huron carole


Me at the Huron Carole tonight. From left on picture 2: Sarah Slean, sleandoctrinated/dawwwsome, Susan Aglukark and Tom Jackson. An amazing musician, a random idiot with a fan tumblr, and two more amazing musicians.

Susan Aglukark was really sweet and cooperative when I asked to take photos/video messages. Her personality shows as much outside of her music as it does in it: Positive, energetic, genuine.

Tom Jackson was more relaxed, but that’s who he is too. He’s a fairly straightforward, no-nonsense guy with an amazing sense of humor. I was concerned that I might have come on a bit too strong in meeting him, but he was all right with it.

I’m just one of thousands of fans of Sarah, but she basically responded as if we knew each other all our lives. She even talked about this tumblr and that she thought it was kind of cool. All three of the performers took the experience of meeting people in the VIP room really well, even more than usual. I got the signatures of Tom Jackson and Susan Aglukark on both their CDs, and Sarah’s on my brochure of the event (since I already had her sig on my Land/Sea copy.)

I can’t think of a better group of artists to lead this year’s Huron Carole.