Catching up on Oscars:

  • Damn that’s messy. Super fucking stoked Moonlight won - it fucking deserves it by a wide stretch- but christ, I would not wish that mix up on anyone
  • I love Emma Stone, but Ruth Nega, Isabelle Hupert and Natalie Portman all put in objectively better work, in my opinion.Fun and Likable doesn’t = Best Actress
  • Had to look up this mess with Casey Affleck after seeing Brie not clapping/lots of comments in the run up about her dreding it being him, and fucking christ. Reading the details, there’s literally no possibility they’re false, or blown out of proportions. Those claims are wildly specific and unique, and his own comments on it are the slimest type of double speak and vagueness. There’s certain cases of “abusive actors” i’ve always been vocal on, as they have either already been heartily disproven or its the vaguest of tabloid rumour milling that people have just accepted cause they saw the phrase ‘abuse’ one time, but this? There’s no fucking possibility. I was actually excited for him, I thought he did his career best in MBTS. But having read the details, it’s clear he’s fucking guilty of those things, and the cowardly way he slips around actual acknowledgement just further proves what a fucking slime bag he is. Fuck him.
  • My man Mahershala Ali got his award. Fuck yes.
  • I’m mad La La Land beat out Moana for best song, though not surprised because Throwback Hollywood Wank
  • Can’t complain much about direction or cinematography, La La Land does have excellent work there, and I would have been happy it going most places