I went to the Paine Field Flying Heritage Collection in Washington state this summer; right next to Boeing’s Washington Plant. The Collection is owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen and contains aircraft, artillery and armored vehicles. I have many more pictures and I’ll probably submit them about twice a week if that’s okay with you.

1 & 2) Spitfire Supermarine Mk. VC. Allocated to RAF No. 312 Squadron (a Czech unit) in 1942. Squadron Leader Thomas Vybiral used this aircraft to perform a daring raid on enemy shipping at St. Peter Port, Guernsey where he was hit by flak just behind the cockpit.

After extensive repairs the Spitfire served with other RAF units during the war and eventually became an instructional airframe and gate guard before being sold to a museum in Canada in 1964. Purchased by the FHC in 1991 and is in complete flying order.

3 & 4) Hawker Hurricane, numerically the most important fighter of the Battle of Britain and responsible for the most confirmed kills during the battle

5, 6, 7 & 8) B-25J Mitchell, famous for the Doolittle Raids on Japan. This B-25 was built in Kansas City during the last days of 1944 and was one of 117 B-25s modified to carry a Hughes E1 fire control radar for training.

The plane served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for ten years before being sold as surplus in 1961 to the Cascade Drilling Company of Calgary, where it served as a “water bomber.” In the 1990s it was bought by the FHC and restored to wartime and flying condition.

9 & 10) North American P-51D Mustang. A veteran of the Eighth Airforce’s 353rd Fighter Group and flown by Captain Harrison “Bud” Tordoff who used it to shoot down a Me 262.

After the war it served in the Royal Swedish Air Force and was later sold to the Dominican Republic, from which the plane was bought in 1998.

Text and pics submitted by @cavalier-renegade (thanks a whole bunch man!)

You and I are rain storms when we are apart, the kind that rip limbs off trees and carelessly toss them into the neighbors yard, but when we are together we are a fucking hurricane.
—  //Alexandra

If you are the type to pray, please pray for Mexico and everyone living there.

If you are not the type to pray, please send positive vibes towards Mexico and everyone living there.

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest recorded storm of any kind in recorded human history.



DO NOT DONATE TO THE RED CROSS. To be clear we are talking about the American Red Cross. As an organization they barely lift a finger to actually help people. When we lost pretty much everything to Hurricane Sandy they did absolutely nothing. It was only when officials started looking into the huge amount of donations the Red Cross got and question where they went that they started doing stuff. If you want to read more you can read a bit at the links below. There are a ton more articles out there that tell you why you shouldn’t donate to them.





http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/september2005/010905redcross.htm This link is from 2005! They’ve been doing this shit for a long time!

An average of 17 cents of every dollar donated goes to “fundraising expenses”. Then there’s vague back-end costs of “management and general expenses” that subtract even more off your donation. They take full advantage of the loopholes of their 501©(3) nonprofit status to pay their CEO and high-ranking paid employees a cushy salary as well.

Charity Navigator is a really good resource for determining if a charity is worth donating to. They rank charities on a bunch of things from transparency to accountability to how much of your donation actually reaches its destination. Charity Navigator has listed here some good organizations to donate to that ACTUALLY help and are already prepared to respond to Hurricane Patricia:

Convoy of Hope, Direct Relief, GlobalGiving, Heart to Heart International, International Medical Corps, MAP International, Medical Teams International, and Water Missions Hospital.

These are all rated much higher than the Red Cross. Direct Relief is highest rated. It has a grade of over 99 while the Red Cross has a grade of just under 81. Heart To Heart International and MAP International each have a grade of over 97.

I think it’s clear that these charities are all doing a lot better with your money than the Red Cross.

concept; Halsey and Brendon Urie are on tour together. one of them says they should sing hurricane. the other agrees. the audience is full of anticipation. who’s version of hurricane are they going to sing? the audience is wrong. it’s neither. Lin Manuel Miranda comes onto the stage in full Hamilton attire. the ensemble joins onstage. he sings hurricane.

Gostaria de ser o seu ponto de equilíbrio. Gostaria de ser a pessoa que te ajuda a encontrar a paz. Gostaria de te ajudar nos seus momentos mais sombrios, que são os momentos que você insiste em se afastar. Gostaria de ser quem você procura pra desabafar ou simplesmente desabar. Gostaria que no meu abraço, um lar você pudesse encontrar. Gostaria de estar agora mesmo ao seu lado, pra falar mais uma vez que eu cheguei na sua vida pra ficar, que jamais desistirei de você e nem irei te abandonar.
—  Suelen Bastos.