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Of the sentient races that occupy the ocean, the merfolk are the most numerous, or at least visible. Merfolk are as fascinated with humans as humans are with them, most likely due to a physical resemblance combined with the allure of foreign lower body. However, any closer relationship between them is stymied by environmental requirements, though there are many stories of individuals using magical means to overcome that hurdle. Normally a marine race, freshwater variants have been sighted living in especially large lakes.

But the mischievous and playful nature of the merfolk doesn’t mean that they’re entirely harmless. Humans who abuse their waters or aren’t careful with their nets will find their boats more likely to sink, or suffer greater punishment as the merfolk appeal to their own watery gods.

Yay, I got this done just in time for the end of Mermay!

There’s a lot of legends about mermaids, but not so many that I’ve found about mermen. You get plenty of romances between fishy ladies and human men, but not so much the other way around. The British Isles have a whole buncha merfolk stories that mention the male half of the race, but while the females are pretty, the males tend to be less attractive (a design trend that continues to exist to this day). Think of it as the difference between the Zoras and River Zoras in the Zelda games.

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OP: 标题叫“集火那个君莫笑!”,但是人与人之间的恩怨是很复杂的,所以“黄少天你在干什么!” ​​​​


Translation: The title of this piece is “Everyone Aim Your Fire at Jun Mo Xiao (Lord Grim)!”, but interpersonal love hate relationships are very complicated, hence “what are you doing Huang Shaotian!”  

To explain why Zhou Zekai is backwards, it’s because in the novel during the hurdle race in the All Star Competition Zhou Zekai was flying while facing backwards, using the gun’s recoil force to move forward~

I’ll never forget this meet- running the 55 shuttle hurdles and placing 3rd at counties even after our coaches doubted that we could even PLACE. My hurdle team was my life and every race ended in a hug like this because I could not have been prouder of any of these girls❤️

College AU where Thranduil picks up a packet of papers, lonely and stamped on on the sidewalk. First he scoffs at the litterer and scolds all of the people who didn’t bother to pick it up in his head (yes he’s the president of the environmental protection club), but then he realizes it isn’t trash at all: its an assignment not yet turned in to be marked, as indicated by the due date on the heading of the paper.

Bard Bowman? Never heard of him, but it just so happened Thranduil was majoring in the subject of the paper, so he dusted it off and gave it a read. After being completely blown away by the twenty page paper, he determined that he had to track Bard down for the sake of saving his grade and meeting this talented student.

Thranduil just glides into the lecture room on the heading the next day - everyone is shuffling into their seats. Thranduil looks around; the professor has not yet arrived, but where is this Bard guy?

“Bard Bowman?”

A brunette hunched over his little flip-up desk perks his head up and looks at Thranduil with doe-eyes, leaving the blonde stunned. All he did was wave the paper and Bard scrambled to his feet, literally hurdling over chairs and people and bags to get to the stranger.

“Is this what I think it is?!” Bard exclaimed, taking the paper excitedly and breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Oh god, thank you - thank you, thank you! You just saved my life! This is for our final project and I would have been dead without it!” He gives Thranduil a huge hug and - was that a kiss on the cheek? Or just a soft breath? Oh lord, his cologne smelled so good! And oh, how strange, yet pleasant a feeling to have his scruff brush Thranduil’s smooth skin!

“Save a copy next time.” was all Thranduil could say in return and left very swiftly.

The next time they saw each other was at the closing track meet of the semester (which Thranduil had been grudgingly dragged to), and what do you know? Bard is jumping hurdles and racing like a speeding bullet.

Afterward, Thranduil plucks up his courage and delivers: “I’m not so surprised how you cleared all of those chairs now.” Suave, he thinks sarcastically to himself.

“Hey its you!” Bard is so happy to see Thranduil, He’s sweating and he hugs him again, then apologizes with a blush. “I never got your name.”


“I still owe you my life for getting me my paper back - I could treat you to a date.”

There was no way Thranduil was turning that down. They sat in a cute little bohemian place, dressed with plants and magical, forest-like paintings everywhere. Thranduil praised Bard for his wonderful paper and was in a fuss when Bard told him he only got a B. He went on about how passionate he was about his subject and how Bard had delivered so many great ideas perfectly. Such behavior earned him a kiss, and down the line, much much more.

HAIKYUU!! Chapter 230
Kuroo “little crows from the countryside~”
(He was friendly teasing/asking them if they saw the real Tokyo Skytree (They did, from the train)
——- in this chapter ——-
1. Daichi’s stern faces are hilarious LOL, and Ennoshita is in full next-generation-captain mode, they totally lead in the same way lol
2. The “I’m great!” self-motivation video is so cute and thoughtful
3. Tsuki and the freak-duo’s dynamics funny as always
4. Kiyoko was a hurdle race athlete before!!!
She said she has many scars on her legs so she got used to wearing black stockings
This chapter got me so hyped, I can’t believe they’re really beginning the nationals now. Will they win? How many matches? How will it end??? I have so many questions.
On the other hand, it somehow also made a part of me sad, cause I will surely miss everyone back in Miyagi, and my heart aches for those other boys who didn’t get to join the nationals ;__;

"Imagine Frodo’s face after you two share your first kiss"

ironandrocksalt || imagine

Your heart was racing. You were crouched underneath a bush, an empty sack held in one hand, a determined grin spread across your face. Next to you was Frodo, a similar look of focus shone in his eyes. Any minute now, you would have to break from cover and act as quickly as possible before you were caught.

