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Christmas Carols Masterpost: The Minor Carols

For the past six Decembers, this blog has been posting daily Christmas carols performed by some of the most extraordinary cathedral, chapel, abbey, and church choirs in Britain and from around the world. As of December 2014, hundreds of Christmas and Advent carols, hymns, motets, and songs are archived here.

The following list is a selection of some of the more sombre, unexpectedly spine-tingling carols that have been featured here over the years. Thematically, these are haunting lullabies and reflections on the dark waiting-time of Advent, laments for doomed innocents and narratives of the mysterious, awesome intersections of the human and the divine.  

A more familiar list of major, celebratory carols can be found here. By no means are all of the past six years’ worth of carols represented in these lists, but you are very welcome to explore the archive to hear more. In the meantime, new carols will continue to post through Christmas Day.

Enjoy the music, and have a very happy Christmas.

Adam Lay Ybounden (arr. Ledger)
Choir of St Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue

Away in a Manger (arr. Kelsey)
Choir of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

A Babe is Born (Mathias)
Manchester Cathedral Choir

Balulalow (Warlock)
Choir of Ripon Cathedral

Behold, I Bring You Glad Tidings
Manchester Cathedral Choir

Before Dawn (Andrews)

Choir of New College, Oxford

Bethlehem Down (Warlock)
Truro Cathedral Choir

Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian Bell Carol)
Ripon Cathedral Choir

The Corpus Christi Carol

Choir of St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide

The Coventry Carol
Westminster Cathedral Choir

The Fayrfax Carol (Adès)
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

Follow That Star
Wells Cathedral Choir 

Gabriel’s Message (Basque Melody)
Choir of Lincoln Cathedral

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
Choir of Durham Cathedral

Here is the Little Door (Howells)
Wells Cathedral Choir

The Huron Carol (arr. Jennings)

A Hymn to the Virgin (Britten)
Salisbury Cathedral Choir

I Sing of a Maiden (Hadley)
Westminster Cathedral Choir

I Wonder as I Wander (arr. Rütti)
Chester Cathedral Choir

The Lamb (Tavener)
St Albans Cathedral Choir

Long the Night (arr. Massey)
Hereford Cathedral Choir

Lullay Myn Lyking
Winchester Cathedral Choir

Lully, Lulla, Thou Little Tiny Child (Leighton)
Choir of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

Lux Aurumque (Whitacre)
Wells Cathedral Choir

The Magi (Carter)
York Minster Choir

Noel Nouvelet
Manchester Cathedral Choir

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Choir of the Cathedral of the Madeleine

O Magnum Mysterium (Lauridsen)
Wells Cathedral Choir

O Magnum Mysterium (Poulenc)
Choir of New College, Oxford 

O Magnum Mysterium (Victoria)
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

Quem Vidistes Pastores
Salisbury Cathedral Choir

Remember, O Thou Man (Ravenscroft)
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

Sing Lullaby (Howells)
Wells Cathedral Choir

A Spaceman Came Travelling (de Burgh)
Boys Air Choir

Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sang
Choir of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle

This is the Truth Sent from Above (arr. R.V. Williams)
Salisbury Cathedral Choir

The Three Kings (Dove)
York Minster Choir

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
Choeur d'Enfants de la Maitrise de la Perverie

Videntes Stellam
Salisbury Cathedral Choir 

Virga Jesse (Bruckner)
Choir of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

Vox Dicentis: Clama (Naylor)
York Minster Choir

Walking in the Air (Blake)
Theme from ‘The Snowman’
Peter Auty, St Paul’s Cathedral Chorister

We Three Kings
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

What Child is This?

Choir of King’s College, Cambridge


Me at the Huron Carole tonight. From left on picture 2: Sarah Slean, sleandoctrinated/dawwwsome, Susan Aglukark and Tom Jackson. An amazing musician, a random idiot with a fan tumblr, and two more amazing musicians.

Susan Aglukark was really sweet and cooperative when I asked to take photos/video messages. Her personality shows as much outside of her music as it does in it: Positive, energetic, genuine.

Tom Jackson was more relaxed, but that’s who he is too. He’s a fairly straightforward, no-nonsense guy with an amazing sense of humor. I was concerned that I might have come on a bit too strong in meeting him, but he was all right with it.

I’m just one of thousands of fans of Sarah, but she basically responded as if we knew each other all our lives. She even talked about this tumblr and that she thought it was kind of cool. All three of the performers took the experience of meeting people in the VIP room really well, even more than usual. I got the signatures of Tom Jackson and Susan Aglukark on both their CDs, and Sarah’s on my brochure of the event (since I already had her sig on my Land/Sea copy.)

I can’t think of a better group of artists to lead this year’s Huron Carole.