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I just caught up on RWBY Chibi and I’m pretty sure Qrow violently slamming himself against a closed window while in bird form is how he gets Winter’s attention

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OMG I didn't notice Murdoc's red eye. Please give us more of that, Jamie. Anyway I mentioned the cover because it looks as if Russel is having to lit in the most effort of support 2D. I can't imagine the convo they with possibly Murdoc and Russ arguing on the position/who supports him most, until maybe Noodle takes control. And yes 2D has no shirt on. Now I wonder what Russ would say or so once 2D saw the cover.

(In reference to this Crack cover)

(ao3 link)

“I’mma hurl, mates.” 2D’s voice was slurred and mumbly even more than usual, the high-pitched intonations turned down and sloppy. He got like this, sometimes, but. Well, this was extreme, even for him. Either he was still hungover or he lied when he mumbled that he was in ‘right top sober shape’ earlier that morning. 

“If you ‘hurl’, yeah, I’m gonna push yer damn face in it.” Murdoc groused. He, too, was hungover, but that was a normal occurrence for him during press days. Any day, really. When your wake-up call was a screwdriver or some irish creamer, the sudden lack of it didn’t do well for anyone’s mood. 

2D groaned and leaned forward, his face squat against the front seat. They’d rented one of those nice luxury SUV’s while they were in the city, and the sun-tinted windows were coming in handy. Even so, he looked miserable. 

“Muds, I ain’t… I ain’t jokin.’ I need somethin.’” His voice was even quieter than usual. 

“I said shut u-”

“No you didn’t. Be quiet, Niccals. He don’t need the noise.” Russel looked at the back seat, glaring holes at both of them.

“Oh, he’s fine, Ho-” Murdoc paused, watching as 2D groaned and started rubbing his palms against his eyes. Uh-oh. That was a shitty sign. The last thing they needed was to cancel the photo shoot because their lead singer got a crippling migraine and had to lay down for three days. Shit. “Fuck.” 

He rustled around his bag, trying to find something, as Russel periodically glanced back at the two of them. His annoyance, too, turned to worry when he saw how bad off 2D was looking (”ironically green,” Noodle muttered, when Russel asked her to pay attention to what was going on).

“I told’ya, I’mma- I feel like shit,” 2D mumbled. He sounded pathetic, but then again, he usually did when he was sick.

“Can you at least wait until we get there? We’re gonna be late. You can- You can hurl in the bathroom, or something, right?” Russel asked, and was met with just another groan. 

Murdoc was still rummaging through his bag (something he seemed to take only to press circuits like this and seemed to have a little bit of everything in, if only he could find it), and finally came up victorious just as 2D rolled down the window and let out a disgusting bout of dry-heaves. 

Luckily, nothing came out, but still; Noodle gagged and Russel turned a little green at the noises he made. 

Murdoc pulled the singer back with a jerk, grinning triumphantly. 

“What’chu smilin’ for?” 2D asked plaintively. “All’a us are gonna look green in the pictures now.” 

“Nah, nah, mate, see? Just take this. Here, here, drink some water with it.” Murdoc handed him something, along with a water bottle. 

2D, maybe as a testament to some of his more nefarious practices, didn’t even question it, merely downing it and then drinking about half the water bottle to wash it down. He numbly handed the water bottle back (Murdoc, not expecting it, just let it drop to the floor of the slowly cluttering SUV), and pushed up against the back of Russel’s seat once more.

“You give him some ibuprofen, Muds?” Russel asked.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, somethin’ like that.”

“Good. We’re pulling in now. Hang in there, ‘D, you’ll feel better soon.”

2D gave a weak thumbs up through the middle divider of the front seat, and Murdoc just laughed. 

An hour and a half later and Russel finally keyed in to the fact that whatever Murdoc gave 2D, it was not ibuprofen. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard 2D tried to hide it, when he was not sober, his eyes would… Almost seem to reflect light differently. And now was no exception. Glassy and unfocused though they were, as usual, there was something more about them that meant no picture with him completely bare-faced would ever hit the stands. 