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Hey Taylor,

This is a just a message to let you know how much you have helped me throughout the 7 years you have been my idol and how you basically saved my life through a period of time last year to the beginning of this year. It would mean the world to me if you were reading this right now because I have never been noticed & I just want to say THANK YOU.

Last year was probably the worst year of my life so far and I won’t go into exact details but it was bad. Extremely bad. I felt like nobody had my back except from you, Taylor. Every day I would come back from school with little hope or faith because it was as bad as every other day. I felt like I didn’t belong, everybody seemed to fit in apart from me. I was tired of everything, I was giving up. I then became very Ill and was off school for a really (!!) long time which made matters worse. I felt like giving up altogether. I couldn’t understand why things like this happened to me. Why? Why me? Why couldn’t I be like any other teenager? Why couldn’t I be normal? Why couldn’t I be the “me” I used to be?

BUT You told me to hold on Taylor, you told me to stay strong when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, you told me they would get better. You were the one thing I could turn to when everything was wrong, when everything was out of place. On my sleepless nights, I would grab my headphones and just lie and listen. You were my escape. It silenced my thoughts and I would sometimes actually get to sleep! Without you, this struggle would have been a lot harder to cope with and this showed me how much I really need you and how lucky I actually am for having you as a huge part of my life.

No matter what anyone said to me (family/friends), it didn’t change anything. I was still miserable.But then something changed. I wanted things to change. I wanted to be happy again. I wanted to start the search of the old me again. I wanted to try. That was one of the best lessons I have ever learnt, it’s not until YOU decide for yourself that you want to be happy that things will begin to change. And for me….they did. Gradually I found each of the pieces that crumbled away of the old me and you, Taylor, helped me find it.

I just want to say everything you have done for me does not go unaccounted for. I am so incredibly grateful. I feel like now I still have a long way to go but I’m halfway there. I went to the 1989 tour in Glasgow and it was my first time seeing you live in my 7 years of being a swiftie. It was honestly the most amazing and wonderful night of my life and I am so lucky to have experienced it. It felt like you were rewarding me for coming so far on my journey of recovery, I finally belonged somewhere. I’m distraught that it could be 2 or more years till I get to see your face and hear your beautiful voice again but I will find my patience.

I finally feel like I have something to live for, that I have so many memories ahead of me and that I have a reason to keep on going. You are that reason Taylor. I feel like things would have turned out a lot different without you and I hope one day I’ll get to thank you in person.

I know I will have more hurdles in the race and I know I’m going to make more mistakes but at least I can look back on this and find a way to pick up the pieces.

Taylor, thank you for everything, your like the big sister I never had and one day my dreams will come true and we’ll be hanging out together talking about life, baking cookies, you’ll be teaching me makeup tricks & we’ll cry at the fault in our stars together. I love you so much and (again) THANK YOU. I’m think I’m finally me again.

I think I’m finally clean….

And now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it.

Love, Abbie xxx taylorswift

jewvian  asked:

Let's talk about teenage Copcop. Let's talk about Beth being one of the school's most promising athletes; Relay races, hurdles. Just let her run. She brings prizes, she brings money, she brings fame to this school. And not to mention, she's quite popular in her own social group too. +

Let’s talk about Angie, hardworking, hardass, Angie. She’s not a nerd, God no, there are so many other things she would like to do instead of thinking about her future; but none is possible, because her future is the only concrete thing she has in life. How weird is that? Let’s talk about how different both girls are, how different their minds work. Let’s talk about Beth’s fear of taking chances, let’s talk about Angie’s utter desire to jump off every edge. Let’s talk about how similar they are, let’s talk about their wish to be recognized, their wish to be loved, truly loved. Let’s talk about Angie sitting on the bleachers. It’s not quite cold yet, practices were still being done outside. Let’s talk about Angie sitting there, watching the runners doing their daily laps. Let’s talk about her focusing on one, not so tall, brunette runner. Why is she watching her from all girls? Let’s talk about Angie knowing she’s gay, has known since she was a young girl. She’s not scared of it, of being different, of being on the wrong side of sexuality. She’s gay and she never had a problem admitting it when one asked. Let’s talk about Angie being scared of the concept of love, not the gender. Let’s talk about Angie watching the daily runners’ practice, her eyes glued to that brunette runner. She can see the way her muscles move under the school’s tank top, the way her arms move back and forth against her body. Angie learned her name is Beth Childs. 

Let’s talk about late nights spent under the bleachers in the frost of autumn. The changing leaves are huddled in piles all around them. No one talks about how their beauty is actually just death in disguise.

