hurley hat


Jay Z and Beyonce at the Fall Out Boy show on May 3, 2005 @ Irving Plaza, NYC. The show coincided with the release of From Under the Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy’s first major label release; at the time, Jay Z was CEO & President of the label. From Pete’s blog on the band’s site posted May 4:

what about jay-z and beyonce rocking out to fob? totally one of the few times i have ever felt super starstruck at one of our shows. crazy shit like that only happens in new york…

And here is what Jay Z had to say about the band in an article published in Spin magazine:

“I went to see them at Irving Plaza [in Manhattan],” says Jay-Z. “And everyone knew the words and was singing. It was like a cult following. I watched them and thought, ‘These guys are stars. This is genuine.’”

reasons why you should watch release the bats:

  • pete wentz & friends doing painfully awful things together
  • ass cheek tattoos
  • naked antics on a motorcycle
  • andy hurley headbanging until his hat falls off
  • piss drinking
  • patrick trying to avoid direct involvement
  • a banana
  • pete busting a nut riding a child’s bike in a dino suit
  • jumping off roofs w/only umbrellas
  • pete getting shot in the ass with a paintball gun
  • joe stage diving straight into a fucking crowd barricade
  • the best cinematography in the history of film
  • bad twin