Murdoc just laughed about this fact, while Russel gave a world-weary sigh. It took Noodle to just slap a pair of glasses on his face and be done with it. 

The real problems didn’t arise until they were actually standing in front of the green screen and being told to pose. It wasn’t too abnormal for their gang to be dressed weird; especially 2D. Interviewers hadn’t just grown used to their, ah, unique way of answering questions, but their unique clothing styles, too. 

So shirtlessness, glasses, jeans and a propeller hat, while odd, held a kind of avant garde style to it that Crack could appreciate. 

2D being unable to stand up on his own, on the other hand, was an issue. Not to mention his incessant giggling. 

“I’m confiscating that ‘bag’ of yours after this,” Russel said out of the side of his mouth, grabbing the back of 2D’s pants when the man started to slide down, like his legs couldn’t hold him up. 

“Aw, fuck off, he isn’t tryin’ to puke now, is he? I count that as a marked improvement. 

“Hm.” Russel hummed, annoyed, and when he got 2D standing again, said, “’Least you can do is help hold him up.”

They all fidgeted for a while, trying to get maneuvered, while 2D giggled and generally flailed (”like a giant idiot,” as Murdoc put it, and Noodle fixed with “an idiot you created, Muds, so I don’t know what that makes you”). 

The photographers clearly weren’t getting anything good, and they were all getting increasingly annoyed, so eventually Noodle just huffed, stood back and watched the boys fall and then nodded. “Russ, you stand there, let Chee lean against you. Muds? Stand in front of him, help pin him in. I’ll keep him straight.” 

The resulting image? Weirdly posed and not altogether composed, but at least everyone looks alive. Murdoc and Russel even look like they’re approaching happiness, and 2D, while looking manic as hell, is at least presentable. More than usual, maybe; it’s amazing what the lack of anxiety does to that kid’s smile. Noodle, for her part, thinks she looks…. Well, odd, but it could be worse. 

They could all be taking pictures stinking of 2D’s vomit. 

Still. They’re all going to have to have a very long, very serious talk about the presence of anything other than ibuprofen in the house (or on the road) from here on out. Regardless of hangover status.

another high school tip: join shotput and discus team, u will become buff and u can brag that ur in track but u actually dont do any running, just a lot of weight lifting, hanging out with ur cool throwing buddies, and yeah, hurl huge metal discs and balls into the air, but still access to those sweet sweet track dinners

u need a sport? mom says u need a sport to join? all of them look like too much pressure? shot and disc. good stuff. go throw some balls

the most beautiful part of Two Weeks first episode is when Tae San “JOON GI” goes to the hospital to do the blood test !! 

you think?!!!!! AND YOU weren’t when you asked her to get rid of your baby and disappeared ?

there she goes shutting him up again !! THIS GIRL IS TOUGH and I’m in love with her ALREADY

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BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 18b


PROMPT: Brittany left to go on tour with [pick a singer] 2 months after they were married & is finally back home. Santana shows her how much she’s missed her.

PROMPTED BY: fbedit19

RATED: M - for sexual content

***This story includes mature themes that are NSFW and not intended for underage audience. Please use common sense and discretion when opening to read.***

TITLE: Nights Without You


Part One

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Shows Tonight: October 24th

Monday, October 24th

Algernon Cadwallader, Memes
Atlanta, GA @ The Cottage (1300 Skyhaven Rd.)

Big Eyes, Hurl Yeah, Black Hole Kids
Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse (412 41st St. S.)

St. Louis, MO @ The Heavy Anchor (5226 Gravois Ave.)

Rival Schools, Hostage Calm
Allston, MA @ Great Scott (1222 Commonwealth Ave.)

Screaming Females, Underground Railroad to Candyland
Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop (123 S. Walnut St.)

Such Gold, Last Call, Koji
Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Redwood Art Space (740 Jumper Rd.)

The Menzingers, Banner Pilot, The Flatliners, Broadway Calls, The Arteries, Leagues Apart
Richmond, VA @ The Warehouse (1806 Currie St.)

Timeshares, The Great Explainer, Bangers, Scarier Area
Philadelphia, PA @ The Golden Tea House