Let’s talk about how it didn’t take long for the introductions to be made and the meetings to start. Let’s talk about how they both sit on opposite ends of the spectrum of families of parents-who-shouldn’t-have-children; Angie sits on the side of absence whereas Beth sits on the end of high expectations. The beauty in this is that both sets don’t care to account for their girls in the dead of night.

(As long as Beth brings home trophies she doesn’t need to bring herself.

As long as Angie brings home money she doesn’t need to bring herself.)

Let’s talk about sharing a mickey of whiskey between them both. (Beth doesn’t ask where Angie gets it. She has her ideas but ignorance is bliss.) Let’s talk about laments of too much pressure and counters of not enough. Let’s talk about how good it feels to find someone who understands that you don’t need to die to start grieving. 

(For Beth, it’s happiness. For Angie, it’s the future she’ll never have.)

Let’s talk about how both girls had spent their lives running, running, running and not knowing where their feet were taking them.

(They’ve been running for so long that it starts to feel like there are holes in the soles of their shoes that match the holes in the souls in their chest.)

Let’s talk about the warm liquor in their veins contrasting the cool air against their skin. Let’s talk about huddling together on top of a blanket, staring up at those long and staggering bleacher rows. It’s makes more sense to count the bolts on the metal instead of the stars in the sky.

(They’re both unrelenting realists.) 

Let’s talk about how Beth tells Angie that some of the stars they would be counting don’t actually exist, anyway. Not now, not anymore. They’re burned up and are already destroyed by the time the light reaches the Earth. Why are all the greatest things so beautiful only after they’re gone?

(It hits them both a little too close to home. Or whatever resemblance of home they can muster.)

Let’s talk about the crunch of the leaves as they shift on the blanket. Let’s talk about how they go from counting bolts to Angie counting freckles and Beth counting eyelashes. Let’s talk about how the puff of air floating between their lips tasting like ice and whiskey and hope. Let’s talk about percussion lines in their chests and the blood rushing to their cheeks and the damn screeching of the leaves as they inch closer together.

(The leaves are dying and so are these girls, but if you paint a pretty picture you can call it beautiful.)

Let’s talk about how the only thing keeping blood pumping through their veins is the promise of Thursday nights under the bleachers.

Let’s talk about how Beth knows what this is but isn’t ready to admit anything yet.

Let’s talk about how Angie knows what this is but isn’t ready to accept anything yet. 

Let’s talk about the feel of lip against lip and how if Angie closes her eyes hard enough she can ignore that this is the only time she’s felt loved or if Beth clenches her eyes tight enough she can pretend she doesn’t feel like she’s flying.

(Love and flying are the two things that will always let you fall, eventually.)

Let’s talk about the unspoken agreement to play pretend, for once in their lives. Let’s talk about the promises and commitments they make in these moments. Let’s talk about for five hours every Thursday night they can both be normal teen girls who worry about things like Mr. Hughe’s pop quiz or convincing their parents to let them borrow the car or teenage puppy love.

Let’s talk about Beth breathing hope and faith and a future into Angie’s mouth. Let’s talk about Angie breathing support and encouragement and love into Beth’s. Let’s talk about the moment these moments stop being pretend. Let’s talk about how very real the feel of skin against skin is for them both. Let’s talk about how their fingertips are sprouting leaves that are rapid-changing into technicolour at each touch of new skin. Let’s talk about the spark between their tongues bursting galaxies upon galaxies into a pile of star dust cocooning their bodies. 

(The leaves are dying but it’s still a transformation. The stars are dead but those supernovas are the catalyst for more stars to be born.)

Let’s talk about Thursday nights becoming an every other day thing. Let’s talk about how Beth works up the courage to take Angie’s hand in her own down the crowded halls. Let’s talk about Angie still sitting on those bleachers but this time at Beth’s invitation. Let’s talk about Beth getting the encouragement from Angie to dial back on track and field so she can focus on the thing she actually loves: law. Let’s talk about Angie finally allowing herself to say the three words her coked up excuse of a mother made so difficult to express in the past.

Let’s talk about making it to graduation together. Let’s talk about how at the start of the year Beth thought she would be valedictorian and Angie thought she would be giving out programs with the other non-graduates. Let’s talk about how they’re both wrong and that they wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Let’s talk about the lazy summer nights out by the football field. Call it nostalgia, but they still gravitate towards those stupid bleachers. Let’s talk about how this time they lie on top of the stands and not below. Let’s talk about how this time they look up, hand-in-hand, at the stars in the sky.

Let’s talk about:

how Beth’s mom still wants her to go to college on a full-ride;
or how Angie’s mom is still high as a kite on most days;
or how Beth’s dad won’t stop talking about his CEO’s son as the perfect boyfriend for her;
or how Angie’s dad doesn’t even exist.

Let’s talk about how those things aren’t okay - not in the slightest. Let’s talk about how they’re still running, running, running - but this time it’s together.

Let’s talk about them still burning holes in the soles of their shoes but the holes in the souls of their chest are being patched up and stitched back together with every new declaration and display of love.

(The leaves are alive and so are these girls. You could call it beautiful.)