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“Remember when you promised we’d always be together? Because I remember when I thought you meant it.” Oh I could do things with this one but I wanna see what you come up with.

Filling These

“That’s supposed to be for emergencies,” Khadgar reprimanded the moment he appeared. The teleport light had barely faded before his tired face was pinched in a frown.

Lothar shrugged, “We’re at war, it’s considered a constant state of emergency.” Lothar feigned surprise, “Or did you forget that? It’s been rather a long time since you were last in Stormwind of course, the memory tends to fade after a while.”

“I don’t have time for this,” Khadgar pinched the bridge of his nose, “You deliberately summoned me here to pick a fight.”

“No,” Lothar corrected, “I’m finishing our last one.”

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I’m gonna be where the people are! Soon I will be in Las Vegas dancing! Strolling along down the… whats that word again? Oh… strip ^_^ Haha Hurray for the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention! I’ll get to see my Trek family again so soon!!! #STLV

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i just used 12 hours of international flight time to watch the entire first season of Fargo, the tv show, and IT IS !!! SO GOOD???? 

i don’t think i know anyone who’s even heard of it but Y’ALL that first 9 hour flight went by in about 10 minutes, i take that as a sign it is p legit 

If i do nothing my father will return and get mad at me for not doing any chores. If I do anything without first consulting my mother she will get mad at me for doing something wrong. She’s refusing to tell me anything just saying I should do nothing. But if i do that then she still will get mad at me for wasting the day :’) hurray

First of all, I’m very sorry for the quality - my pc burned down, and for some reason my laptop doesn’t recognize the scanner. I had to use the camera, and, well. I’m sorry

I take a lot of different pills. It’s not easy, knowing that if I ignored any of them, I would feel very bad. Hurray for unwanted “friend” that keep me company each day.

Life update

So I started my new job a couple weeks ago and i love it. But I get home and pretty much immediately pass out. This is also the first time in years end of month is coming and I’m not financially panicking. And I’m not scared of the bills in my mailbox. So that’s so nice… Hurray for successful adulting!


this thing has been kind of a pain and i didn’t have the foresight or energy to record the lineart for all of it (including some of the cool aka frustrating parts) but i didnt want to waste what i did have so hey. some people told me they find this kind of video relaxing to look at!

idk if ill record my coloring it or not yet, i kind of just want to finish it!

Now that I finished reading all of the Harry Potter books and watched all of Harry Potter movies, I CAN JOIN THE HARRY POTTER FANDOM WHOOO!!! (I hated the last movie though…. They cut so many parts/scene from the book that I loved ;A;)

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I just want to share that little introvert moment: When I was back from a little road trip with two friends (a couple), I didn't had a moment for me in two days plus I had 4 hours of sleep before coming back home, so i needed my lonely time, but my mother's family was there and expecting me to talk about my road trip. I'm glad they didn't insist on me being social, but I stil was called antisocial by one of my aunt... At least my other aunt get that I was just being introvert.


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HL #15 (for the drabble 😌)

15. “So, I found this waterfall…” 

“So,” Harry said, “I found this waterfall…”

Louis groaned, rolling over onto his front in bed and cracking an eyelid so he could squint into the sunlight streaming in through the curtains.  “Wha?”

“I found a waterfall!” Harry repeated. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, beaming down at Louis and looking far too awake for whatever time it was.  

“What do you mean you found a waterfall?” Louis grumbled, pressing his face into the cool sheets. “Like you snuck out in the middle of the night and went exploring? Or you located one on a map?”

“Ha ha, very funny,” Harry said, kissing Louis’s bare shoulder.  He followed the kiss up with a loud smack to Louis’s ass.

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