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The murder of Nicole van den Hurk

On the 6th of October 1995, around 5:00am, 15-year old Nicole van den Hurk left her grandmother’s house to cycle to the bakery in Woensel, the Netherlands, where she worked; but she never arrived. That same day, her bicycle was found at around 6:00pm, in the river Dommel. Police searched the area, but with no result. Thirteen days go by, and her backpack was found near the canal of Eindhoven, the area was searched, but again with no result. Finally, on the 22nd of November 1995, Nicole’s body was found in the woods. The autopsy revealed she had been beaten and that she most likely died from a stab wound which caused internal bleeding, but the exact cause of death was never determined. It also revealed that she had been raped, but that fact wasn’t released to the public until 2014. Nobody knew who had killed Nicole and the tips police received weren’t useful, so the case went cold. Until her brother, who had moved to England, suddenly confessed to the murder on Facebook in 2011 and got arrested by the British police. He was extradicted to the Netherlands, but got released after five days because there was no evidence against him. In 2016, her brother said that he had falsely confessed to the murder in order to revive attention to the case and to get her body exhumed for DNA testing. He got what he wanted, because they exhumed Nicole’s body in 2014 and found foreign DNA. In January of 2014, police arrested 46-year-old Jos de G. who’s DNA matched the samples found on Nicole’s body and at the crime scene.

Jos de G. got charged with rape and was sentenced to five years in November of 2016, he was acquitted of manslaughter because he was found to be legally insane at the time of the murder.

anonymous asked:

Your art. I just found it. It wounds my soul. In a good way. My heart literally jumped to my throat when I saw it. And as a fellow artist I have a question about how tf your noses always look so damn good, like it's just like a lil whip of oh here the illusion of this cartoon character having a nose is complete how how do you do that?? ❤❤❤❤❤❤

hi anon! and thank you that’s so incredibly sweet ack is this the second message i’ve gotten about noses 😂? a personal inspiration for me on this topic is MACK’s art! their beautiful work gives a great sense that, when done right, the nose is a really effective way to give dimension to a face! 

although i still struggle with illustrating more diverse nose shapes, here’s some tips i hope could help??(OTL i have no idea what im doing 124% of the time)

presented in ¾ angles b/c im weak & it’s the easiest way to show dimension

studying (not tracing!) from reality is the best way to improve anatomy, and honestly if you put in the effort to not make your noses an imperceptible slit with a spot of shading you’re lookin damn fine already!


The Death of Nicole van den Hurk

Nicole van den Hurk was just 15 years old when she disappeared on her way to work on the 6th of October, 1995, in Eindhoven, North Brabant.

Nicole disappeared after leaving her grandmother’s house in Tongelre by bicycle, whilst on the way to her job in a supermarket. Her body was discovered in a wooded area around ten kilometers east of her grandmother’s home. She had been raped and murdered.

In 2011, Nicole’s stepbrother confessed to the killing, but was released a month later. He had falsely confessed to get Nicole’s body exhumed for DNA tests.

The DNA collected from her remains and from the crime scene led to the arrest of Jos de G. in January, 2014.

Originally charged with rape and manslaughter, De G. was acquitted of manslaughter but found guilty of rape in November 2016, and was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

you're cool with the penis
you're cool with the penis

Hurk: You gonna be a gentleman and help me up? C'mon.

[Hurk wraps his arms around Ajay as he sits behind him on the elephant’s back]

Ajay: You know what… That’s… That’s enough.

Hurk: ‘Kay sorry…

Ajay: Yeah, just watch the beard on my neck.

Hurk: Whatever man, this elephant got two buttholes, two taints, and four balls on his back, and you’re complaining about one penis!

Ajay: [Sighs] I wasn’t talking about your penis. I-It’s your beard. It’s itchy. Get it off my neck.

Hurk: Oh, sorry man, no problem. But you’re cool with the penis then?

Ajay: …That too, back it up.

Hurk: All right, man…