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Do you play duel monsters irl?

I used to play A LOT when I was younger, but my deck washed away with Hurricane Irene (my friend and I played in her basement and it got DESTROYED then), but now I do with Duel Links and my college friend gifted his extra cards so I can make a deck!! I’m a bit rusty 😂

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Collinsville, Connecticut.

Hurricane Irene: with a New yorker

Hurricane Irene dumped vast amounts of water on the eastern US at the weekend, cut electricity to millions of people and prompted warnings of extensive flash flooding further inland.

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NY resident: Because the storm was categorized initially as category 2, most low laying area and the shore had mandatory evacuation. It was a law. those who refused to evacuate could have been arrested! Or told that if something happens nobody can help them as the rescue personnels could not reach them and it was a threat to their life too.

RESQ CODE: So was the entire city empty as the hurricane hit the city?

NY resident: In Jersey shores there was 90% evacuation and in some cities by the shore 100%

RESQ CODE: Where does every one go and live after evacuation?Does everyone have a house? 

NY resident: As for NY, only the downtown area was evacuated as there was high tide, and the storm because the wave to surge as high as 8 to 10 FT.These (evacuation) centers have beds, food, pet food, diapers for babies etc. It is for people to live there for 4 to 5 days without any problem.

NY resident: After Katrina, Tide, the washing detergent took buses with washing machine and did free laundry for the effected people.

RESQ CODE:Was there a panic stream amongst the people leaving the city?

NY resident:They had made the roads one way. You could only leave, not come in. So there was no traffic problem

RESQ CODE: Was this your first hurricane experience? 

NY resident: Yes, because we don’t have Hurricane’s in NY.

RESQ CODE: Are tents put up for evacuation camps?

NY resident: No, these are secured school buildings or any other concrete structure on higher grounds.

my life is so super perfect right now and everthing is sunshine and sausages.

friday I got robbed. in my house. one day after students moved in above me. and the dick director of residence life can’t even take time out of his day to send me an email asking about or apologizing for the situation. we work together pretty frequently so there really isn’t any reason fro him not to reach out and just let him know they are working to make my building more secure.

additionally my power went out with the hurricane on sunday and is still out with no restoration date in sight. ok maybe by friday. but the gas/electric company has not even been out to look at the tree resting on my wires. annoying. now i’m stuck living in the dark in a house i was just robbed in.

Online grad classes started this week. while I have no internet or electricity. great timing to fuck me up universe. I’m pretty much at my breaking point. I told my VP yesterday I have about 24 more sane hours left in me and that I will need some answers soon. I’m hanging on by a thread here…

my boss’s boss just told me she accepted a new job in texas and is leaving in 7 weeks. I feel like she is my only ally on this entire fucking campus and now she is leaving and i want to be happy for her but i’m just too damn sad for myself at the moment.

I Survived Hurricane Irene

Praise God, our home, car, property & lives were spared!!  We suffered only the loss of power for a week.  That was mentally/emotionally hard on one like me who must have nite-lites on through-out the house & whose idea of “roughing-it” is a Holiday Inn.  But we did it & here are some tips that helped us through:  1. those little solar lights for your yard for sale at Wal-Mart, can be brought in at night & double as nite-lites.  Just had to remember to put them out during the day to recharge.  2.  Move fridge items up to freezer & w/bags of ice my husband brought home from work we managed to salvage some perishables.  Just didn’t realize if ice bags weren’t placed in something as the ice melts the water would leak out & unto floor.  But if water is caught in something, that ice water can double for hair washing w/the help of GOOP.  3.  Must always have GOOP in the house, AMAZIN’ stuff.  4.  Helps to be married to former military, they know how to “rough-it.”