hup hup!

Swing the Wii Remote in a quick motion over your head to jump up and shoot- Whoop-Boooo Alright HUP-BAAHH!! Buckets! Hyup-HAAAH Kobe! Hup-Aahh KOBE! Jordan! Hup-Bah-Kobeeee!! Alright hup-BAAHH-KOBE!! KOBE!! Kobe. Kob- Kobe!! Buckets! Jordan? what is the metric Kobe! and its using to decide how Kobe! you make? KOBE BABY! KOBEBEEF! wha-why-   And- [LAUGHTER]   And Kobe!  what’s the math   Buckets! it’s doing to seeJordan! if you’re making the Jordan! shots Buckets! try Pippin?Oh yeah that’s it ¡Sccccottyyy Pippin! ScottyPippin! Charles BarkleeeYYyYYyyyyyyy! Larry Bird? Larry BiiiiIIIiiiiiird!! Larry Bird.


The 5'4 Sunshine Sniper

+ The LSPD can’t really say the Fake AH crew has changed for the worse, honestly brownman’s replacement is far less intimidating and 45% more likely to miss a shot. Sure, the kid’s loud and only aims for headshots (which is probably why his sniper skills aren’t top tier tbh) but he’s 5'4 and easily pinpointed from the hollering he’s doing on a rooftop down the street from the bank being robbed.
+ In fact, while they’ve never actually caught him, he walks himself right into the police station to retrieve an intoxicated Geoff (jack was busy and Jeremy was the best option) but they get the kid in an interrogation room seconds after he opens the front doors.
+ The next two hours go like this:
“JDoolz, little J, mr j, Jeremy. Can we get a proper name please?”
“Rimmy Tim”
“Excuse me?”
“Rimulus Timulus”
The interrogator sighs with his entire body.
+ Officer Luna receives twenty dollars after winning a bet that Jeremy can’t karate chop the table in half.
+ Officer Demarais almost cries after becoming confused due to a conversation over whether ‘Sprunk’ is a verb or noun (Jeremy is adamant it’s a verb)
+ Geoff walks out the doors after picking the lock on his cell and not a soul stops him (everyone but the secretary is crowded in and around the interrogation room)
+ During break, a shocked Officer Gibson watches Jeremy jump onto the table, punch out two tiles, and hop into the ceiling. They don’t see him again but the voice recording from the room plays him shouting “HUP HUP HUP” as he escapes.

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Arthur young man you put your clothes back on.

Names of the German NT pronounced by

okay, I hope I didn’t spoke too fast & I hope this will help you :^)
And I’m sorry if you should hear some background noises - it’s my hamster haha

The names (I just took the list from the official homepage and added some other players):

Bernd Leno, Manuel Neuer, Marc-André ter Stegen
Jérôme Boateng, Yannick Gerhardt, Jonas Hector, Benjamin Henrichs, Benedikt Höwedes, Mats Hummels, Joshua Kimmich, Shkodran Mustafi, Antonio Rüdiger, Niklas Süle, Jonathan Tah, Erik Durm, Matthias Ginter, Per Mertesacker, Philipp Lahm
Karim Bellarabi, Julian Brandt, Emre Can, Julian Draxler, Serge Gnabry, Mario Gomez, Leon Goretzka, Mario Götze, Ilkay Gündogan, Sami Khedira, Toni kroos, Max Meyer, Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil, Marco Reus, Sebastian Rudy, Leroy Sané, Andre Schürrle, Kevin Volland, Julian Weigl, Christoph Kramer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski

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Prompt: Credence wants to be Percival's little housewife so bad.

Hup hup please take this to be a 10 year timestamp on In a City, Reconstructed, set in 1937. Deals with Wizarding World War II even though I keep telling myself I’m NOT gonna write about Wizarding World War II. Still this is pretty fluffy and G-rated.

The Graves family home is not anything one would ever notice, buried as it is in the heavy woods.

“This used to be farmland,” Percival tells him as he clears away thorny underbrush with the wave of his wand. The vines and brambles rearrange themselves behind Percival as they make their way.

The house itself has a sloping, thatched roof, gone green with moss. A small, brown sparrow flutters away from the roof as they approach. The door to the home — set between crumbling stones and weathered, grey wood — is incredibly small. Credence has to bow rather low to get into the house itself.

“Most everyone in those days farmed,” Percival tells him. “I suppose my family wished to blend in with their Puritan neighbors.”

“It was the Burning Times,” Credence says. “It would benefit them not to draw attention to themselves.”

“Yes,” Percival says, “exactly that.”

Like the house, the furniture in the single room is small and simple and aged.

“I suppose that’s why they had so many children,” Percival says.

At the wave of his hand, a small door opens in the floor beside the stone hearth and chimney.

“The rest of the house is below,” he says, and Credence follows.

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Role Switch Fahc AU

One of the things I see when people write the role switch Au is they also tend to switch the personalities. The most common is making Ryan the Golden Boy, or turning Jack into a vicious vagabond. While there is nothing wrong with this and I will eat these AUs like they are skittles, it has always made me wonder. So here is my own Role Switch Au. 

The Leader: Matt Bragg. 
He is an architect at heart, knowledgeable about computers and all sorts of random shit. He builds heists like they’re Minecraft maps, efficiently and elaborately. He loves his crew, but they are like herding cats nine times out of ten. He tends to yell a bit, but most of the time, it’s just a quiet “Okay”. He usually stays inside on heists and in general. He’s not a field guy. He’s a strategist. But he can fight if he needs to. 

