help it. You wake up feeling completely happy, normal, like you want to be, and one little thing just throws the whole day out the window for you. Someone says something and you take it as a wildly derogatory statement and you feel put down. Someone says something that makes you angry and you’re already suppressing so much anger that you want to snap. It’s like having a hurricane in your head. And you just want the clouds to clear.

I am personally offended by the vulnerability of sherlock in s3 when he folds the napkins and says “it just sort of … Happened” as if the only thing to stop the hurricane in his head of John getting married is to folD FUCKING NAPKINS I AM OFFENDED I AM HURT LET MY CHILD LIVE

I was sixteen when I hurt myself on purpose screaming into the sleeve of a sweater behind my closet door and my mother found me in the morning whispering it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay
I tried hard to forgive myself for the sins even I did not fully understand. Winter was at my window and everything was grey. When I looked outside at the first snow of the year my friends all smiled but all I could think was I’d rather be dead. There is a blackness in my chest and a hurricane in my head.
When they made me talk to doctors and nurses I couldn’t speak a word, but when I was in your office we could talk about anything, about the devil and god and ufos and music and art, about wanting to feel numb so bad it hurt, about being queer in a religious school, about falling in love for the first time, about insecurity, about betrayal, about abuse, about the winter, about the dark. Instead of pulling out my teeth with questions you allowed me a sigh of relief. When I was sixteen you helped me learn to keep on breathing. I am twenty-four and I am still here. And I am alive and I am awake and and I am excited and I am terrified and I am in love with every bit of it.
Thank you.
—  A Letter To The Only Therapist Who Listened, Heather Elise