Teuvo Teravainen - I love you.

 Hi my team SUCKS so I’m pissed but I’m gonna request anyway. Could you write a Teuvo Teravainen thingy where something bad happens to you (like a breakup, a game loss, a friendship ends) and he just cuddles you while you cry on him? Thanks

Author’s note: Hello there! I was just having this issues with my team two weeks ago. -Julianne

“Hey are you home?”  You texted your best friend Teuvo. Within seconds he replied back a yes. With that you drove to his place.

You just found out that your boyfriend of a year was cheating on you with some blonde model. To say you were made was an understatement. You had been feeling everything. One moment you felt mad, then the next you were crying do to being sad. Some part of you was also really happy.

You parked your car in front of Teuvo’s house and made your way into his places.

“Teuvo?” You yelled once you came in.

“Hey.” He said coming into the room. “What’s wrong?” He said once he saw your wet face. Before you knew it Teuvo had your head on his chest holding you until you stopped crying. Once you felt okay to talk you lifted your head to look at Teuvo. His face was soft and worried. God did you want to kiss him.

“He was cheating on me.”

“I’m going to kill him! What the hell is wrong with him!” Teuvo yelled.

“It’s fine, really. I feel like it’s better off this way.” You said hugging Teuvo closer. With a sigh Teuvo wrapped his arms around your small body relaxing into your grip. You two stood like that for five minutes before Teuvo spoke.

“You deserve so much better, I never liked Jack. You deserve someone who doesn’t feel the need to cheat. Someone who holds you and make you feel safe. Someone that looks at you like your the only girl in the room. God I hate Jack. Are you sure I can’t beat the crap out of him?”

Before you could think you lifted your head up and placed your lips on Teuvo’s lips.

“What was that for?” He asked smiling.

“You make me feel safe and you hold me. Every time I walk in a room you only see me, don’t you?” You asked.

Instead of saying anything Teuvo grabbed your face and pulled you in for another kiss.

“I love you…more than a friend. I’ve always had but I was too scared to say anything because I didn’t want to lose you. I thought if I didn’t say anything it would hurt but not as much as not being able to see your face everyday. So I watched you get treated by guys who don’t deserve to be with you.”

“I’ve loved you too but I thought you just loved me as a friend. I’ glad I kissed you though, now I have a non-crappy guy. I love you.”

A smile made its way on Teuvo’s face.

“I love you too.”


Hurricane Sandy Turned These Photos Into Acid Dreamscapes

We’ve seen the cosmic visual effects that come along with developing a roll of 35mm film after its gone unused for year, but what happens when you leave a superstorm the likes of last year’s Hurricane Sandy to have its way with the artifacts of your purist medium? 

This, apparently. Now I wish I could say “Hurricane Sandy developed this guy’s film,” or some such punched-up header, but as whimsically dream-like as these images are, that likely isn’t the case. Their seemingly random development patterns could have been the result of floodwaters oxidixing the Kodachrome (or whatever brand equivalent) prints, true. But that’d be a stretch–the chances of water alone developing “any silver-based film, especially color film, and especially especially slide color film,” Reddit user brie-otch writes, are pretty slim. More likely the photos were already developed, leaving Sandy’s waters to warp the photos into gauzy, water-colored vestiges of their former selves.    


- by Brian Anderson