dear one, move your hands
from your eyes. place them with
your weary feet; your aching spine.
a harried gait and furrowed brow
will only take you from me the sooner,
so strip them from your body
as you did your rain-soaked clothes
and leave them by the door.

hang beside them any words of apology
you thought to string together
to match your late arrival.
we are the same, us two, and i see the sorrow
in the downturn of your cherry lips
the same as you read the smile in mine.

stretch out beside this lonely soul
and ease his troubled heart
a moment longer. keep it honest
in the palm of your hands. in lieu of alms,
or silver, or gold, i give you
psalms, murmured into the crook
of your neck, and promises pressed
to the bend of your knees.

a truth:

your love could inspire the faithless,
so i study cartography
and try to read futures
in the spread of your veins.

in one, we are dying.
the flowers in your hair
are matted red from the fall of our fellows,
and my cheeks are flush with more
than the sort of blood that sings.
you speak of revolution with your final breath,
and i am drowning in it.

in another, we are ghosts —
several, women —
many, children.
in two or three, we are lovers,
and those are the sort of comings
of which i could be persuaded to sing.

and this one? you ask,
eyes sparkling with mischief
as you drag me back down
into our shared bed.

i know not, i murmur, but i am smiling,
for if this is to be our last,
surely i would be remiss
if i did not distract
your clever, wanting mouth,
or aid your hands
in their devilish pursuits
once more.

let us leave the prophesying to visionaries and angels.
i would speak only of men, jehan.
i would speak only with you.


stephanie van xthe devolution of the saints

♥ combeferre x jehan ♥

originally part of an art trade w/ the darling perplexingly

((the lovely lisbeth asked me to make a text post of this to make it easier to reblog for people w less photo-friendly layouts, so here you are, sweets! /trills))

hurrayforthemadness  asked:

This one is my favourite, and the most relevant for me personally: “Both heterosexuals and homosexuals view bisexuality with misunderstanding, mistrust, hostility, and alienation. These scenarios do not leave bisexuals in the situation often referred to as ‘‘having the best of both worlds,’’ because ‘both worlds are closets’.” — from Attitudes and Self-Images of Male and Female Bisexuals by Carol D. Bronn

Publishing this one, because I want to savour it.


hurrayforthemadness  asked:

I remember the time I went to see A Single Man at the local theatre, and my brother tagged along. Most of the audience were people who came there by themselves, mostly in their 30s and older, we were definitely the youngest there. Everybody was really serious, no one laughed, ate soundly or anything. We kept calm right until the scene where Colin holds a picture of naked Matthew Goode - a picture of his dead love - and my brother went 'OOOH WOW' *sexy voice*. It took a lot not to punch him ;)

HA! :D

I saw the movie with my parents, and I teared up within the first five minutes or so. Oh God. This book/movie. I had a couple of lectures on the novel during my Queer Literature class, and the professor talked about it so beautifully that I wanted to run up and give him a hug afterwards. I didn’t, mind, but I really wanted to. 

hurrayforthemadness  asked:

*fights the urge to send you ALL THE NUMBERS* well I guess 8 10 and 12

Well, an anon already beat you to that!


1. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
Remember that feeling you got the first time you watched the new episodes of Doctor Who? That sense of awe and excitement and wonder and curiosity and just overall giddiness? I want to go on that adventure, and I’d love to go with the girl who will look at me with this huge grin on her face and silently mouth: “WEREWOLVES!” across the room. Sign me up.

2. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
Adventures can go horribly wrong, and I’d like Veronica Mars to talk and/or blackmail our way out of a sticky situation. You just never know when you’ll find yourself caught in a mob bar in the middle of the night with a drug dealer waving a gun in your face and asking for his money, you know?

3. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
I reckon that Hermione and I would get along very well, and have similar priorities when it comes to the disctinction between adventure and madness. Also, she is a quick thinker and resourceful during a crisis, so it would be good to have her on my side.

4. Zoe Washburne (Firefly)
I should not even have to explain this one.

5. Dana Scully (The X Files)
All I want is to go looking for lost civilisations in India or Bolivia or some forgotten island somewhere with Scully.


1. Velma Kelly (Chicago)
Because have you seen Catherine Zeta-Jones?

2. Santana Lopez (Glee)
I may have my issues with the writing on Glee (lots and lots of them), but on a purely superficial level, I think we can all agree that Santana is really ridiculously attractive.

3. Chloe Beale (Pitch Perfect)
Please. We all know that she was the real lesbian in this movie.

4. Olive Penderghast (Easy A)
Or maybe I just mean Emma Stone. Either. Both.

5. Donna Paulsen (Suits)
I reckon that Donna is fantastic at everything she does, including kissing.


1. Sybil Crawley (Downton Abbey)

2. Bel Rowley (The Hour)
It’s funny because it got cancelled. By which I mean, not funny at all.

3. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
It’s funny because it got cancelled. By which I mean, not funny at all. But hopefully the upcoming Veronica Mars movie is going to bump her right off this list!

4. Toshiko Sato (Torchwood)
Torchwood has this habit of killing off characters I like, and Tosh definitely deserved better.

5. Lavinia Swire (Downton Abbey)