hurricane dial

it’s 4:30 am so bear with me and maybe like ten people online rn will get what i’m talking about but anyway

i remember when i listened to the balloon party when it came out however many years ago i really hated sci’s song, hurricane dial, because i thought it sounded like a lot of discordant noise and sounds and stuff thrown together. but then maybe a year or two later, i’d listened to it again and i was like. this is actually really good … and i’m listening to it now and honestly it’s still pretty solid to my casual listener ears.

2012 me just was not fucking ready. it was too advanced for younger dave

If we were supposed to get the best of the best then why are we given tracks that sound as though the artist wasn’t even trying? “Hurricane Dial” brings to mind a toddler slamming his hands on a drum machine, creating nothing but an obnoxious miss mash of sound. I do enjoy the surprising cohesiveness of bastard pop, but “Hurricane Dial” was bastard pop done wrong.
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hey look what I found!

ok so the quality is kinda on the cheesy side but I love the direction here