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This guy posts a lot about anime and what not. He just put up this video about Toriyama and Dragon ball thought you of all people would find it interesting. The ask robot wont let me put in the link, but it's called "The Genius of Dragon Ball" by super eyepatch wolf on youtube. check it out if you have a chance.

I was thinking this was some shameless plug or something, but I like it! He talks about the history of Toriyama’s work, and how Dragon Ball was thought up. It also focuses on Toriyama himself rather than just being like ‘hurr durr dbz awesome’ like I figured it’d be like.

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Being a Jew, what do you think of the current Islamization that many places in Europe are currently undergoing? I ask because, as you likely know, many many Muslims are very antisemetic.

It worries me. I think that too many people are giving power to the extremists and nowhere near the coverage for genuinely modernised and decent Muslims. And the thing is, the more that the extremists are empowered, the more dangerous it is for the moderate and progressive Muslims to speak out. So with less moderates and progressives speaking out, more Muslims are being convinced that following the extremism is the only way to be a “real” Muslim, and that just escalates and makes the situation much worse.

It’s worrying. And I don’t think there are any easy answers. No decent person wants to target decent Muslims for abuse, because they’re just ordinary people with their own faith, which is (obviously) totally fine, but at the same time, we can’t just ignore extremism and turn a blind eye to other issues in their communities. It’s not right that decent people are tarred with the same brush as the awful people. 

The only thing that I think we can do is stand with and support all the decent Muslims that speak out, protect them, and criticise and condemn the extremists so that we’re not stereotyping with the “Hurr durr, all Muslims are evil terrorists” nonsense. And we need to have bridges between communities so that individual Muslims don’t grow up with bigoted beliefs and think that they’re good or normal when they’re not. They need the tools so that they can make the conscious choice to move away from bigotry.

No one can help what they’ve been brought up to believe, no matter who they are or where they’re from or what that belief is. But if we can show them another way, then sticking with those awful beliefs will be nobody’s fault but their own.

There are no easy answers. 

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I just read your "Adulting 101". You'll probably see the review on amazon anyway, but I just wanted to tell you directly how much I enjoyed it! I LOVE that you didn't go the way of most stories about this topic like "He was stupid but now he realizes that and he gets a job and accounting is actually fun and he gets married and has children and tax season's his favourite season hurr durr". You showed another possible way of growing up and I'm just so happy to finally read that in a story!!

Aw! Thank you so much! I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, and I’m technically middle-aged. There are so many stories out there, particularly YA, with teenage protagonists who FIND THEIR PURPOSE. Which, good for them, but what about those of us who don’t? That’s okay too! It’s is totally okay to not know what you want to do, and to work a bunch of different jobs until you find one you like. Or you don’t! It’s totally possible that you work a job you really don’t like in order to finance the stuff that you do like. 

And I saw this as the person who went to university because she didn’t want to get a job yet. I cannot stress how glad I was to get into uni. I mean, I had my part-time job at the supermarket, but I didn’t want a real job yet. 

I am also the person who finally moved out of the flat at the back of my mum’s house and bought my own house just so I could get a dog. 

I am the person who accidentally adults for the most non-adult reasons. And guess what? There are a lot of us out here!

It was actually really important for me that in the end of Adulting 101 Nick still has no idea what the hell to do with his life. And why should he? He’s eighteen! He’s got his entire life in front of him to explore and to figure himself out. 

Society, and parents, and the education system too often want to lock kids into these decisions when they’re still kids. And while I really do have the greatest admiration for young people who know exactly what they want to do and how to get there, there are an awful lot of people out there who don’t. There are so many different paths in life, and sometimes it takes a little longer to find yours. I’m still trying new things, and I love it! 

I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I don’t usually check reviews, but I’ll head on over and take a look! 

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Adulting 101 is here on Amazon

It’s nearly a year since A T*ief’s End came out and I still have a lot of problems with it because the game doesn’t feel like the previous games to me but rather like “hurr durr look what we can do with the new fancy PS4 technology” but something that always seemed odd to me was the prison plot. 

I wonder if Nate, Sam and Rafe had been in prison for another reason as to get rid of Sam after half a hour to explain why he never got mentiond in the previous games before because it obviosuly was easier to explain it away that it was very traumatic for Nate to see his brother “die” in front of his eyes without being able to help him. And it was just as easy to come up with the whole prison break lie. A pretty thin lie but okay, whatever.

My point is, that tower Nate explores is just standing in the water and minding its own business. It doesn’t seem like it’s a part of the prison anymore and there is no visible security system. So wouldn’t it have been easier to take a small boat and drive up to it at night instead of rotting away in prison for who knows how long and getting help from a shady guard? I just honestly wonder what made it impossible for Nate, Rafe and Sam to take the water way and going in and out without anyone noticing it.

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Could you please - pretty please - write a Germano fluff? (it doesn't have to be super fluffy though) Love ya and your stories

The Hidden Meaning

The only reason Ludwig doesn’t pop a blood vessel in his head is because Feli and Romeo decided to spill the beans to him about how Lovino shows affection. It made so much sense afterwords why the two brothers could be with and have pleasant interactions with Lovino for so long. Really though Ludwig thought they just didn’t listen to their elder brother but in the end they learned to see the depth of his insults.

“You fucking idiot wear a jacket,” Lovino throws a balled up sweater at Feli. It lands on his head and Feli peeks from the top with a laugh. Ludwig watches the interaction, trying to pick out the actual sincere concern beneath the harsh words. Feli just puts on the sweater and makes a silly face at Lovino, whose shoulders, surprisingly, relax and his entire stance becomes more at ease.

That is until he looks at Ludwig.

