In the special exhibition Nature’s Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters, learn about historic hurricanes, like 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina was only a Category 3 hurricane when it hit New Orleans in August 2005. But circumstances conspired to make it one of the worst disasters in U.S. history.

The ingredients for disaster were in place before Katrina even hit:

  • New Orleans is almost entirely below sea level and surrounded by water.
  • City officials had known for years that a major hurricane could cause the levees (walls that hold the water back) to fail. But the problem was never addressed, even as the planet warmed and sea levels rose.
  • Meanwhile the canals and floodwalls built to make the Louisiana coast habitable for humans have displaced the sediments that support its wetlands.
  • Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, which form a natural barrier against hurricanes, are disappearing at a rate of 33 football fields a day.

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“Owen, please, don’t go…What happens if -”

                                                                     “I will return, Amelia.”

{Little something I mashed up, hope you guys like it.}


Owen Hunt was a surgeon, a soldier, a man. But nothing, nothing could have trained him for this. He had been trained like any other soldier, yet the difference was, he never used those specific skill sets, he was a surgeon, not a fighter. So when thrusted into that world, Owen fell, fell into the hands of the enemy. With no path to home, with no contact to home. The first few weeks, his stomach grew thinner, and he counted each day, memorizing how long he was there. It wasn’t too long before the man lost count, but the day he lost count; he lost something else to- HOPE. Now only able to willow in the fact he would never be able to see his family again, never able to hold his kid in his hands. The thought of his family was most likely the only thing that kept him alive all these months- because it sure as hell wasn’t hope


Eyes fluttering open, the soldier winced it pain expecting to see the men holding him captive, yet it was the exact opposite.  “Eyes on the target, We’ve got him. Owen? Owen Hunt? It’s okay, I’m SGT Jake Ballard, I’m bringing you home, you’re safe now. We’ll have you back in the arms of your family in no time.” The other soldiers loud voice rang through the gingers dazed head, as they made their way to the chopper. Owen’s own knees were weakened and he needed support. 

Held for holding, the soldier wasn’t able to make it back home for another few days, asking that they didn’t contact his family. He could do that himself and he didn’t want them to frantically be driving over, after all the soldier needed time on his own.  

The night’s he was their he got zero to no sleep, leaving his whole body tense while his eyes dragged a little. Stepping up to the hospital,ignoring the shocked expression an faces that only made the soldier cringe and tense up, taking a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them back up. His gut twisted and turned and made his way into the attendees lounge, where he waited for Amelia, sitting down in one of the chairs slowly.  Teddy had informed him that she was in the middle of surgery and despite his efforts to let her finish the surgery teddy had told him she would get her right away. 

It had been a whole year. A whole year since he had seen his wife. Since he had seen his very PREGNANT wife. So, knowing that the door would open to not only his wife, but soon he would be seeing his kid he never got the chance to meet, made it all the more real.