SPN Fandom Rant

I need to get some stuff off my chest. SPN is not just a show. It really isn’t. It may seem that way to other people, but no other fandom has held so much support and love. No, I’m not “just a fangirl” because “the characters are hot, hurrdurr”. No. Don’t you fucking dare play me and every other SPN fan off as some obsessive, shallow airhead just ready to jump anything with a jawline. Are they gorgeous human beings though? Of course. But their personalities and stories shine brighter than anything. This show and this cast and this community has done so much for me and gotten me through so many tough times, and I’m sure anyone in the fandom can say the same. I’m happier than ever now, but I know that if I ever fall, the SPNfam is here to push me right back on my feet.

It’s not just a show. You don’t know what this “just-a-show” has done for me, and people all over the world. Don’t fucking judge me for loving this blessed community because you don’t know how many lives it’s saved. Don’t. You. Fucking. Dare. If you are seriously choosing to be an uneducated, close-minded bag of dicks insistent on assuming that everyone is as shallow as you are, please kindly fuck off and spread your negativity elsewhere.

I’m done. I don’t know who’s going to bother reading that long ass rant but I’m just very angry at presumptuous assholes who dismiss us at the sound of the word “fangirl”. It may not have a very serious connotation society, but it means a lot more to us than they can even imagine. They have absolutely no right to demean what we love. Okay, NOW I’m officially done. I’m sorry that was so long, but I’m glad I got that out.

-Jess. Posted on my Instagram fan account @mishaddicted (feel free to follow!)