Ludwig actually freezes up. He’s always been on the receiving end of Lovino’s horrid insults and he’s tried to think back to them to see if there is any kind of concern laced inside. So far no luck. He waits patiently for Lovino’s judging look to subside, probably wondering what he’s doing at their house in the first place.

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Creepypasta #631: Anyone Here Remember The Old News Story About The Dismembered Feet?

Story length: Super long

My basement apartment flooded just in time for Christmas. Ho ho ho. Don’t worry about me though, I’m staying with a friend who has a kickass oceanfront view which beats the hell out of my old shoebox. Speaking of boxes, this flooding thing finally forced me to root through all the old junk boxes I’ve been carting around for so long. A lot of my stuff was ruined by water damage, but there was one sheaf of hastily stapled papers that might be of interest to you guys.

Way back when I was a poor, sheltered home schooled student (I know) I’d spend my free time on the public library computers browsing livejournal for decent fanfiction (I know, I know). One wikiwalk led to another and I found myself linked to another website with the blog of a guy who crowed about solving the mystery of where the feet were coming from.

You might not remember this news oddity but it had a lot of experts stumped. Basically, human feet were washing up on the West Coast with disturbing regularity. Just the feet tied neatly in their shoes and nothing else. Go ahead and google ‘British Columbia feet’ if you don’t believe me.

Eventually some authority figures got together and declared that was just how human bodies decomposed in water; separating at the joints. The buoyant rubber soles of the shoes caused the feet to float away from their unfortunate owners and they bobbed along the currents until they would end up ruining some early morning jogger’s day by showing up on the beaches.

Some of the bodies have been identified and some have not. The police assured the public that a link between the victims was very unlikely, that many of them were simply suicides. This blogger wasn’t contesting that. He merely wanted to point out that he’d found the origin of the bodies - the place most of them had entered to water.

There was a bit of a hullabaloo in the comments about how unscientific his methods for tracing ocean currents was. Because my curfew was about to be up I copied and pasted the whole thing and printed it off for ten cents a page, intending to read it later. I promptly lost the papers and they stayed lost for years, until yesterday when I rediscovered them while sorting through my storage for ruined things.

The original post and the map that came with it is a multi colored blur. I’ve transcribed the surviving comments as accurately as I can below:


no U don’t get it!! there s no way any one can pinpoint wher they are from just from 'tracking currents’ ! if u could do this scientist woud do it all the time!!


Okay, wow. Was that even meant to be English, trRustM3? Your words are such a garbled mess I can’t even tell. And what do you mean by 'scientists’, hmm? You do know there’s different disciplines of science, right?


Fascinating theory! I;d love to hear more about your methods!


The water is cold


fuck u u entitled grammar nazi


you guys are missing the point. if we know where the bodies are coming from why don’t we tell the police?

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Question about the Neville thing. I've always been thin so I've never experienced fatphobia in my life, so this might come off as insensitive. Obviously I know it would've been better for them to have cast an actual fat actor to play Neville, but didn't they at least acknowledge that the character was fat? They could've not bothered with the fat suit but they did so that the character at least if not the actor was fat. I'm not trying to be like hurr durr you're wrong, I really want to understand

Thank you for asking so nicely! What i was trying to point out by bringing up the fat suit was the strategic use of it actually. There’s an implication that because Neville is “cool” in the later books/movies he isn’t fat anymore. In DH, Harry describes Neville as unkempt, scarred, bruised and with longer hair. That’s it (ETA: The chapter art even depicts him as chubby, i just checked). What changes about Neville is his confidence, not his body type. I’m not saying Matt shouldn’t have been casted, i’m not saying someone else should been. I’m just saying that Neville’s character growth was him being able to show his bravery and loyalty as he grew more confident in himself and in his capabilities, it wasn’t a Cindrella story. What i was criticising wasn’t even the casting though, i was talking about the fandom’s treatment of fat characters like Neville. Of course people imagine and depict Neville as skinny because of the movies, but some chunk of it is also because of implicit fatphobia. Exact same thing happens with marauders era Peter Pettigrew too. There’s an erasure of fatness when a character is in a positive context. We need to accept that, vehemently denying that people’s actions have fatphobic implications isn’t the way to address these issues.

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Damn. Manfred beat me to the punch. Oh well. You know what a troll is? Feminism. Now that's a fucking troll. Shitposter to the extreme. "HURR DURR IM EQUALITY AND ONLY I CAN BE EQUALITY EVERYTHING ELSE IS A LIE". Now that's trolling to the extreme. Sorry honey, you don't have the power to dictate what equality is, and you never will. Considering that with every passing day more and more people realize how shitty feminism is thanks to people just like you. Your days are numbered.

You know why we need feminism? Because when I was sexually molested at 12 I told no one and blamed myself, and when it happened again at 14 I was too afraid to speak up as he had me pinned against the brick wall. That was the night I realized rape culture was real, and that something needed to change. So while youre hiding behind your screen trolling people and wasting your life away, excuse me while I actually make a difference so more people dont succumb to your ignorant opinions when you thoughtlessly vomit them on my blog bc you have nothing better to do.
- em x

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I like how Christians have their basis for pro life from the same text of the Torah that makes Judaism more pro choice. Christians interpret the text as saying life begins at concept, but Jewish people translate it as life begins at birth. They value the life of the mother first, whereas Christians can be like "hurr durr, fœtum are important, unless they grow up to be pro choice."

Yup, Judaism is highly pro-choice. your-lies-ruin-lives knows a lot about this, much more than I do. From what I understand, Judaism values the actual above the potential, which I 100% agree with. We take care of those already here before worrying about potential people.