Katrina passed this way

In the background, the Lake Pontchartrain expressway. It was the lake, rather than the Mississippi, that broke its banks during the hurricane, overwhelming the levee system and inundating much of New Orleans. Ten years on there are many such abandoned places and remnants of damage beyond repair.


First team cosplay.

Shiny: Daredevil
1. Mask: I hand crocheted his mask and included horns on it.
2. Custom Service Dog Vest: I haven’t decided if I will crochet it graphghan style or have a friend make it.

Me: Echo
1. Black shirt: I found it on amazon for $10 I will hand sew some white pieces on it
2. Black Pants: I found on amazon which I’ll probably wear more than just for the cosplay.
3. Black boots: I’ll be taking a pair of my husband’s old military issue black combat boots (he’ll shine them make them look better before I go.
4. The arm wraps will be crocheted. I’ll crochet some of the straps as well

Cosplay for both of us will be under $75 I’m sure….yarn is $9.99 a pound. So this has been a very CHEAP cosplay to do.

I’ve never done a comic book cosplay before, only doctor who (yeah we’re pretty geeky).

We’re also planning a firefly cosplay and possibly a simply fantasy one.

I’ll be doing a Mermaid tail for myself (I use my chair at the con), and we don’t know WHAT shiny will be!