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George Harrison photographed at Friar Park in 1970; in a grotto and the rockery, as well as inside the house. Photos © Barry Feinstein.

All Things Must Pass was released in the U.S. on 27 November 1970, and in the U.K. on 30 November 1970. In honor of its anniversary:

“In the autumn of 1970 George Harrison flew to New York and called up Allan Steckler, who ran the US office of Apple Records. ‘Can you book me some studio time?’ George asked. ‘I want to play you something.’
So Steckler arrived at the Record Plant East, to find George in the control room, alongside a stack of tapes. 'For the next 90 minutes,’ Steckler told me, 'he played me the All Things Must Pass album. I listened to it, and I was stunned. It was awesome.’
Meanwhile, George sat shyly alongside him, almost frightened to meet his gaze. When it was over, Steckler said, 'George, that’s the most amazing album I’ve ever heard.’ George looked startled, then bemused, then finally suspicious, as if he might be the subject of an elaborate joke. 'Really?’ he muttered at last. 'George, it’s great!’ Steckler assured him. 'I can immediately hear at least three hit singles.’ George smiled with relief, but then his face clouded over. 'But don’t you realise, Al,’ he said sadly, 'they would never let me release this!’” - Article by Peter Doggett, British Beatles Fan Club [x]

“No, not really. It was the biggest thrill in a way that it was my first record. To be able to do all my own songs on one record was a novelty at that point, you know.” - George Harrison on whether he considered All Things Must Pass his best sustained work, Associated Press, February/March 2001 [x]