hurray for the weekends

  • I am trying so hard today, but I’m just not getting anywhere. Monday is a day where I really don’t want to deal with a problem that someone else caused, but I am now responsible for fixing. Meh.
  • I am considering starting a secondary/side blog, but unlike the porn/nswf that a lot (not saying all) of you have, it will be mostly beer, and food.
  • For some reason I am feeling a great deal of anxiety today, and I am not even sure what is causing it.
  • You know that awesome amount of sleep I got the night before? Well not last night. Back to the usual waking up 90 minutes + before my alarm goes off, and tossing and turning until it does. Hurray!
  • Offshoot Beer release on Thursday, then fun plans for the weekend. I need to fast forward to Friday already.
  • I didn’t get out to the movies this weekend, but I am SO going to see The Kingsman on Thursday. I cannot wait!

Okay, that’s it.

I need a new belt, and should absolutely purchase one this weekend..
  • The one I have is too big now, and my pants keep slipping.
  • Though they are both receiving atrocious reviews, I am certain I will have seen both Baywatch, and Pirates of the Caribbean by the end of the holiday weekend.
  • Bro date this Saturday. Haven’t seen my homie in a little over 6 months. He got some sort of fucked up insect/spider bite that got infected really bad, so much so he was in the hospital for a few weeks, then required PT. I’ll be drunk, and I am probably going to drunk text you, sorry.
  • Don’t think I haven’t noticed. because I totally have.
  • I was considering staying late tonight, but I just want to go home and take a nap.
  • All my DC shows on the CW are over for the season, and now I have to wait until The Fall. Sad!
  • I may be hanging out with Marjorie @ropeandcoffee this weekend. Hurray!
  • Some people are all about getting out of town for this 3-day weekend. Going camping, hitting up the desert, or the beach. I think that is great. Me? Not so much. Not ever.
  • Sometimes I can’t help but think about sex while I am doing my workouts. Good thing I was wearing baggy sweats.
  • I want to FF to tomorrow @ 2:30 PM so i can gtfo and enjoy 4 days off.
  • I had something else that was witty to put here, but I just fucking forgot what it was.

Okay, that’s it.

Trying to practice how to do a few new things, I think I’ve taken this about as far as I can go, whaddya think peoples, does she work, or no?

In any case, hurray for Friday, enjoy your weekend doing whatever it is that humans do. Unless you work this time of week, in that case, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed!

I had to work both days in the weekend. Hurray for more money and experience…but less time for me to draw. I just saw the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re….SO MUCH YES! I needed to make a quick fanart. Ishida! You have made exactly the kind of character I have always wanted to read in a manga. <3 


A holiday weekend is here, hurray! Beyond the requisite lounging, relaxing, doing nothing-ness that is required on a three day weekend, here’s what we’ll be reading:

Jaida is going to attempt THE CASUAL VACANCY by JK Rowling again.

Joanna and Jess are finishing up CALIFORNIA by Edan Lepucki.

Jackie is reading LOST AND FOUND by Brooke Davis.

Pouya is reading BOT WARS by JV Kade.

Suzie is reading KUSHIEL’s MERCY by Jacqueline Carey.

Danielle is reading AFTERWORLDS by Scott Westerfeld.

Happy Labor Day and weekend!

Gratitude List

Despite the shitstorm that my week has been, I still have a lot to be grateful for.

Here are a few:

1) I am meeting @littlerunnergurl and @aymielia this weekend! Hurray!

2) LRG kindly offered us the use of her spare bedroom Sunday and Monday nights, which will be: A. Awesome! and B. a big cost savings.

3) it is a very small company, but I got a hug from the vice President today, and I have already been texted by three of my coworkers to make sure that we stay in touch.

4) The office manager at work was so kind today. She gave me two boxes of half-caff Keurig pods, saying no one would drink them but me, and she also gave me two 12 packs of La Croix sparkling water which she had just put in the fridge because she knows I like them. She also talk to the boss and got him to pay me for the rest of this week and even the PTO that I would’ve earned this week. Last, my insurance coverage will be ending September 1st, which is difficult because I take a bunch of prescription medication for my heart condition that I can’t just stop taking. One of them is about $300 a month if I don’t have insurance. So it will take me some time to figure out a solution. As I was leaving today, she handed me a Post-it note and made a mum’s the word motion. When I looked down to read it, it said: I extended your insurance coverage until October 1st.

5) You guys! With your supportive comments and kind messages in my inbox, my Tumblr friends have made me feel much better than I would otherwise.

Thank you!!

My eyes welled up with tears a couple times today, but it was because of all the kindness that people are showing me.