hurr durr he liked it

>most people after spoilers: haha ferid went through the windshield

>me after spoilers: Look at him. Look at his eyes full of apathy and self-loathing. After centuries of being cursed to never enjoy the pleasures of life, being unable to love anything or anyone, never once offered an unconditional act of kindness, used and thrown away by a person he may once have put his faith in, of course he’s grown to be cynical, completely done with the world, and only finding amusement in the suffering of others, seeing that is the one thing he could relate to on a visceral level. 

Okay. Rant time.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people say an animal like godzilla can’t exist. Like yeah. That’s the point. That’s why we enjoy giant monsters.

Ok i mean yeah I know that’s fucking impossible, I mean come on. It just isn’t.

What annoys me is that they say “well, he would be too heavy and his legs would give out durr hurr just like the world’s tallest human he needed leg braces cuz his bones blah blah blah”

Yeah. Cuz humans aren’t MEANT to be that tall. If godzilla did exist, it would be because his fucking SPECIES EVOLVED TO COMBAT THE PRESSURES OF GRAVITY.

Waaaaaaay back during a time when WE HAVE NO CLUE HOW NATURE WORKED CUZ IT WAS MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO. ALSO PROBABLY HAVING TO DO WITH THE FACT HE’S FUCKING RADIOACTIVE. I Mean if I were powered by nuclear energy without risk of injury I’m pretty sure I could do things a “normal” human couldn’t either.

There’s no sense in trying to apply real world logistics to a hypothetical movie monster that supposedly evolved to be that large because it feeds purely off radiation, meaning his fucking biology isn’t hindered by the normal needs we require such as a daily intake of food or needing to breath oxygen to sustain his cells.


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scarth64  asked:

Is doggo the dog with swords that the Internet wanted to get jiggy with that Toby was talking about? Or...?

I think so. Doggo is shown wearing a certain style of clothing and mentions liking to wear collars, but that’s because he wants to go on a walk. Naturally he now has a lot of homoerotic sub/Dom art of him and the ice wolf, who is only known for his single quote about wanting to buy pants and be known as “Jimmy Hotpants”.

And of course there’s the “hurr durr that’s not the only head your raising, looks like he is really excited” joke that people do with lesser dog having a penis length to body size ratio greater than a barnacle. That’s a joke for a biologists out there that had to suffer through so much Cirripedia anatomy that even Charles Darwin got sick of doing.

I do find it pretty funny how the ice wolf never has any dialogue except for the post pacifist dialogue, and thus has had one joke about how all he did was toss ice before, so his name was “ice wolf” and how he never had a chance to get pants because he had to keep tossing ice constantly (although they could have just extended the conveyor from wherever the ice comes from straight into the water, but whatever). And so, Jimmy Hotpants, formerly known as Ice Wolf, apparently sealed his perceived sexuality and stereotype with his only written line. Welcome to the internet.