hurricane evacuation plan

PSA: Bunnies and Storms (and other natural disasters)

Hey friends, storm season is approaching especially for the Midwest (where we live!). 

As we all know it’s scary being in severe weather as a human, but as a rabbit it can be very terrifying and put a lot of stress on your rabbit. It’s important to have your supplies packed for severe storms, but equally important to have supplies for your rabbit because they can be pretty hard to come by if something were to happen.

Last summer we had a tornado (I don’t think it actually managed to touch down, however, the weather was terrifying) and I woke up to Pickle thumping. His cage was set up by the biggest window in the house and I knew that was no place for him and he was scared. So I filled his carrier with fleece blankets, opened the door and he gladly hopped right in so I could take him to the basement with me. This was pretty lucky in my case, it could have been much worse and without warning. The the issue stands: I wasn’t ready and I want you guys to be if something happens!

Things to consider if you live in a region that has weather (i.e. everywhere):

  • Flooding: Consider keeping you rabbit’s cage off the ground if you know water could come in even a small amount of water can shock your rabbit or make him/her cold/sick/die.
  • Tornadoes/Thunder: Move your rabbit to the innermost room, away from windows, etc. Bring rabbit with you when you seek shelter. Have items packed. Big sounds can scare rabbits and some frail rabbits could be overly stressed and could get sick or die with constant scary noises!
  • Hutch Rabbits: Keep them inside. Seriously. What’s wrong with people who leave them outside all the time in a hutch and bad weather?
  • Hurricanes: Have everything packed if you realize you need to get out of there. Hurricanes are super serious and your evacuation plan should include your pet.
  • Fires: Similar to Hurricanes. Have your evacuation plans ready!

If you know you’re going to have severe weather (such as a tornado/thunderstorms/wind storms):

  • Have your carrier or a portable cage ready
  • Have a few days worth of hay packed & grab your pellets
  • Have filtered water/bottled/etc and your rabbit’s bottle or bowl
  • Have fleece blankets for bedding and for your rabbit to hide in
  • Maybe set up an area in your basement or go to area for the emergency
  • Keep your rabbit warm/dry if your basement is not finished
  • Keep rabbit calm by talking to him/her and by providing his/her necessities while the storm passes
  • Have your needs ready too! You  have to be well enough in tact to care for your rabbit too