A list things First Aid says when mocking/roasting Ratchet:

• “Hurrdurr I’m Ratchet. I can hear the difference between a healthy and chipped spark but can’t hear a second opinion to save my life.”
• “Don’! You won’t like me when I get the wrench!
• “Percy lemme smash.”
• “Politeness is just fake hippie-dippy bullshit that Drift came up with.”

RFA+S - Love Languages

I like love languages, and it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

So, everyone has a preferred love language.  Most people have 2 or 3 that are pretty close, I think, so I chose the RFA’s top 2.  I tried for what they were most thankful to receive, as well as what they might find most meaningful to give.

Minorly NSFW-ish because they’re adults, so some of it crosses over.

Spoilers.  So many.  I refer to their routes a lot because I have way too much time on my hands and do not want to work on an assignment.

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Where has T’errin been?!

So, I haven’t actually RP’d for like 3 months. Part of it is due to life, part due to me being me, part etc. Due to this, I wanted to initially make a dumb story about how she has been away on business that happens to involve the attack on Baelsar’s Wall. Rather than actually putting in effort though, I’m just gonna post the outline I made for myself instead.

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okay but I can’t fucking take how sad John looks

look how old and tattered that banner is 

he’s just staying at his old home alone surrounded by his old memories 

it’s reminding me of the trip across the yellow yard. he feels useless and alienated 


but still smiles like “hurrdurr I’m ok” NO YOU’RE NOT

Fandoms have become destructive cults on social media

To the 

“hurrdurr as long as they’re not hurting anyone so it’s fine” 

people. I say to you: Let’s all quit our jobs and take heroin all day. We won’t be hurting anyone else, so it’s fine. If you can understand why that’s bad advice you now understand why being mindful of people’s behavior in a wider context matters. People’s behavior is influence by environment, people’s behavior influences environment. To state that people’s behavior doesn’t matter and isn’t a sign of anything and thus doesn’t need looking at or understanding in anyway is naive in the extreme.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any ss fanfic pet peeves?

Oh yes loads! 

Sasuke referring to Sakura as “Sakura-chan”

Sakura referring to Sasuke as “Sasucakes”

Sasuke being a playboy

Sakura sleeping around with other guys 

Sakura rejecting Sasuke because she thinks she’s too good for him

Basically Sakura being a brat to Sasuke because self insert hurrdurr I think Sasuke deserves it for putting Sakura through so much so I’m going to write her how I want her to be or how I think she should be!!!1!!

Forced friendships to make certain characters a part of SasuSaku

…and so on.

All of these are just so far from how they really are. But yeah at the end of the day, it’s fanfiction.