hurdles races

HAIKYUU!! Chapter 230
Kuroo “little crows from the countryside~”
(He was friendly teasing/asking them if they saw the real Tokyo Skytree (They did, from the train)
——- in this chapter ——-
1. Daichi’s stern faces are hilarious LOL, and Ennoshita is in full next-generation-captain mode, they totally lead in the same way lol
2. The “I’m great!” self-motivation video is so cute and thoughtful
3. Tsuki and the freak-duo’s dynamics funny as always
4. Kiyoko was a hurdle race athlete before!!!
She said she has many scars on her legs so she got used to wearing black stockings
This chapter got me so hyped, I can’t believe they’re really beginning the nationals now. Will they win? How many matches? How will it end??? I have so many questions.
On the other hand, it somehow also made a part of me sad, cause I will surely miss everyone back in Miyagi, and my heart aches for those other boys who didn’t get to join the nationals ;__;

I’ll never forget this meet- running the 55 shuttle hurdles and placing 3rd at counties even after our coaches doubted that we could even PLACE. My hurdle team was my life and every race ended in a hug like this because I could not have been prouder of any of these girls❤️