The Second (and Driver): Jeremy Dooley. 
He is Monster Truck. Lil’J is an insane little bastard who is probably overcompensating with the size of his vehicle. Doesn’t matter though, because he’s earned the title of best driver in Los Santos. It’s been known that he drives like nascar on crack and has effectively pulled moves from actions movies in the middle of a getaway, when he’s forced to drive the sports car. His favorite is the monster truck, and you can hear him occasionally as he’s climbing over police cars going “Hup, hup hup.” He can also fly anything, from CargoBob to Titan. If it can get in the air, he can fly. But he’s also the ruthless right hand to Matt’s leadership. He may seem like a cheerful guy, but hidden underneath that is the capacity to murder without regret. If you were to look in his wallet, there is a card that says “Remember, you can kill them all.” He has twenty plans that all end in the murder of his crew, if necessary. But he is loyal. To a point. 

The Frontman: Ryan Haywood. 
He is possibly the edgiest motherfucker in Los Santos, and he’s proud of the fact. He wears skulls like they’re pearls. They adorn his clothes, his car, his motorcycle. Rumor has it, he even has a skull cut into his chest hair. But when he isn’t in Vagabond mode, he’s just looks like a dad. He trades in his leather jacket and skull belt buckle for a cat t-shirt and dad jeans. He drinks Diet Coke like a fish. But he smiles and laughs and plays with the other gangs. He can talk people around in circles, sometimes. Unfortunately, his silver tongue is limited by the fact that he flubs sixty percent of the time. He can brush it off, roll his eyes and laugh along, but if it gets bad, he just pops a cap in the guy watching and walks away. He also keeps a hard plastic skull mask with him, for heist and in case of a fight. No point in injuring his money maker, and he really doesn’t want the cops to know who he is. It makes it so much easier to walk into the Police Station to bail the crew out. 

The Enforcer: Geoff Ramsey
If you looked at Ramsey in separate pieces, he could be intimidating. Strong arms covered in tattoos, a sneer that can scare the pants off of anyone, a reputation of murder. And then you see the rest of him. Lidded blue eyes that make you wonder if he’s drunk or just sleepy. A suit that makes him look like Mr. Herman. A laugh that has been rumored to heal cancer and make the angels cry with it’s beauty. But what he lacks in intimidation, he makes up for in skill. He has a kill count that is possibly in four digits, and he really doesn’t give a shit. And if you see him, he probably is drunk. Like a bad Kung Fu movie, his aim gets better when he’s drunk. His pain tolerance goes way up too, so if you get try to take him, trust me, it’s not happening. And only the crew knows that he’s a huge wimp, that he screams at jumpscares and cried at the end of Titanic. 

The Demolitions Expert: Jack Pattillo
The best word to describe Pattillo is simply “Efficient”. Which is a good trait to have in an explosions expert. Her explosions are made not to be too flashy, but to get the job done. If you want flashy, she can do flashy, but she tends to keep it contained. She is also efficient in her disposal of enemies and bodies. She put shaped charges on the forehead of a bunch of captured enemy gang members and sent a message. She tries stupid stuff sometimes, but tends to be the voice of reason. She’s known as the support of the crew on the field, using her explosive in the best places to keep the crew from getting swamped. 

The Sniper: Gavin Free
Gavin may have an obsession with gold. It coats his prized sniper rifle, which seems counter productive when you’re supposed to be hiding, but that’s what makes him scary. But he’s also an idiot. Three times, a heist has been delayed because Gavin fell off the ladder to the roof he was sniping from. But if you looked at him on the streets, you’d see he’s covered in gold. He wears super expensive gold sunglasses that he keeps on hand to slide on when he gets his target. And he will get his target. 

The Hackers: Michael and Lindsay Jones
This married couple is a terrifying combination. They have cracked every computer system that has crossed their paths. Rumor has it that they could get nuclear launch codes if they so wished, from multiple different countries. Generally on heists, Michael handles surveillance and cops, while Lindsay handles the computer locks and traffic lights. They work like a well oiled machine, though it’s hilarious to hear them. Michael yells like no tomorrow, while LIndsay just giggles through it all. Their desks are pressed together and each decorated. Her desk is covered in cat plushies, while his is video game memorabilia, like his Chris Redfield figurine. But where their desks meet sits a Banjo figure and a Kazooie figure. 

the netherlands may be extremely small, but we’re big in other aspects:

  • we were one of the first countries in the world to have an elected parliament (1848)
  • we’re the second largest exporter of food and agricultural products (right after the USA)
  • first country to legalise marriage equality in 2001
  • abortion, prostitution and euthanasia are legal here
  • 50% of our country is below sea level but we invented and built dikes/delta works so we won’t drown – these dikes and delta works are now built worldwide by the dutch to manage water in other countries
  • we somehow managed to fit 17 million people on 41,500 square kilometres (FYI - that’s an average of 406 per square km, 497 if the water is excluded)
  • we have the largest port in europe (third largest worldwide)
  • the dutch invented the thermostat, firehose, metronome, microscope, telescope, gin, the doughnut and cocoa powder. we also discovered the concept of gas.
  • vincent van gogh, the famous painter, was dutch. (and it’s not pronounced as ‘go’. pls.)

in short: your country could never.